Oh man!
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May I ask Why collect pans?
cause its my favorite weapon in the game and i feel like collecting them
alright cant really say anything im collecting brain slugs to have one of every color and style aka vintage and unusual and normal
ooooh nice! one of my favorite pyro hats :P nice collection
ya hoping its not the next hat to retire cause i would never be able to complete it lol
lol well good luck to you good sir and i hope ur collection is complete
Thank you and good luck wiht the panning
dont forget noncraftable
oh yea, but thats rare or non existant
yeah :D
if it retires, your backpack value will rise like hell :3
I like the way how you talk and respond 2 people, and your steam avatar realy paints a picture!
why thank you, im a nice guy and im always in a good mood :)
Paaaaaaans, look at them all
Are you going to get a s.pan for your collection?
yep, as soon as they are really cheap ;)
Good luck waiting 'till they're cheap, you might turn 90 when that happens :P
they told me that when i waited for a strange scattergun and sniper
they are not going to get cheap only more expensive as less and less of them exist
^ lol no there is a lot of them there is not going to be less sir only more and more esspecially when a bunch have been unbosed well at least the item to make it into a S.pan
You said 2 scrap per pan (which you are buying)? I have 7 pans
Sup teh dorman curious if your willing to pay 6 buds for a stock pan?I believe theres only 2
in unusuals i can but in pure thats alot nthat i would have to save up
I hope the price don't go up after this, there's only 1 - at least from http://sta...ng_Pan