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LOL sure add meh!
if u dont understand i was kidding axaxaxax!
How valve crafting recipes should be
Agreed, this makes TOO much sense.
deuce are u agree me or other guy?
Haha, I see what you did there
Wow that sniper guy is retarded
Probably figured out the joke later
lol yeah
It can't happen. The 2011 festives' bulb's lights aren't as colorfull as the industrial festivizer, meaning it would ends in total chaos and divisions by 0s.
Oh no...
They made them colorful in the new update!!
HA nice one mate xD
This guy. This guy right here.
Are you fuckin kidding me???? Trolllol
Some guy put it on reddit and got downvoted hard. Expect some views in a bit.
Probably expect more views
I love you.
You too
if it was real, valve would make you craft a bud, festivizer, and strange sticky. so it can be as inconvenient as possible
At least i could actually own one if they did that
dfapjsdoiasdpoijasdoij. aoisjdoiahwdoiahwdo, adsuh asoihdoiha oiahs duh awhiuwhpgihjrsodiuh? hdiuhwaiuhdiuahwd!!!
Fun Fact: I did craft a S.Stickybomb launcher with a Festive One to see if it would make a S.F one, and this was back when S.Stickys were 4 keys.
Good thing im holding onto my festive frontier justice
I see what you did there.

This trade deserves a bookmark.
You're a Genius!! XD