oh shit nice unbox as you did unbox this right? and good luck selling. also just based on the effect tiers and this is kind of themed (flies+witches) i'd price it at around 16-17ish give or take a bit.
i'd place it above orbiting fire and that is about 11.5 and flies is far above and again sort of themed. and you aren't far of knifestorm and imo flies>knifestorm
also i'll start the offering of with the top row of my bp
I'll offer an all class blizzardy storm tough stuff muffs (themed) for this hat :)
omg dont let that go cheap, i cant find it on meet the stats :D
Not planning on it haha.
Blizzardy Storm Brown Bomber + Bubbling Bubble Pipe? :-3
Burning Fez + Smoking Veil
~ half of above offer, thanks all the same though.
Dat level... (96)
Opposite of 69.
May I ask who offered the 7 + 13 through paypal? Also I'd like to offer if that offer doesn't stand.
Added to give a private offer.