man sky wolf
Greetings, fellow traders!

Welcome... To my Quicksell trade.

The rules are quite simple.
1. You must not add me unless your offer is incredible.
2. You must not offer Buyout prices; make your prices reasonable, and CHEAP.
3. You must not offer on 1 or 2 Buds, unless you have a HUGE Quicksell.
4. You must not offer any Dupes unless your price is lowered.
5. You must say "cupcakes" in every offer you make, to verify that you have READ these notes.
6. You must not offer me rare crafts/levels unless you are selling them very cheaply.
7. You must not offer games of any kind whatsoever.
8. You must not offer Gifted Items unless your price is very cheap.
9. You must not make any Money offers of any kind whatsoever.
And 10: You must not offer Halloween Effects unless your price is significantly lowered.

My favorite effects are Burning, Scorching, Cloudy Moon, Energy, Circling Heart, and Sunbeams.

The Offer List so far:
Orbiting Fire Cannonball for 2.3. (Hate the Effect, and the Hat.) - Jimmysmalls
All Buds for Misty Skull Goggles (Not sure about the Hat/Value.)

Thank you to all who read this and stop by here. Have a nice day!
king downie
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2buds 1bills for human cannonball
man sky wolf
I've had one, and I didn't enjoy selling it. Thanks, but no thanks.
king downie
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gl sorry i didnt say cupcakes lol
man sky wolf
It's no problem! Good luck out there!
Sassy the Sasquatch
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lol if you think you can grab another bud ill sell u a black ghosts tossle only 7 buds :) (cupcakes)
man sky wolf
Rule #2.......
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This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.