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Kid Dank
Just wanna test the waters of this new item that will be limited sometime this century
Instant b/o is a waffle and 3 men's whiskers
Don't get crabby at me, I have no idea what the price is going to be.
you cant trade it genius
Kid Dank
well duh. It says it's untradable, even with wrap. I'll wait till it does become tradable.
and its only worth 1.5-2 keys
Kid Dank
Dude. Chill out. I don't even know the price.
okay, 1. It isnt tradeable or giftable YET || 2. the spreadsheet doesen't have a price on it, that 1,5 - 2 keys is for the TUXXY, diferent item
qlight, you fai
spreadsheet sucks
big weed
qlight, first off, kill yourself if you use spreadsheet. second, it's not tradeable so you cant put a price on it yet.
Kid Dank
^Thanks x)
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1 buds
Kid Dank
Alrighty! It will be traded to you at the end of the month (when its tradable)
Don't trust the guys offering the bud, hes a scammer trying to up the price. Here: http://www...8hzwqi

Just some advice
Kid Dank
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Woah woah woah, before you call me a scammer and assume im "offering" a buds, why don't you read the first post?
Kid Dank
Sorry, I misunderstood what you were saying
:P no problem, I was talking about "Long218 Buyin Quicksell backpack"
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3 meters
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.