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Miguel [4]
Hi there , just wondering , what if this item becomes tradeable ?
(We all know about the earbuds )

Shoot some offers and maybe in march the 1st i sell it to the best offer !

Let's see the stats of how many tuxes are already

And how many earbuds..

C/O : 5 keys
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3 keys
Miguel [4]
Thats a nice one :D
icon living
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I think this will cost like the buds,no?
Miguel [4]
Idk , it will depend on the offer and demand but personally i think it will be like a bill's
well, considering there are 53k earbuds in existance, and only about 5k tuxes, i think there will be only up to 15k tuxes, and so they will most likely be worth a bud or slightly more
Yes, but you can get as many Tuxes as you want if you make new accounts, you couldn't do that with buds.
really? seems like you could, just nobody bothered cause they had no idea...
^ Back then you had to buy the game to play it.
However, buds were also duped a lot too, yet still hold value
Yes, you could do it with buds. There was a program called Hackintosh. And it worked with tf2.
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dwl a linux game from the latest campain "Steam for Linux" from the store anyone can get this pinguen, right? this is so funny ;p
Miguel [4]
I dont know , i played team fortress did not buy a game
No worry int main() - just saying everybody can get this pinguin if they want it. Lotsa post about this searching on google, even the campain says it all.
Miguel [4]
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1 buds
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Modest Pile of Hat , The Legend of Bugfoot , The Frying Pan and 1 Reclaim?
Miguel [4]
In other trade in bazaar they offer 3 keys and other 5 items around 5 keys , but i'll consider your offer !
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80% of items are less in number than buds, rarity doesnt necessarily make value
Miguel [4]
Well , i am just comparing items that represent operative systems , also they are promo items :)
summer shades are promo, almost 3x as many of them as buds, yet are worth less. I dont mean to offend, but everyone has some fantiasy these are new buds. Buds are desirable since they fill a desirable area of a misc slot and at the same time has a particle effect. The tux is in an undesirable location (canteen spot) and doesnt have any effect. This will likely be worth more than a hat but much less than buds. I believe it will end up at 2-3 keys, thats generous though.
Miguel [4]
You got a point man :D
well summer shade is not tradeable tht the point
People that don't have these because they can't get them will try to make everyone believe it's worth nothing. Just sit tight and wait until after they are unable to be obtained.
^lol keep telling yourself that, I could download linux if i really wanted them but thats just it, I DONT REALLY WANT THEM, why would i want a penguin that sits on my buttcrack when i can use the 50 other better looking miscs available including buds?
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I don't think these will be worth much, despite their representation of the operating system and the promo status.

This is mostly due to anticipation of a high price and eventual expiration of the offer, thereby causing more people to install linux once (or have someone else log in for them). If everyone anticipates the prices high, then it will not be. This was seen with this season's strange festive items being worth merely a fraction of what last season's are worth.

Buds are worth so much for a few reasons:

1. Probably the most important is trading was not possible when the earbuds were released, so if you got them you got them if you didn't you didn't.
2. The short window of availabity and termination of offer coming by surprise. When you could no longer get the earbuds, everyone wanted them.
3. The small particle effect. While it isn't much, it was better than nothing.

These 3 factors combined, along with the introduction of trading is what made earbuds worth so much.

That being said. I suspect Tux to be worth around 2 or 3 keys.
Miguel [4]
Nice opinion , with nice facts , i appreciate it
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like buds u have to do somethik but for tux is free (we get it free) the compuni linux (or what is called) get somethik for each download
Chungo Mungo
Is that even English? ^
Miguel [4]
Is liek dolan engish
gooby pls.
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it looks like a power up canteen...
Miguel [4]
sweg.yo Alpacabear
5 keys
Miguel [4]
If it gets tradable , it's yours
Miguel [4]
And if this is not a joke xD
I'm Tyler
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you gotta understand, if people actually wanted tuxes, they would have gotten them, that's why there are less tuxes than buds.
Miguel [4]
Nice opinion man , have a nice day !
I think this never will be tradable ;(
cout <<"Is it tradable yet?";
return 0;
young thug booty goon
Haha, march 1...
Miguel [4]
Promises , like politicians
Hah, is it March 1 yet?
Miguel [4]
Has , yes , forgot to modify
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