why a smart tryna be dumb
Hey !

I don't know if i ever sell it, but i just wanna see, what offer i can get.

b/o: 1 bud + 16 keys

Please don't tell me anything about what it's worth or what's not. Thanks !

c/o: bills hat.
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1 buds
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a festive fish, strange scatter and duck watch
Thanks for the offer, but i won't take this ;)
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Tux... 1 bud... HAHAHAHHA
Thats his b/o :/ There usually supposed to be highyeah
i already reported him
this item its not like a bud,it should be a promo of linux,but a earbud its a simple it em,what being cool with every class,this item its just a penguin..
LOL, The Bud is a 'Mac' Promo, when TF2 gets available for Mac. Tux is the same as a bud, just for Linux, you Idiot
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you and a bunch of poor dumbass'es think this way.
Just go away, you waste my time.
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wats the c/o?
1 buds :D as you can see above :)
no, to be honest, best i've been offered was 3 keys ..
lol ok :L just wondering i might be able to beat it, apparently i cant D: sorry for wasting ur time
haha, no problem.. i don't really know if itr was a real offer already.. :))
ok :L the most i can offer now is around 2 ref anyway, no way to beat the 3 keys offer
ye.. ok :)
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Bills hat?
no, sorry
Alright then good luck. There are plenty of others who will jump at my offer. Thanks though.
Alright, :) good luck, they're stupid then xD ! i hope you get yourself one !
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.