seen em going from anywhere to 1-2 bills
Hipster how did they go for bills if they're not tradable? I call bull shit on this 1
People are getting c/o of bills..
Jelly...that was the implication. And I'm aware of that, in just waiting mate
high fve taunt 1.7-2+2 refined?
1.7-2 keys the taunt is worth
Is it dirty?
Wait beat anyhow, thanks for the offer mate!
i could put in a clan pride (1.66) and an dirty executioner hood rising in price now worth 1.33-1.66 also is that over 3?
I consider a clan pride 1.33 and I'll consider that too...I'll put you as a co-CO I guess. That's quite a it or reselling.
*quite a bit of
So also a C/O
3 keys!
:0 C/O!
Beat mate :( sorry
^Example above. I'm okay with comments, but i request you don't a negative comment like this, say you know why these will be worthless, vanish and become apathetic.
^ The truth
By the way, if it's the truth, please explain to me why it's worth nothing.
And I suppose you wouldn't mind then, if you gave me one for a rec or similar? Considering it's worth nothing?
3 keys 1.11 ref
Retracting got 2 of my own. Sorry.