God tier man, god tier, I would buy in a heart beat if i had one of those hats.
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So basically you're trying to rip people off by selling them an item that requires nothing but an edited material to bypass the TF2-ize step? What has the world come to...
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Also nice autobump script.
A. This item was colored before the update that removed paint filter.

B. It's true there are exploits to color decalable items, but the exploit only works on The Flair and the Sign.

C. I have TF2 Outpost bookmarked, a click on the bump trade isn't so hard...

Lol blocked.
5 keys in items?
No ty
hmm, keep open ill see what I can do
Sure, good luck.
This item has been sold, sorry.
I'll offer 5 keys on it right now, dont hide this I'll add onto it as I get some more keys :)
I can't believe I've only had a serious 2 bill offer (retracted) and it's now downed to 5 keys... Anyways C/O
I can add a craft #111 cockfighter painted chromatic corruption, the paint alone is worth 4 keys, I was planning on selling it will a buyout of 12 keys
I can also add on a festive medigun, I'm trying to sell them right so when I get them top pure I'll tell you.
Sorry about that, I'm in a BAD need of 16 keys. If you can get me 16 keys its yours.
as soon as I get the keys I'll tell you
Sounds good. Have a good one, hope you buy! :)
Would a white bills work in place of ten 10 keys? if not then I'll just go and sell it :)
Damn it. I want a white bills but I owe a guy 16 keys, that's why I need it.
Do you have the Bills and the 6 keys now? I can do the trade then
Thanks again dood
dat decal image
This item has been sold, sorry