Oh man!
This trade was closed, but the reason is unknown.
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Is this thread only for offers? Because the Tux is untradable. If it's for offers I'll say a painted Bills.
are you offering or just telling the price?
Well I was offering, if that is alright. =P Not sure when they will be tradable though sadly.
you cant get this after 1st march so i think thats the date
I hope so but with the buds a while ago it took a while intill they become tradable.
i will take your offer when its tradeble
My offer still stands as a update. :3
don't sell less than a bud,not every people know how to install linux on a pc they even dont know with what u eat linux or even it is free or not,and not all the linux users have time to play tf2 i will sell mine later when the people will really know his real value
thx for the info
it took me the whole day to get it XD
upvote <3
it took me like 20 minutes to have 7 of them
But there aren't that many people who use Linux (Mac OS X is WAY more common than Linux), you can also get OS X for free (by, well, pirating it, but it still IS free, and there WAS virtual box back in that days)
Everyone is gathering a ton of these because people are claiming its the next buds, so theres gonna be a bunch of them and its not gonna be worth as much as a bud
You could download Mac Os over torrents.
Interesting fact, people who dont have it cant linux, thus they must not use comp much, thus they must not have good items, thus they dont gotz buds, thus no one can buy.
You also have to realize prices are not on how "rare" things are, prices are about popularity. popularity of items is what makes the price... my g. apertures lab hat was 8 keys at one time... now its 1 LOL
aperture lab is a hat,this is a misc
even if buds were torrented and tux was also it kind of makes them equal, and can have a chance of the same value.
Here are some stats that might help you guys