GangSteRZitoh #imback
Hello there, welcome to my Strange Botkiller Shop

Currently: NOT BUYING

Have a Strange Item that want to sell, because you need quick metal/keys?

This is your place, you can rid off of your Strange Item for a QUICKSELL, that means, lower price than regular, around 25% less!

Prices of Blood Botkiller MK1:

●Scatter: 4 Keys 2 Ref
●Rocket L: 3 Keys 2 Ref
●Flame Thrower: 3 Keys 3 Ref
●Sticky: 3 Keys
●Minigun: 4 Keys
●Medi Gun: 4 Keys 3 Ref
●Wrench: 3 Keys 3 Ref
●Sniper Rifle: 3 Keys 2 Ref
●Knife: 3 Keys 2 Ref

Add for a instant trade!
do you have any idea when you might get some metal?
GangSteRZitoh #imback
I Have right now, what are you willing to sell?
i have go the wrench i added you
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.