Oh man!
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what is BTC?
oh, bitcoins, i need to read
Yes, the best 0 fee, 0 chargebacks/scams risk electronic currency :)
I just downloaded it. I knew what it was, but I didn't recognize it as BTC
You know, I heard of a paypal-for-unusual chargeback after 3 months. With bitcoins, once payment is sent, all is over. Just make sure that the other side send btcs first, and you can't be scammed, ever.
How long does it take to mine a coin?
Depends on your video card, an ATI 5870 mine around 0.269 btc/day
So I guess I'm screwed on my 13" Macbook Pro?
Yes, sorry. I too can't make them, so I get them by trading
how do you get them?
so i can buy bitcoins with real money yes?
Yes. Most $ users use mtgox.com, I'm in europe - € - and I use intersango.com. There is also an over-the-market (otc) marketplace where there are trades for moneypak, amazon codes, and so on. Paypal too, but only few take the risk. This is the current order book: http://bit...ok.php
so how much do i pay for 33.75 bitcoins?
It depends on how much you place the bid (buy) order. For example, this is the intersango orderbook: https://www...r_id=2.
dont worry, i cba with al this
I know, I'm trying to gather people who sell bitcoins for paypal to help starters
I now understand that you gived up because you wanted to scam. I LOVE how bitcoins keep scammers away.
Hey dando how do we get bitcoins? Do we have to pay for them or what do we do?
I posted something here: http://www.sourceop.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=112102 However: you can make them if you have at least an ATI 5770 video card, not the Nvidia ones. Otherwise, you can buy them. The first place is exchanges: mtgox.com uses dwolla and bank transfers in the us. Intersango.com uses bank transfers in the europe. Virwox.com allows a chain paypal -> linden dollars -> bitcoins. The second place is the over-the-market channel. You can buy bitcoins via paypal, moneypak, amazon codes and so on in a p2p trade. Here is the orderbook: http://bit...ok.php . If needing in a help on making or buying them, join my extended friend list chat group here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dando-real-ita-efl
Read here too: https://en....tcoins
so none of the nvidia video cards work?
because i have a GeForce GT 525m
Every card can work, even cpu works, it's simply not worth it, too slow. ATI architecture is better suited for the "mining".
how long does it take?
whats the link the the "mining"?
As a reference, an ATI 5870 generates around 0.269 BTC/day, while a GT540m generates 0.011/day. A link to mining is: http://eli...tarted and http://eli...ttings It needs only a few minutes to start from scratch
alright thanks alot :)
Price lowered ( because I value btc over the market )
Bookmark, hey, if you got time, can you explain to me how does this Bitcoin program works? thanks, I 've read some of this post's comments so I know I can get bitcoins through real money, but what does the program works, or what? IDK please help me as I would be pleased to trade with you :)
Ok. There are 2 different programs, the bitcoin client and the bitcoin miner. The bitcoin client is the main resource for bitcoin transfers, and you can download it at bitcoin.org. When you install it, it creates your personal "wallet" on your computer where you will "keep" the bitcoins. All transactions are done via anonymous addresses, like 17pDwScCK53nU4kaAuiaBTjhm2C3FoeRDJ this means that to send me a payment for example you have only to know the address. To receive a payment, you will give your address that you find in the program "receive bitcoins" tab. That's all. Now, to explain why it's 0 chargeback risk, I have to explain a little how bitcoin works. The "wallet" on your computer is a collection of private keys. Your address is one of your public keys. When someone send you bitcoins, what they do is: 1) encrypt their bitcoins with your public key 2) broadcast to the network that he encrypted X bitcoins to address Y. The network takes a few seconds to spread the transaction. After that, every 10 minutes all transactions are "set in stone" in a block. Now, because only you have the private keys, no one else can touch your bitcoins: no one can chargeback, no one can freeze. The transaction most of the time need 0 fees, and a few times the max has been 0.0005 btc. So the 0 chargeback 0 fees is the strongest point on bitcoin transfers: you can trade with peace of mind, even big numbers from 0 rep guys, it's enough that they send the payment first. The only one who needs rep is the seller, so that buyers can trust to send their bitcoins first. Now, the second program is the miner. What it does is to create the blocks that collects the transactions every 10 minutes. Because you help the network, you get rewarded with bitcoins. However, it's very task-intesive, so it's suitable nowdays only on ATI video cards or dedicated FPGA systems. Last, buying bitcoins from an exchange: it's very easy if you have a bank account or dwolla. There are exchanges all over the world for every kind of currency <-> bitcoin conversion, and what I know the most are mtgox.com (wich uses dwolla and bank transfer for u.s. people) and intersango.com (which uses cheap SEPA transfers) there are other ways to get bitcoins, like using moneypak or amazon codes, but you have to contact directly interested people, while the exchanges are automated and so, easier to use.
Damn, thanks for the info, really :D, I will definitely do a more extensive research out there in the internet :P, but hey the only thing I didn't quite understood is the process to get bitcoins from real money, do I have to convert it first to bitcoins, then send it to my wallet, then to yours? :S sorry I'm a newbie :/
You first load real money on the exchange, i.e. via a dwolla or paxum or bank transfer or anything else listed, and buy bitcoins there. Then you can choose to directly send them to me (or anyone else), in this case there isn't even need to install the wallet in your pc. Actually, keeping bitcoins on the exchange and sending them directly to the seller is pretty common in bitcoin trades, because you can use every device with internet connection, i.e. a smartphone or an internet point, without needing to install anything
Hey I decided I want to buy ~50 Refined, is there any chance I could get something else from buying in bulk? If not, its fine too :P Im just curious. Also, I've already added you, but you don't seem to accept my invite.
Added. I start considering bulk from 100+. After all, the prices are already good.
Oh man, you're gonna hate me, I kinda chickened out, because I don't have much money, but maybe in other ocassion, is that ok?
Bm might look into this
Howdy, I'm interested in buying 12.8BTC of Refined from you. Please add to discuss
Hi, right now I have only 40 refs available, 500 are reserved. You can buy 156 refs @ 0,082 -> 12,792 BTC total. I will update here when I get more refs. I prefer to handle trades in my group chat: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dando-real-ita-efl
Replied on my group page, I copy here: Hi, I can guarantee the 156 @ 0,082 -> 12,792 BTC as I declared on outpost, and reply you there as soon as I reach 156 refs. However, the price will change slightly for the bulks, because I sell faster than I gather, so I can't guarantee 200 @ 0,073 [ probably will be 200 @ 0,082 in the future ]
I have your refs
Thanks for a perfect and easy transaction
bookmarked do you happen to know when mining what 1 bitcoin 0= in mhash on average?
An ATI 5830 @ 300 MH/s earns 0.2 BTC/day. Newer cards or multi-card setup can earn more, i.e. a 1 GH/s setup would earn 0,67 BTC/day
Bookmarking. I like what you're doing here, kudos.
Thanks. Now I have only to be able to keep up, because I sell faster than I gather :)
I would like to buy 11. Add me bruh <3
do you accept paypal? im interested in buying some refs
and i dont mind paying first as i dont have rep
No paypal, only bitcoins.
Bookmark, Gonna research about Bitcoins.
I'm not sure about this Bitcoins, I'd preferr to just pay paypal and say
"This payement is for a Virtual item in TF2, and I 'SkittlesFever' will not chargeback"
Sure, as L4L and yosha did. Read a little on sourceop :). That note is useless against chargeback scam.
I wasn't really aware of chargeback scamming, I'll look into these bitcoins.
There is a reason why steamrep admins liked my bitcoin guide :) read it, it's linked on top
On my phone, In between AP tests. When I get home I will surely.
I really like this idea. I've been playing around with Bitcoin for a while, but it's never really served a purpose until now. I guess I'll have to get back into it so I can start buying keys. I can't believe I haven't thought of this before :D

Bookmarked, I've been looking for alternative methods of payment because paypal is getting WAY too sketchy for me. I looked up this and Dwolla a while back but never got around to actually doing it.
ok ill take ac 1 for 2key 2ref add me
Wrong post, and join the chat.
oh,very sorry
wow it seems BTC is better than paypal. I am interested in buying refs and keys, but I gotta learn how to use it first. Thx! Bookmarked :)
do u accpet paypal??
I am always shocked how someone can miss reading a whole page and ask an already answered question.
well ill take that as a no
I'll be paying you in Bitcoins for 20 refined, contact me when available.
What transfer do you suggest?
mmm what?
I need to transfer paypal - BTC
Sorry, there is no way, as explained in my guide.
Wow man, thanks for introducing me to BTC, i'll be sure to buy some keys of you soon!
Depending on your rep, I'd be willing to sell BTC via PayPal.
Bookmarked, because while I have no idea how this really works, I'm interested :p
Trying it out, it appears to take about eight thousand years to get anywhere close to a ref to a key worth of bitcoins. Wow.
Depends on your hardware, check here your model: https://en....arison If your video card does < 300 MH/s probably it's not worth mining.
Hmm, been trying this on my laptop, and my computer runs on configs and it has a horrible graphics card. I just tried going to those free bitcoin sites and ended up with 0.25 in a few hours just by watching videos :p
Got about two keys of bitcoins worked up now, interested?
Yeah, bitcoins are a much smoother currency than I thought them to be. Gonna be buying from you for a looooong time I think :3
I also found this cash - to - bitcoin service for who wants to buy bitcoins fast: https://www...s/cash
Buying metal
Are your prices thresholds? For example, if I buy 400 keys, do I still only get the 200 key rate?
Yes, they are thresholds, read the "200" as 200+
Is there any chance you'll have 500 keys soon?
BM need to get digging : )
And for the rates could you add a Total price in USD so it's easier for me to get a handle on how much money we're talking about? I hate internet calculators
No need for calculators, I use BTC price, so you just do X refined * 0.077 BTC or Y keys * 0.211
I have a bitcoin wallet now so I'm not as confused
I'm not sure it's notifying you of my other comment, so, is there any chance you will have 500 keys some time soon? Like a couple weeks or so?
It's difficult, keep in mind that to reach 500, means that I have to not sell for some time - that's the very reason why thresholds are in place. I expect my equilibrium to be in sells of 100-200 for refined, 10-50 for keys, with a constant flux IN/OUT, and I balance prices to reach this equilibrium. So, reaching 500 keys is a bad thing for me, and I always try to avoid it.
Huh. That's a no, then? Fair, I suppose. Seems a little silly to list it though, in that case :P
I reached 600+ keys during the pyromania update
Ah, alright. Well, I may hit you up for 200 some time instead, I guess.
Ill buy 5 keys please, I just joined your steam group as well.. 1.05 BTC right? Also, please don't hide this, I'm also using it as a bookmark.
Either the prices have changed a lot recently or I'm doing the math wrong, but 36.4 BC for 200 seems to work out to 1.64 USD at the current MTGOX weighted average of 8.99630.

That's... a big difference from 1.180 O_O
Hi, I follow 30-day stable value, to mask away all volatility, which can be both up and down. A fast increase in value can be followed by a faster drop ( remember 1 year ago? ). If the rise is true, then the stable value increases too and I will realign prices. If the bubble bursts, the 30-day value will be a safe anchor, because it will drop much slower than the bubble itself, giving time to cash out all their btcs in keys/refs at nice prices.
But in the meantime, I have to pay a jagillion more for the same amount of keys xD Alright, well, I guess I'll wait it out a bit and hope it goes down. For some reason. Even though it's trending up xD
Just wait for the price to stabilize, it cannot go up forever.
I'd like to buy keys. Please add me!
it looks so complicated can you explain maybe i would be interested in buying from you
The first link is a guide...
do you have to be an aduly to get bitcoins? if not i might be able to get some with the card and make an account
Bookmarked for use of BitCoins.
Bookmarked and added as I have some questions and would be interested in bitcoin trading.
I cant seem to get my head around mBTC pricing.. Can you price em the way they are (eg. 0.5231 = 5.655USD
Do you accept moneybookers?
No sorry.
Do you take amazon funds? http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/7133868
No sorry, bitcoins only.
Any chance you'll have a bulk of keys any time soon? :)
Probably no. I get refined the most.
Okay, thanks anyway. :)
Bit coin mining is great right
gettin a 60ghs Bitcoin miner
I too bought one @ BFL, waiting for delivery.
Yea been waiting for 4 months ....
Will buy 50 keys. (If this thread is still active.)
buy ref
Hey there, I was curious about how I would go about mining bitcoins? I read through some of the comments and I am very interested in doing this kind of stuff. Thanks for the time :D
are you still selling tf2 keys?
Yes but I sold all for now
when restock,i will buy min. 55 keys pls add me ;)
Hm. Me too. >.<
If you like. I can Scrapbank loads of your found weapons. Bitcoin is acting weird for me. It doesnt mine anything.
do u have keys? i want to buy
finnally someone using bitcoins. jesus christ always wondered why no one uses them.

gonna trade with you for sure
Can u take prepaid Visa card?
Please learn to read before writing
Bookmarking. Going to buy some keys once BTC goes back up to where I feel good enough using them. Thanks for doing this
I'll buy some keys whenever you restock. Can you give me an estimated time that you would have more?
still selling keys?