Oh man!
This trade was closed by Regen at 19:20:19 on April 9th, 2013 with the following reason:
Remove that nazi shit.
can i see a screen shot please :3?
Just as soon as I make one XD
hahah yaya :3
I'm in fucking love with your conscientious objector :c i'll not offer beacuse i know you don't sell it separately :c
Dude there are ALOT of Swastika signs out there on outpost many people have nazi medic sets as well (just not as good as mine) :D
13th hour fed fighting fedora?
It had to be the fed fighting kind of fedora...... Sorry I'll pass
k, gl with cool set
Ich liebe dieses Set. Viel Glück.

Sprichst du Deutch?
danke. ein bisschen.....Ich lebe in Amerika ist es nicht nützlich, einer Sprache
Ah. Machen wir Freunde auf, bitte. :) Ich werde eine neue Deutsch zusammen sprechen.
Well in that case it's better I speak like this xD
I'm away from my comp. ATM I'll accept you tommorow
A not duped hearts Conquistador and a 1 of 3 Level 5 Genuine sharpened Volcano Fragment? The C/O's are a Clean Black rose if I add a bud for the hat, and 1.5 pure for the SVF. So about 6.5-7.5 I doubt you'll accept but I just had to offer on the off chance you wanted to try to get more from the SVF. It's currently the only one on the Market anywhere
Also have 3 crate 40's To add if that helps any
Nah sorry
Didn't think so. Anyway. Have a good one and good luck with the trade
love this set! love from sweden <3
best set ever
just warning u: be careful with those signs u have there, it could really offend someone. they symbolize the death, genocide, horrible things that the Nazis did.
I'm aware that is persicely why it's noted in well .....the notes
i think the symbol is a little different in other countries, like the sign is turned a little
but yeah it can mean peace, but in this case it doesn't
actually the nazi swastika is different from the peace budda swastika in the aspect that the tails are inverted in the other direction
yeah i think that's correct, the two symbols look a little different from each other
I know you only want a lvl 3 kritz. But what about a lvl 88? Fits better to the set.

Pass sorry
88 really would go with the nazi stuff better.
3rd reich is what im thinkin what are you?
You sir, apparently do not understand meaning of 14/88.
I humbly say I do not. Care to elaborate?
8 = 8th Letter of the alphabet, 88 = Heil Hitler, 14 words: We must secure the existance of our people and a future for white children. You own an awesome nazi set and you didn't know this?
im afraid i didnt. lol at time my own stupidity impresses me
Name the Kritzkerg this "Adolf Kritler"
Has allready been suggested I might
Damn (
I can't tell if you happy or trying to flip me off.......lol
Protip: Get Marxman. I guarantee you will not regret it.
I've been considering that
ITS SO WUNDERBAR! <3 Lovin this set man! Its a lowball I know but I offer my bp. GL selling!
Sorry I'll pass but thanks
Ghosts YWN + Decent Sweets
Alright, Good luck to you.
You to man
most of their actions lol so you approve of some?
gun rights that's the only one I can kind of understand
lol ok?
The rest sucked balls that's all I got on the subject
Best... Loadout... EVAAAAAA!!
Oh my god this is hilarious

Good luck selling
Bookmarked because objector has different picture than medal :-)

But seriously this is very nice set!
What? They are both the same photo but the texture valve applies to each item is different
for stormy TC: "Steam Captain" and vintage bill's - tentative offer though
Ehh I'll pass my FAVORITE effects are ones involving rain so...
is there a B/O for the clan Pride?
No but there's a co of 6 keys
Bit of a factoid for ya, that symbol came from Indian religions and generally meant "good" or "auspicious" or "of the highest honor." Hitler simply adopted a symbol of good and turned it evil.
most are aware of this but for those who are not ima leave this up
my bp-- plz :P
I'll pass but nice key ;)
This is amazing ;u;
Oh god that's...kinda epic >w<

Good luck selling :3
Name the primary the wunderwaffe :0
my house + 7 potatoes
Would you be interested in a scorching milkman?
now all you need is a little moustache
Flaming Lantern Softcap
Steaming JuJu
Steaming Bicorne
Sorry, the juju is blizzard
still a pass sorry
Let's see how this trade goes, are you a pro-nazi player? :O
No I'm not a nazi and don't accept any of there policys (other than death be for dishonor)
u have a b/o on the set?

not including the TC
nope but the co is round 18 keys
fuck you asshole
Haha! no.....fuck you, you ignorant bastard! I'm fucking sick of people like you who can't read a few damn sentences if they had a gu
*gun*^^ to their head!
What's the buyout?
Honestly idk but I'd like to get at minimum 8 for the tc
My Engineer Set:
Sunbeams Pusher 1 of 1 on market; 1 of 3
Level 100 Planets Braniac 'Einstein'
Both Themed: Solar System
for Team
Hmm will consider lightly
Added to discuss
Can you make a pic on that fancy set?
Yah I keep on forgetting to make one >_<
would you think about a sunbeams armored authority?
I'd consider a 1:1 for the team captain but It wouldn't be a high priority as I got offered the aa on my old hat that I traded up to the tc
sure, i meant 1:1 anyway. just keep it in mind mate. cheers
what do you want for the pride?
I have a separate trade for the 2 decaled items
whats mean?
Why do you sell somethin like that?
Simply as a novelty. There are many who hate it yet there are a few who like the look of them on the heavy, medic, and soldier. I'd be classified as one of the few
screenshots coming soon MY FACE
lol they are now here
Rename the Kritzkreig, Hitlers propaganda machine!
will u please give me archemedis i will give dr dapper topper
ok just sorry
When seeing this set there are only 3 responses:1 holy shit this a bad ass set! 2 what the fuck is your problem you nazi 3 face palm