2.5 keys? if not counter
I can do 2.5 add me
12 key huntsman
add me
how much you looking for degreaser
i have no idea what to offer so yeah :3
gimmie a rough price
Really wanted 4 keys
counter offer?
hmm i was looking around 3 keys since the rise :3
Really can't do 3. parts are over 3 keys alone.
well i can do 3 keys for the parts plus 3 ref for the degreaser
alright add me
ok im on in roughly 20 minutes
ive added you trade when ready
you sell grenade launcher for game(DoD:s) + hats ?
  • m8
strange baby faces blaster and strange sniper for strange mk.ll rocket launcher?
  • m8
add clean counterfeit billycock?
  • m8
  • =)
¨silver botkiller sniper mk 2 for your silver minigun?
Gold mkII sticky launcher for your grenade and degreaser