I have a level 53 Annihilator
I have a level 17!
Level 68. added
Level 3 ;)
Added for level 66 and 44
Just message when online
I also have a level 30. Just accept me on your friends list and we'll work it out. :)
I have 5, 15, 25, 48, 61(#628 so probably not for a scrap) and gifted 74.
looks like you need lvl 5, 15, 25 and 48, so 4 scrap or 1 rec 1 scrap.
Level 40. Added
Actually add me if you can. I can't seem to get friend requests through atm
Send me a message when you're online and I'm online and we'll trade right away. I'm going to bed now and I wont be on again for the next 15-16 hours.
I'll have to get to you when I get another one you need. Already traded it.
Added for level 13
also added for a level 91
Hey fellow collector, I just want to wish you luck on your quest to collecting all of the levels. Hope you reach your goal :D
Thank youoouououuu!
  • ^_^
Added, i have an 80.
Added for level 35
also have level 16
  • ^_^
Level 9 here
One day, im going to sell you a whole collection of levels of a weapon, then im going to sell it to you for 100 scrap which i will then buy a backpack expander, which I will sell that to you and get metal which I will buy for your next collection. lol