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Yo *psst* look man.. *psst* hey I've been shaking for days man...
Could you hook me up with some of granny's homemade special?
Hey *psst* I got some scrap and stuff yo..

Pile of Ash - 2 Scrap
Smoked Cheese Wheel - 1 Scrap
Incinerated Barn Door Plank - 2:1 Scrap
Burned Banana Peel - 2:1 Scrap
Roasted Gold Fish - 2:1 Scrap
Charred Pocket Lint - 2:1 Scrap

Who do you voodoo..

Pile of Curses - 1 Scrap
Voodoo-Cursed Bag of Quicklime - 2:1 Scrap
Voodoo-Cursed Nail - 2:1 Scrap
Voodoo-Cursed Novelty Bass - 2:1 Scrap
Voodoo-Cursed Old Boot - 2:1 Scrap
Voodoo-Cursed Robot Arm - 2:1 Scrap
Voodoo-Cursed Skeleton - 2:1 Scrap
Voodoo-Cursed Sticky-Bomb - 2:1 Scrap

Huh, whose footprints are these? What was that noise?

Headless Horseshoes - 1 Ref
Bruised Purple Footprints - 1 Ref
Corpse Gray Footprints - 1 Ref
Gangreen Footprints - 1 Ref
Rotten Orange Footprints - 1 Ref
Team Spirit Footprints - 1 Ref
Violent Violet Footprints - 1 Ref

Rawr means "I love you" in dinosaur.

Demoman's Cadaverous Croak - 2:1 Scrap
Engineer's Gravelly Growl - 2:1 Scrap
Heavy's Bottomless Bass - 2:1 Scrap
Medic's Blood-Curdling Bellow - 2:1 Scrap
Pyro's Muffled Moan - 2:1 Scrap
Scout's Spectral Snarl - 2:1 Scrap
Sniper's Deep Downunder Drawl - 2:1 Scrap
Soldier's Booming Bark - 2:1 Scrap
Spy's Creepy Croon - 2:1 Scrap

To all the fellas out there with ladies to impress, it's easy to do just follow these steps:
1 cut a hole in a box, 2 put your junk in that box, 3 make her open the box.
And that's the way you do it!

Limited Late Summer Crate - 100:1 Ref
Mann Co. Strongbox - 100:1 Ref
Nice Winter Crate 2013 (#79)
Naughty Winter Crate 2013 (#78)
Spooky Crate
Fall 2013 Acorn Crate
Fall 2013 Acorn Crate
X Summer 2013 Cooler
Summer Appetizer Crate
Nice Winter Crate 2012 (#53)
Naughty Winter Crate 2012 (#52)
Eerie Crate
Fall Crate
Scorched Crate
Nice Winter Crate (#36) - Offer here
Naughty Winter Crate (#35) - Offer here
Refreshing Summer Cooler - Offer here
Festive Winter Crate - Offer here

Solo mid or feed.

Treasure of the Shaper's Legacy - 2:1 Common
Treasure of Radiant Arms - 2:1 Common
Treasure of Dire Arms - 2:1 Common
Treasure of Vermilion Renewal - 5:1 Common
Treasure of Earth Essence - 5:1 Common
Treasure of Ember Essence - 5:1 Common
Frosty Treasure of Frostivus (2013) - 2:1 Common
Ghastly Treasure of Diretide (2013) - 2:1 Common
Emerald Polycount Collection - 10:1 Common
Treasure of Rubiline Sheen - 10:1 Common
Treasure of Champions 2013 - 2:1 Common
Quirt's Summer Stash
Treasure of Incandescent Wax
Treasure of the Malignant Amanita
Treasure of the Shaper Divine
Treasure of the Cursed Wood
Treasure of Crystalline Chaos
Treasure of the Forbidden Lotus - 10:1 Common
Treasure of Dark Implements - 10:1 Common
Frosty Treasure of Frostivus
Ghastly Treasure of Diretide
Treasure of Champions - Offer here
Treasure of Challengers - Offer here
Sithil's Summer Stash - Offer here

Hello there, I collect expired stuff. I'll buy in bulk so feel free to add me if you have a ton of these items.
You can send me a "Trade Offer" without having me on your friendlist, it works even when I'm offline. :)
Do not add me unless absolutely necessary. To send a "Trade Offer" click the button above the arrow.
A Bucket
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i got 1 naughty and nice crate what would you give me for it?
Well I'm not looking for more Nice Crates, if you had 2 Naughties I could give ya a weapon.
Agent Harris
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I have 6 voodoo items I want to get rid of; So is that 1 scrap and a weapon? please add me.
Added you.
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i am the guy u want...look through my bp and add me if interested
nvm i'll add u so we can discuss ^^
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Treasure of Champions - 2 dota 2 keys
Treasure of Challengers - 2 dota 2 keys
Sithil's Summer Stash - 3 dota 2 keys
Would you swap chests for chests?
only selling them for keys
Good luck selling.
Sorry, forgot to mention I wanted to swap Diretide chests 2:1.
I have enough diretide, summer, TI chests, now I just want to sell them.
How many summer chests do you have, just curious.
more than 100
Just a friendly tip, you should make your inventory public or you will be banned from Outpost.
Ty, but anyways it is my main account
I mean you can't find here chests
Either way it's against the rules to have a private inventory.
I understand, my inventory is public now. I mean that I keep my chests on alternative account, but it is my main.
I thought so, I do too. :P
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I have 6 voodoocursed items, 1 scrap 1 weapon?
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I have a Pile of Curses i want to get rid of, are you still buying them?
=PB= Merlin Plz
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I have
1x Summer Cooler No price set on So..... 2.5 keys
1x Nice (#36) 1 Ref on So Yea.. 1 Ref
2x Naughty (#35) 1 keys on so yea... 2 keys for both
1x Festive (#6) No price set, Used to have a set prie of 8 keys on so... 7.5 keys

Add me if interested or want to discuss anything
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Got the sithils summer stash, could you offer me something ?
Would you be interested in swapping chests? I could give you 2 Ghastlies for 1 Summer.
Nah, I dont need dota items
Then make an offer and I'll consider it.
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Would you consider paying 2.5 scrap per Pile of Ash for 9 piles?
yes? no? potato?
Nope, sorry.
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I have Summer Stash
What are you asking for it?
3 keys
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I have sithil summer stash, Can give for 1 tf2 key + 4 refined
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Have a naughty im trying to sell, 2 scrap was it?
I have a crate #6, #22, #35 #36. 7.5 keys for the #6, Offers for the others.
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8 summer stash 1.5 key tf2 each or 1.5 key dota 2! add me
viskas gerai
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Hey dude add me to talk
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Original Dog
added for voodoo-cursed items
got 16 voodoo parts, would it be 4 scrap metal? :)
1 scrap + 1 weapon.
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Added ^^
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I have voodoo souls, are you interested? (pyro, engineer and soldier)
added i have a Headless Horseshoes spell to sell
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How much would you buy a Naughty #35 Crate for?
I got some ashes for you.
Sure, add me.
sithil chests for 9k each
champions and challengers for 3k each
got sithil chests,add me so we can negotiate the price :)
The Stranger
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What about keyless chests, but not bulk? Favor of shades, compendium taunt pack, Augur bounty, diviners bounty, bloom basket, etc.
I don't know, how much for them? I am not really interested in those.
would you do any bills hat or essential accessories for 3 nice 2012 winter crate and 2 naughty
i would prefer a lime bills
Sithil, 9 CS keys or 10 tf2 keys.
Sharking is bad
U wot m8.
wow nice prices 2 scrap for spell that is 2 keys
If you hadn't noticed, it's crossed out. Besides the notes are 1.5 years old.
you should change or close the trade
because no one will buy this and 2 scrap for 2 keys worth item is sharking
Who said I'm paying 2 scrap?
And talk about a hypocrite.
at least i didnt buy for 2 scrap and got 50+ spells
I have no idea what your problems is. I bought most of these spells more than a year ago and they weren't tradable until like yesterday. Stop spamming my trade.
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.