• Completed
s. rocket launcher w/ crit kills + soldiers killed
No thanks, soldier not really my cup of tea.
2 good Games Add me to discuss
Terraria or a strange shotgun + a rec
Festive plus a refined ;3
8.22 Refined.
Carbonado Botkiller Sniper with Domination Kills, a spare Airborne enemies killed, and 2 ref and a rec?
stuff from my bp?
genuine point n shoot + 1 ref
i got sneaky spats painted pink for 1.6 keys and a few other things to add
braid for PN2
add me ill give 2 keys
1 key + 1 rec ?
overpay in items?
only tf2 offers?
Mercs muffler
isaac+dlc or festiv
Arma 3 lite for poker night + 1 key (or a little less)???
el jefe+hero's tail? both clean
8.44 ref?
Garry's mod for poker night 2?
poker night 2 for just cause 2 ?