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KGB Bunny
I am selling team fortress 2 items for bitcoin. Price is listed in USD and BTC. As the valve of BTC tends to flux alot, use the USD valve for a reference at mtgox to see how much the current BTC price is. Also, if there are any games you want on steam, I can buy it and trade for bitcoins, add me to hash out a deal.

Keys: $1.40/0.0.0049 BTC x Currently out of stock
Earbuds: $34/0.1339 BTC: x Currently out of stock
Planets Buccaneer's Bicorne: $55/0.2165 BTC

My source OP rep thread:
Steam rep page:
I wish there was a way to transfer paypal to btc :(
King MiG-
Is Bitcoin safe? Do I need to put my own back account on it?
KGB Bunny
It depends on what bitcoin exchange you use. The one I use does need that
Hi, I have a nice and shiny 0.0403 BTC, can I add some ref to reach 3 keys for it?
KGB Bunny
mtgox seems to be down atm, so I cant see what its going for there atm :(
I'll buy some keys with bitcoins, Add me
Hey watch out, admins might ban you because I guess ONLY PayPal is allowed here. I am using BitCoin's little brother LiteCoin so just FYI.
KGB Bunny
Thanks for the heads up, but there is nothing in the rules about currency trading being restricted to paypal. You should submit a respectful PM to the admin who closed your thread asking for a detailed explanation on why it was closed. If he gets back to you, I would love to hear why.
I made a rant in my new trade
This trade is done, so you can't post. Sorry, mate.