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Interested in any tf2 offers, preferable Demoman items.

Trade link here:
You can add me as well
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Selling this Nitro with Bish Bash Bosh Holos and Nice Shot stickers any offers.

Selling this Conspiracy with the Teamwork Holo sticker for any offers.
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Hello! I am currently selling these Engineer items!

Before you even trade with me, I have a few rules and thinks you should know.

If says 1.11 - 1.33 then your item is 1.11 and mine is 1.33
My prices are negotiable.
If you wanna pay with items, it's 20%. If I don't want those items, then it's 40% overpay. (Rarely happens)
If you think my rules or prices are ridiculous, then don't bother. (I normally have prices)
I do currently have change, so if you are paying with keys don't worry.

Trade link:

Strange Insulated Inventor for 1.58 keys (25 Refined)

Strange Jag 12.66 Refined

Strange Specialized Killstreak Frontier Justice 1.18 (18.88 Refined)

Strange Wrangler 7.11 Refined
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Selling all these weapons for 1 scrap each!


Automated 24/7 instant trade for pure.
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Selling These Stranges.
Only accepting pure or 40% item overpay.

Strange Minigun - 9.66 ref
Strange Killstreak Spy-Cicle - 9 ref
Strange Shotgun - 8 ref
Strange Powerjack - 7 ref
Strange Scattergun - 4.33 ref
Strange Grenade Launcher - 2.66 ref
Strange Market Gardener - 2.33 ref
Strange Phlogistinator - 1.66 ref

Trade link.
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Pure only please!
Pure only please!