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Just tryna get some offers
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Great hat, great (rare) effect, its very noticeable. Also it has the EOTL Early Suppirter tag if you care about that

B/O: 70 pure or 80+ in unusuals. Aussies and items will be counted at quick sell prices.

My favorite unusual effects are Amaranthine, The Ooze, Stare From Beyond, Frostbite, Storms, Miami Nights, Bats, and Halloween effects

I'm also really into items sets, like an Unusual + Strange Pro Ks. Weps + Strange Cosmetics or Unusual hat/misc combos

Past offers:
C. Heart El Jefe + Buck Turner All Stars and Cool Cat Cardigan (both with chromatic corruption) + Strange FN Bomber Soul War Paint (75-80)
Miami Nights Boxcar Bomber if I add (low and unpriced)
Green Energy Head Hedge (?)
Morning Glory Gilded Guard + keys (low and bad hat)
C. Heart El Jefe + 6 keys + Delinquents Down Vest with Spectral Spectrum (78)

As of May, 2018 I have blocked 68 scammers, so you're wrong if you think you can scam me. Also please don't add me to argue about my price or tentatively offer.
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20 ref pure
2 keys 10 ref
1 key 5 ref
2.5 keys
18 ref
25 ref
1.5 keys (assasin grade!!!!!)
7 ref

overpay is welcome and i may go lower for pure
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15 refined or offers
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10 refined for the L'etranger kit,
5 refined for the short circuit kit

Add me or trade directly, overpay may be accepted
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Its got exorcism + flames
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This is Festive NOT Festivized. Festivized are very common and dont look good whereas festives are rare and look excellent. Also festives are very expensive and in demand

25 keys (team shine + great part) 30+ overpay or more depending on the offer
This is the cheapest on the market.

Best offer:
Spec. Ks Aussie GL + 2 keys pure + strange spec Black box with parts + Strange Pro Bottle (~20)
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Got a nice 1 of 1 unusual here, it’s commando grade with a good effect and the hat looks badass.

Unpriced, but flies is priced at 40, kill a watt is priced at 50, and blizzardy is a better effect than both

B/O: Feel free to offer pure but I need at least ~65+ in unusual overpay (lower if hats I like)

I prefer Medic, Scout, and Soldier unusuals over other classes. I also prefer blizzardy or Miami unusuals (if paying in high tier hats or multiple unusuals)

I am also interested in a Coldfront Commander or Hazmattenhatten

Molten Mallard Combustible Kabuto (seller @60)
Stormy Hustlers Hallmark + Blizzardy Lucky Shot + Haunted Ghosts Head Hedge (~14.5 + 18.5 + ? = 70-80?)
Darkblaze Tungsten Toque (51)
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I want an unusual Coldfront in the 40-60 key range.
I have 24 Keys and I wanna give you pure for your discounted items. I’m not buying items worth less than 1 Key(before discount).

Here are some specific items I want:
Professional killstreak kits and Stranges with kits applied
Specialized killstreak kits or stock primary stranges with specialized kits applied
Strange Festives (with or without spec or pro ks)
Rare genuine and vintage items (lugermorph, Horace, grandmaster, etc)
Expensive cosmetics (strange or unique)
Expensive stranges

THINGS I WONT BUY (or I’ll pay less for)
Stranges with overpriced/stupid parts (eg: not paying 3 keys for a flame-thrower with damage dealt)
Basic kill streak
Spells (eg: not paying 1 key for a strange rl with exorcism)
Festivized items
Odd levels

All will be valued at base item value or reasonable prices
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Keep in mind that smoking and orbiting fire were both recently updated at 50. Also T=Unusual Ushankas are very rare, AND the hat looks goooooood


Stormy Storm Ushanka: 65 Keys

Snow Sleeves: 40 refined (or 1 key, 10 refined)
Shiv: 40 ref (or 1 key, 10 refined)
]If you buy them all together, you will get a discount!!

The Huntsman sold for 7 pure
Machina sold for 12 pure

Rejected offers for ushanka:
40 pure
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Stuff I don't really need. Feel free to addd me or just send an offer to trade. Overpay is welcome

Strange Chill Chullo (robots destroyed): 20 Refined metal
Strange Pro. Ks. Bushwacka (Great parts): 3 keys
Strange Mosaic Scattergun (Assasin Grade): 2 keys
Strange Ks. Shortstop: 7 Ref
Srange Spec. Ks. Southern Hospitality: 24 Ref
Strange PDA: 9 keys, 11 Ref
Strange Pro. Ks. Rainblower (Great parts): 2 keys, 10 Ref
Strange Spec. Ks. Frontier Justice: 27 Ref

Overpay is okay, but I may not count paint, parts, or spells for a lot. I will accept items like Australiums, Killstreak Kits, Stranges, High-tier Hats (Head Prize, Cat Companions, ect), Tools, Strange Cosmetics, Items (Bill's, Luger, Big Kill, ect), and some rarer genuine or vintage items.
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Add me or comment

7 keys and 5 ref (cheapest) or overpay
I want an Unusual Guadalajara or Unusual Merryweather with a great effect. I'm willing to pay with unusuals, stranges, or items. Add me or send an offer.
As of now, there are no other (non killstreak) strange gunslingers on outpost. The lowest seller on is at 28 keys. Buyers are at 22.

B/O: 25, 30+ in unusuals
7keys for the huntsman
3 keys for the Buschwacka

The Huntsman and Bushwacka both have great killstreak sheens and effects. The Huntsman also has the rare Halloween spell exorcism and great parts. The Bushwacka has great parts as well.

Unlike most traders, I DO value Professional and Specialized Killstreak weapons. I also will accept keys and aussies as pure. I prefer Soldier, Pyro, Demo, and Engi weapons and cosmetics. Overpay may be necessary for some items. ABSOLUTELY NO UNUSUAL TAUNTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
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2.5 keys pure or overpay

This is the cheapest strange assassin grade scatter out there and even on the SCM all strange assassin grade weapons and paints cost more than $8 which is above three keys.

Price is negotiable
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8 refined or overpay
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I'll trade this for 20 ref or 1 key over pay in good stranges, hats, tools, or paints
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sold for 11
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Offer me metal, hats, stranges, tools, anything I don't care just don't lowball please.
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Willing to trade this for pure or overpay, but I will not accept paint or parts as full value. I want about 1.3 keys pure or 1.5 in overpay
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Need a pro ks southern hospitality
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1.8 keys, the best paint. Overpay is welcome but should be good items (basic ks, overpriced stranges, robo hats, bad skins, applied strange parts, and applied paints will be valued at base price).

I am open to any item offers so don't be shy :)
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Heres a great all-class low craft! #25 is a great number and pretty low too! Send me an offer or add me to discuss.

Stop offering 1 key I'm not gonna take that

I really want a sniper hat so those get priority. Med, Demo, and pyro are 2nd priority. I would also take pure, keys, promos, or aussies. All heavy/new effects and hats/"hype" hats/trash effects/unusual weapons/unusual taunts will require insane overpay

Offers on Pom:
Haunted Phantasm Jr. Tyrantium Helm + 6 keys for the set (62)
CPS Airdog for the hat (18.5) (very very very very low)
Roboactive Captains Carosour for the hat (41) (bad hat and a little low)
40 pure for the set (very very very low)
24 pure (very very very low)

Offers on Bandanna:
9 pure (very very very low)
9 pure again (lol?????)
10 pure (still low)
11 pure (still low)
12 pure (3 times) (still a little low)
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moved again sorry
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Anyways, I'm gonna want 10 pure or more in Unusual/aussie overpay ;)
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I wanna buy one, send me an offer or add me
Wow look a low craft all class!

I'm looking for other lowcrafts or offers

Low crafts will be dealt with on an individual basis, for example:
#19 War Pig will be worth more than #89 War Pig
#19 War Pig will be worth more than #16 Jumper's Jeepcap (better, more desirable hat)
#100 War Pig will be worth more than #45 War Pig (more desirable craft #)
#20 Brown Bomber will be worth more than #19 War Pig (all class)
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Around prices
Note the parts
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  • Expired due to inactivity price or overpay
  • Expired due to inactivity price plus a little for paint
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low craft is 2 keys
Everything else is price
Quickselling both for offers in pure, aussies, promos, ect (no unusuals)

I would instantly take 30 pure for the reggae (been offered 26 and 28) and 60 pure for the Mirror (could go lower)

Looking for a strange professional killstreak iron bomber, strange professional killstreak quickie bomb launcher, and strange professional killstreak loose cannon
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I need one of these, of course I won't pay a ridiculous price

I would like either a high(er) tier effect, or an blizzardy storm/miami nights (my favorites)
Effects are listed in order by priority (willing to pay over price for the first few, especially Harvest Moon)
Other Effects may be offered, however they will be less likely to be accepted, and I am ONLY INTERESTED IN 1/1 BEARS
Offers that Include one of these Bears + Pro. Ks. Aussie Tomislav will be considered much more highly
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I am looking to buy these items with professional killstreak attached (sheen/killstreaker do not matter)
I may pay a little extra for good parts (damage dealt, critical kills, gib kills, dominations, ect.)
Both themed (pot is "pot" themed and Reggae is Bob Marley themed)

75 pure for the Pot
41 for the Reggae (Now trade able!!)

Overpay is expected


Rejected offers:
Vivid Plasma Dayjogger for the Pot (being priced at 45 kek)
Chiroptera Venenata Outta Sight for both (~100 keys probably would've accepted if he added ~20-30 key in unusuals)
C9 Outta Sight for the Reggae (45. Hate the effect and don't like the hat)
DP Cotton Head + 1 key for the Reggae (~34 keys, low low low)
Beams Voodoo juju for both if I add (~110 low, and don't like the hat, great effect though)
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I will pay for this, and it will be a lot

Someday I'll find you prices
I do charge for paint, but much less than others
Looking to cash out or switch to CS:GO

Looking for offers on my whole tf2 backpack

Can accept pure or knife offers
Add me if you have one of these
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I'd really love to buy one of these
Themed! (get it, "pot")

90 keys pure takes it.
105 keys overpay

Demoman hats/miscs are preferred. Scorching, C. Heart, Roboactive, Antifreeze, Sunbeams, Time Warp, Halloween through 2014, and Green Black Hole take priority

No unusual weapons, robo hats, cancer unusuals, cancer effects
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Looking to buy one with some of the listed items (or other items) The medigun alone is worth ~7 keys

I'd prefer it has specialized or normal killstreak, also I will not pay extra for parts or spells, but will accept one with parts or spells