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Selling this clean hat with a great effect for 20 pure keys or item overpay! I am currently the only seller on the market. It is a 26% discount
selling this great hat/effect for only 18 keys pure! I would like more in unusual overpay and price is negotiable. send an offer!
Selling this clean unusual for 18 keys pure! although the hat might be low tier the effect compliments it so nicely. I do accept unusual overpay. Send a trade!
selling this clean unusual taunt for 17 keys pure or unusual offers. the taunt is worth 23 keys and im selling it for a 27% discount!
looking to downgrade this clean unusual for some clean low tiers. offers with an unusual bad pipes taunt with either of the 2 effects listed will receive priority. please do not add me.
Selling this clean 1 of 4 first gen effect unusual. I'm asking 95 keys pure or unusual overpay. if you offer an item with a value of 80 keys or higher it will take priority among other item overpay offers
I'm selling these 4 unusuals for the following prices

Steaming Rimmed Raincatcher - 9 keys

Stormy Storm Outdoorsman - 11 keys

Flaming Lantern Backbiters Billycock - 19 keys

Dead Presidents Frontier Djustice - 28 keys
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selling this freshly won Australium Wrench for just 20 keys and 11 ref! I'll Take 27 keys in Unusual Offers and 25 keys of Australium Offers. send me a trade of offer in the comments! Happy Trading!
selling this lovely Professional Killstreak Flying Guillotine kit! I am asking 2 keys and 5 ref but i can negotiate. if not offering pure post the offer down in the comments. Happy Trading!
Hello! I am selling this Unusual Hat Worth 17 keys for Only 14 Keys!. Its quite the steal I know. Not interested in paying pure? Have no fear! I'm also accepting unusual overpay of 17 keys!. Send me a trade offer here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=188796810&token=_UCX01mV Or comment your Offers down below! Happy trading!
Need to get rid of a pesky low tier unusual? Can't find anyone who wants to buy your hat? Well look no further my friend, because I will take any 9-16 key unusual for a 30-40% discount! Send a trade here https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=188796810&token=_UCX01mV . I currently have 22 keys in stock
i'm selling my spec. killstreak australium ambassador for 15 keys pure but if you are offering a professional killstreak australium ambassador i can pay with my ambassador plus pure. trade offer only please
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selling a universal specialized killstreak kit

these are fairly rare and they keep getting rarer

post offers in comments below

asking 16 keys pure or 17-19 keys in overpay

freind request or trade offer i'll accept both
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looking for an uncraftable candy cane so butt hol can live again. i only want uncraftable ones so hit me up!
hey I'm selling a rare glitched kill streak kit for 15 pure keys or 17-19 unusual over pay! prices for this will never stop increasing so buy it when the buyings good! correct me if I'm wrong but this is the cheapest one of these currently. hit me up in the comments and ill consider your offer!
selling for lower that bp.tf price! send me a trade or make an offer and ill get to your offer when i can. also post offer in the comments in you would like
selling this great scout unusual with a great effect for lowest market price! asking 11 keys or unu over pay. not much over pay needed just 1-2 keys more!
selling for 11 pure or 13 in unu overpay. add me or send an offer idgaf! free spell included!
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selling for lowest +paint price! trade me and save on this hat! gun mettle key also excepted
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shoot me a friend request and ill get to you as soon as i can. if you use the secret code "do you sell back box ustralium?" i can knock off the price by a few ref
selling for lowest price i could go! finally decided to sell this thing so shoot me a trade!
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this trade won't be doable until a week from now i know. just putting it out there for anyone who wants to get a key