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Qbuying spells/paints/parted stranges with keys/metals. I count them a lot lower than their price, just in case someone would criticise my price. Though, add me or comment me so that we can negotaite, also you can send an offer with your price but I'm qbuying, not buying.
Looking for offers, I like rare stuff (halloween, miscs, both is better :P)
Declined 270k pure, 290 in miscs, 360+ unus offers, 632$ in csgo items for each. Not going to consider any offers below that.

If you are offering, make it worth my time.
Listed on MP.TF, feel free to add me if you have an offer or just comment on my profile
Clean Sunbeams Rifle-man BO: 430k, my asking price depends on your offer, keep in mind this is a nice hat to keep, so i don't have an urge to sell dis
CS:GO skins, all of em go for their reasonable price, feel free to offer me, add me, comment down my profile to ask for the price of specific skin, keep in mind some of these have unique aspects to them such as pattern of em, stickers, float value and stuff.
I like all-class, soldier, sniper unusuals, i like unusual miscs as well, feel free to offer or add me 8)
Looking for offers, pure has the priority. CS:GO offers are considered as well
Looking for offers, selling for pure. Can Qbuy unusuals with my CS:GO items however not all of my CS inventory is for sale.

Feel free to add me, refrain from highballing.
I got 20+keys to qbuy with and couple of items.
I'm looking for offers/pure/downgrades/CS:GO skins/miscs. Not interested in upgrading unless I'm fond of your offer. Pure gets the priority, feel free to offer, thanks.
Looking to qbuy unusuals, especially interested in halloween unusuals/miscs. I like discontinued stuff. Feel free to offer.
BF sensei No BO set, 300+. I paid well over bp.tf price for it in decent downgrades, 1 of 1, envigorify me, revive me to get this off my hands (head)

Knifestorm Pithy Professional 500+, a downgrade offer with pure in it. Thanks to Stew for letting me git this boooooooty *wink wink*.

I like cs:go offers, pure offers, miscs. I like soldier-sniper-all-class unusuals, I ADORE MISCS.
I also like retired, rare unusuals, and I require overpay when offering in unusuals. Taunts aren't my thing, unless you are overpaying with a GG, HP god tier taunt or smthn. Feel free to add me or send a trade offer, will check on outpost daily but steam ensures faster response.
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Especially interested in pure offers, hmu oi. Veil is 1o1 on the market for 2-3 years, likely to stay that way.

Make it worth it if you are offering on the veil. You are free to waste my time on anything but this.
would have added past offers section but it's dum
I like miscs and good shit
Demonflame BoA. Others haven't moved for 900+ days. Looking for offers, offers that are below 500 won't be considered, pure offers might have the priority but it's a 1 o 3 (technically 1 o 1) halloween boa so yeet.
Interested in rare misc offers, knife offers too.

would have listed "past offers" but that's a bit generic. I have offers within the range of 400-600 though, just saying.
I'm looking for 600-ish.
AntiFreeze Trilby
Demonflame Cold Killer

Trilby is pretty neat for its price, Cold Killer is heavily outdated and underpriced, won't consider any offers near the bible price.
Frostbite HKC B/O: 290k- One of the Frostbite HKC owners declined 345- in items, just saying. Got offered 240 in mixed, 270 in sweet downgrades and 220 in pure already.
Interested in Soldier-Sniper-Allclass hats. Interested in ANY MISCS!
Looking for pure offers; require decent overpay, no exceptions. I like halloween effects, miscs. Sniper miscs got to be my favourite, but I like most miscs I guess. Also open to csgo offers but again, pure gets the deal. Feel free to write a comment-send an offer- add me (if i have an empty slot).
Looking to convert these unusuals into either pure or csgo knives-gloves. I'm willing to overpay, I'm specifically interested in high tier gloves and knives. All knives are considerable however, m9, bayo, karam, flip and butterflies will have the priority. I can also consider adding on top of these 2 and get a combo, thanks.
Upgrading to a godtier Veil, I have my Morning Glory HKC, C9 Mohawk, Unusual Airwolf Rifle and Unusual Strange SMG with couple of keys to upgrade.

Check my bp

Specifically interested in Scorching ones... Feel free to add me, comment on my profile, send an offer. I expect you to overpay since I'm offering a downgrade offer. Thank you , I really want one.
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B/O: 110k because it's its price. Got problems? Oh mate..will be hard for you to get one

hue hue hue
Interested in most of the sniper-soldier-all-class unusuals/miscs. Also interested in weapons. You can add me to discuss.
only have unusuals to buy with I'm afraid

Scorching Ground Control: 96keys
Sunbeams Tyrants: 85keys
GE veil: 133keys
C Heart veil: 130keys
Sunbeams Belt: 120keys
Sunbeams Anger: 115keys
Stormy 13th Hour Anger: 92keys (Can go higher on this one, same goes for others!)
Strange Unusual Sniper Rifles: 69keys!
Unusual Sniper rifles:: 36keys!

Send me an offer, I'm also buying other effects, miscs, weapons, hats! Feel free to add me, can negotiate, go higher!
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c9 HWNN 37k
Ghastly Ghosts Fresh Brewed Victory 139k
CSGO skins have their price but too lazy to list them all, add me or write a comment if you are interested in them, they have some unique aspects to them so not going to take MP on them. I like all-class, sniper, soldier unusuals, knives, miscs and stuff, feel free to offer, looking for overpay.
No set B/O. Note that some of these skins have stickers, low/high float values, rare patterns.
Full purple ST FT Galil Sandstorm
Kato 14 3dmax (on the scope) AWP redline MW
Kler (scraped, looks like signed lol) stickered ST MW Ak elite build
G2 (scraped, signed lel) 99.5fv ST BS Ak elite build
0.994 fv BS Glock Weasel (looks unique, definitely a play-skin)
Deagle Kumicho Dragon MW (2 stickers as well)
ST MW P250 Iron Clad (sticker is ALMOST fully scraped)
Glock Water Elemental MW fv0.12

My inventory: https://csg...102098

Selling other stuff as well, just for the right price though..
Accepting CS:GO upgrade offers, opskins offers, gift card offers, key/knife offers (can add TF2 stuff as well), TF2 unusual MASSIVE overpays. Thanks.
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C Moon Dapper BO 203k CO: Ge dapper + 58k, Strange Hot FT quick canvassa paint + FN Cool Croc duster paint (gone) Beams HKC if i add my frostbite hkc + 700$ in cs

Skins go for above mp if they have lowfv, such a high fv, sticker, pattern (I'm not mentally challenged, i don't add up for nametags and such lmfao)
I like sniper, soldier, allclass hats
I'm in love with miscs, i love allclass miscs, high tier miscs, VEILS!!!
Feel free to offer, add me
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Crimson Web got scammed, rip.

All of my CS BP with some exceptions is for sale. Feel free to offer anything, albeit I require overpay. I'm not going to overpay even if you have a bonzo veil, nope.
I like all-class, sniper, soldier hats, well-known hats such as beaks, reggaelators, tyrants, backwards ballcaps, tossle caps, mancers mask, nunhood and other stuff interest me as well.

Everything has its price, mostly because my skins (welp, most of 'em) have unique aspects to em. Feel free to add me to negotiate on the price, thanks, can upgrade to a cs:go knife with skins.
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GE Cotton Head: 280k buy out (clean, other sellers want cash hence the above bp.tf price buyout)
SF CLEAN Fedora: 145k Rare as hell to find a clean fedora let alone a SF one
PE Horrific Headsplitter 105k bp.tf price, cheapest out there, good looking all-class hat that lets you see the effect unlikely to its counterparts, plain hat really.

I like miscs, soldier-sniper-all-class hats, csgo offers (I LOVE EM), keys. I am especially interested in unusual miscs ^^

Feel free to add me, send a trade offer or write a comment in case i don't have a slot.
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DBD Rifleman 80k
BF Airdog 60k
FN Pink Elephant Sticky 2.5k
FN Ballonicorn Sniper Rifle 10k
Spec Ks Aussie Scattergun 24.5k
FN Warhawk Flamey 8k
Strange Wrench Skin 2k
FN Butcher Bird Festive GL 1.8k
Strange Spec Ks CAPPER 10k

Feel free to offer me, I like knives, gloves, cs offers, rare stuff, sniper-soldier-allclass unusuals, miscs, strange unus weps. Expecting overpay by your side, thanks.
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Spelled strange VEIL: 8-9k
Burning Flames Duped Stainless Pot: 110keys
Tiger Tooth FN Karambit fv 0.0224 B/O:
None, however karams especially tiger tooth karams go for above SCM price, this one has good float value as well. Make an offer which I can't refuse, MP in keys won't suffice.

I like knives, unusual miscs, sniper-soldier-all class hats, strange unusual stuff, cs:go skins. Feel free to add me, to offer, depends on your hat if i'll upgrade or not
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C heart Stash: 124k-
Holy Grail Flip= 80k (previous owner got offered 70keys)
Orbiting Fire Federal Casemaker = 52k (got offered 52k in aussies, he backed off because he didn't need it anymore)

Looking for high-tier miscs, unusuals, especially soldier and sniper with all-class stuff. Can add some sweets, stranges, downgrade unusuals if I like your hat/offer. Please keep in mind that I'm not going to accept the full price in unusuals (unless I'm significantly interested in the unusuals), already got offered 125keys for the stash in unusuals several times.

Oh also, i don't mind keeping them, they fit in with my set :)
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Strange GE Peak B/O: 195keys!
I paid 190keys for this beauty, and I got no problem with keeping it, can discount for pure; non-stranges at 220.
Not really interested in upgrading unless you have a god tier or a nice hat -i.e. Burning Anger, Sunbeams Rifleman, Scorching BoA, D@D VVF-.
Not really discounting for downgrades since I paid in mixed for it.

Current offers include a d@d cotton + sweets, eldritch flame strange duck hat, 170- in downgrades, and more.
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Morning Glory HKC B/O: 290k (only one on the market, can negotiate)
Offers: Roboactive Neckwear
Deals: Duped Scorching Flames Veil where hkc was counted as 290k-, about 410ish he wanted, yet he sold it later on.
I'm interested in good hats, all-class, soldier, scout, sniper, medic. Also interested in miscs :3
HMU with offer via. steam, write a comment add me if you wish, I don'T check on outpost often, just a heads up.
Looks lit, "Dawn".
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Have sold a non-ks strange cool WW one for a maxs, aussie smg and 7-8k previously, B/O: 32keys
Interested in most good-looking unusuals, can upgrade, I have about 300k- worth of unusuals ready to be traded that I'd like to upgrade (with your overpayment).
Fine with keeping, paid about 25-28k, not going to qsell it.
Scorc flames slouch B/O: 74keys
Unusual Hot KS Airwolf Sniper rifle FT B/o: 75keys

Can upgrade, if i like your hat. Interested in high tier all-class, sniper, soldier hats, and any miscs. Would appreciate high tier allclasses as well..
Feel free to add me or send an offer; comment on my profile.
B/O: 130keys.
Strange prof ks cool flash fryer flame thrower.
Not really looking to upgrade, unless you are fine with overpaying a decent amount and that i like the hat.
C peace Strange Villain's Veil. B/O: 98keys.
Strange Spec ks FN Woodland Warrior RL, 12keys.
Double spelled SPEC KS Strange Stickybomb launcher 2.6keys
Strange spec ks mister cuddles mini gun 3keys
Offer, add, comment :)
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Scorc flames slouch B/O: 74keys
Unusual Hot KS Airwolf Sniper rifle FT B/o: 75keys

Can upgrade, if i like your hat. Interested in high tier all-class, sniper, soldier hats, and any miscs. Would appreciate high tier allclasses as well..
Feel free to add me or send an offer; comment on my profile.
Buying Qsells! Stock: 50keys! (can go higher, can add my unusuals!)
C Heart Anger: Pure B/O: 95keys (Can go lower for sure)
Looking for unusual weapons, miscs, sniper/soldier hats. Generally godtiers, or ones with godtier effects, but any miscs hats are welcome! Specifically interested in veils btw :)
Especially interested in unusual rifles! send me an offer/ Post here/ Add me!
B/O: 82k
Only seller.
Declined offers: 65k in pure, sunbeams bicorne, 72k in downgrades, tf logo nun hood +5keys
C/O: 80k, collecting

Interested in
a Sunbeams Tyrant/Kabuto.
Unusual Sniper Rifle
Unusual Veils
Other Sniper unusuals
Decent unusuals

Also buying qsells with keys ;3
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B/O: 167.5k
B/O: 80keys
Open to offers, paid a Misty Skull Backwards Cap (70k, undervalued, GE @ 110) for it.
Interested in good-looking unusuals, feel free to add, also got bunch of lowtiers and a few high tiers; can upgrade if i like your offer; by your overpay. Thanks. Downgrades would be 85+ at least.
Buying Qsells! Stock: 50keys! (can go higher, can add my unusuals!)
Steaming Strange Clean Veil! B/O: 50keys!
Looking for unusual weapons, miscs, sniper/soldier hats. Generally godtiers, or ones with godtier effects, but any miscs hats are welcome! Specifically interested in veils btw :)
Especially interested in unusual rifles! send me an offer/ Post here/ Add me
Steaming Strange Veil B/O: 46k
FN Cool Butcher Bird GL B/O: 72k
Magnetic Hat Protector Universal Translator B/O: 28k
Strange Spec ks Southern Hospitality B/O: 1.2k

Can negotiate. Not looking to quicksell; as i've qbought these. Misc offers, high-tier all-class, soldier, sniper hats are welcome. Specifically interested in veils, angers, tyrants, kabutos, modest pile of hats, all-class miscs, cold killers, sensei's, belts.
Feel free to add, a comment ist nuff.
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Blizzardy Storm Dapper: 40k (with a friend, lent)
DBD Hallmark: 29.5keys
Bliz Storm Bonk Helm: 13.5k Sold for 11k
Bliz Storm Tyrants: 25k (with a friend, lent)
Overpay offers are welcome, can upgrade, depending on your hat. Interested in miscs, high-tier soldier, sniper and all-class unusuals. Thanks.
B/O: 53keys! Send an offer, less in pure!

Looking for upgrades with your overpay! Can add my unusuals, can downgrade/upgrade, it all matters how much i like your offer/hat! I won't be overpaying at ANY time though , since you are the one offering. Thanks, feel free to add me!
B/O: 85keys
Can go a bit lower, interested in sniper-soldier-all-class-demo unusuals. You got a nice offer, good looking hat? I can add keys/downgrade hats.
Specifically interested in high-tier veils, sunbeams tyrants. Thanks, feel free to add me
100keys,lower in pure.
Reasonable offers, veils, miscs, weapons, soldier/sniper unusuals, downgrades are preferred with overpay over keys. Not really interested in pure, unless you got a really nice unusual and are willing to discount. Thanks.
B/O: 55keys
Looking for unusyal overpay, can add keys/unusuals if your offer is good.
Interested in the items in the trade and these as well:
Also looking for veils c:
Feel free to add me, comment on my profile. Send an offer :)
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Misty Skull Backwards Cap: 70keys
GE Company Man: 100keys
open to offers, can go less in pure
Selling stranges with parts, cosmetics with paints!
Thunderbolt C/O: Vivid Plasma Toy Soldier + 3-4keys

Looking for offers, highly i terested in miscs especially sniper miscs and weapon unusuals (sniper rifle). Same goes for my other unusuals! Waiting for offers lads!
Here is my price for some of the unusuals : https://backpack.tf/classifieds?steamid=76561198166102098

Interested in sniper/soldier/all-class unusuals, unusual weapons! Strange unusual weapons are all whalecum!
Veilss are welcome!