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35 keys or offers above 50 in unusuals. I don't play TF2 anymore, unusual overpay has to be worth it. Also taking CS GO items.

Currently unable to trade until September 30th.
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16 keys, or more in unusuals/aussies.
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B/O for the Rifleman is 55 keys, it's duped, but you wont be getting any discounts from me, more in overpay.
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Clean history, non duped, offers.
60 keys is the lowest I'll go in pure, Unusuals require massive overpay.
1 of 2 on the market.
Will not trade with if marked on Steam rep, etc.
Do not add me without stating prior here or on my profile first.
Offers, B/O is 24 keys
Unusual B/O will be set above 26 keys
This is the only Circling Peace Sign Thirst Blood on Outpost, Bazaar, and, offer accordingly.

I personally prefer Demo, Heavy, and Medic unusuals, thanks.
Buying Pomade quicksells with pure, add me or send an offer. (Or state here)

Priority :
(1) Disco Beat Down (38)
(2) Cloud 9 (32)
(3) Circling TF Logo (37)
Others, offers.
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Taking offers, but don't offer me your trashy "all class" hats, when they haven't even been accepted yet. As long as you're not fucking dense, we won't have a problem.
Taking offers on these, although I'm very hesitant to sell this set.

My B/O in PURE on the Nappers is 70, despite it being duped, I personally don't care that it's duped, it doesn't matter.

And no, I don't want your new trashy all class hats, their prices are extremley overpriced and unstable.
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Looking for a Merc's Mohawk for these 2 or 3 items, or these prices listed below.

Smokey : 35 keys or overpay

Das Maddendoktor : 50+ keys or offers

Killstreak Australium Wrench : 25 keys or offers

And no, I don't want your rumored "all class" hats, is it all class yet? No? Only rumored by the creator? Get off my trade. Hype is over inflating these things like crazy, nor do I want trashy Collector's items.

Previous Offers in Order : 1 : Scorching Pampered Pyro for all (Declined)
2 : Cool Well Worn Flower Power Scatter on the Madden (Declined)
3 : G. Fetti Fed Fightin Fedora on the Das Madden (Declined)
(I currently have 52 keys to add)
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Taking offers above 60 keys
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Taking offer above 46 keys.
Engineer, Medic and Heavy > all else.
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Taking offers

Das Maddendoktor -- 60 keys pure

Pomade Prince -- 62 keys pure

Australium Scattergun -- 37 keys pure
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Taking offers, try to keep in the 60 key range please on the Pomade.

At this very moment, I have about 0 keys to add if necessary.

Collector's cosmetics won't get you shit, please get that garbage out of my face.
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Taking offers on this clean Sniper misc.

The only other one on Outpost is duped, offer accordingly. I do indeed expect overpay in unusuals, but not a ridiculous amount.

Nothing below 60 keys please.
Selling this for 14 keys pure or slight unusual overpay, sending an offer via my profile info box (custom) is the fastest way to get a response.
Looking to sell these for a nice Pomade, Bonk, and/or Scattergun.
Nothing below 150 keys on the Hat of Cards please, it's a great effect, great hat, and the only one on the market.
55+ keys on the knife please, it's a fitting effect for the skin and has some nice blood stains on it.
14 on the beret and it's yours.
60+ on the Rocket or 65+ in unusuals that I ENJOY and it's yours.

I'm mainly looking for Scout offers at the moment with the hats I listed above, but other offers of any kind are welcome.
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Looking for offers, try to stay in the 280 key range please.
Artwork of the set
Hat of Cards (190 keys, 230+ in unusuals)
Strange Blood Banker w/ pink paint (3 keys)
Companions w/ black paint (26 keys)
Ambassador (22 keys (level 1), adding parts soon, 23+ in unusuals)
Invis Watch (3.5 keys)
Pro Killstreak Australium Knife w/ damage dealt (40 keys, 45+ in unusuals)
Pro Killstreak Revolver (4 keys)
Now includes a cool ft spec killstreak Airwolf Knife (55 keys pure, 60+ in unusuals)
Blizzardy Storm Beret (15 keys)

Tbh, I'm mostly looking for unusual offers, all classes are preferred but not required. I'm also very possessive of these, so I may not even sell them for pure. Going by the price here will not be welcomed with a kind response.
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Prices listed in keys by craft numbers.
Nothing below 60 keys please.
70+ in unusuals and aussies.
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Looking to 1:1 with a Prof Aussie nade launcher or Wrench (Non ks). Possibly with small 2 key adds.
Or 26 keys pure.
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Looking to sell these for an Australium Scattergun.
  • Expired due to inactivity
Selling various emotes and Steam stuff, send a trade offer via Steam (Link in my custom info box) or offer below
Comment before adding me!
Taking offers, for the Hat of cards, nothing below 130 keys please. For the set, nothing below 180 please.
My Hat of Cards is the cleanest in existence and only of its kind on the market. The others haven't been for sale for a while.

Update Mar 10, I swapped Ambies for one with parts.
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Looking to swap both of these and possibly sweets for a Prof Kill streak Aussie Medigun. Please comment before adding me.
  • Expired due to inactivity
Taking offers, nothing below 60 keys please.
Just taking offers. 45+ in unusuals please. 36-37 pure.
I'm not looking to sell these anytime soon, so your offer better have some weight to it.
4 person history including me.
Taking offers on this little Solly set.
The Dapper is duped, selling for around 70 keys or 80+ in overpay/mixed. (Notice the 40 key spell)
Taking offers, nothing below 130 keys please.
1 of 2 in the world, 1 of 1 on the market. Don't bother with the year old price, it's outdated as fuck.
Extremely short history.
I love this hat, so your offer better be impressive if you want it.

(Closed to reopen a full set traade)
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Flower Power min wear w/ Isotope effect
Just takin' offers.
Nothing less than 82 keys in unusuals please.
My b/o in pure is 90 keys.
I also take aussies and easily resellable items as pure substitutes.
Just taking offers.
Would 1:1 with Cats.
Also taking offers. Clean, non duped.
Looking to invest some items from my BP into one of the following hats.
Safe is 1 of 1 on the market here and very clean.
Pomade is 1 of 1 on the market and clean.
Mullet is duped.
Slick Cut is squeaky clean.
Aussies are both Incinerator and Team Shine w/ parts, clean.
Other Scatty sellers are asking for 120+, also clean with a one person history.
Offer up.

Ps, here's the scatty.
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Taking offers.
Cleanest one of it's kind on the market.
Nothing below 100 keys please.
1 of 2 on the market. Looking for Med, Spy, Scout and Sniper unusuals mostly. Aussies are also nice, although I'd rather not trade for ones I already own.
I'd love an Arcana Hat of Cards for it + some of my stuff.
Taking offers on my Heavy set!
The Mowhawk, glasses and festives are just for the show of the set unfortunately.
What is for sale is the Sweater, and the Huo Long (Prof with Violet and Hypno Beams).
No b/o, just offers
Just open to offers, the Mullet is duped. But everything else is clean.
Just taking offers. Nothing below 53 in unusuals please.
Not really too interested in pure.
If you want to get my attention, I love Halloween effects, things like Phantasm Jr. , Sbtwc, Scorching, Hellfire, Demonflame etc. Any Halloween effect really (Minus Eerie orbiting fire.)

Please note that it has Team Shine + Incinerator.
(And as we speak, I'm buying more parts to put on it.)
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Taking offers on this Medic set, however, the unique and strange cosmetics themselves are not for sale separately. Mostly to show the set.
Offer away!
An art piece made for me showcasing the set in pixelized form.

I'll give you a general range on the hat, 25 keys and more in unusuals. I don't care what prices your hat at, if I don't like it, I won't take it. And I'll be very clear in my response whether I want your offer or not. At the moment of writing this, it's 1 of 2 on Outpost.
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No b/os of any kind here. Just open to offers. I love these items, so your offer will have to be impressive if you want em'. I will give you a general range on the Scatty, 97+ keys. Lowest you'll find on the market, all other sellers are asking for 125+ as of this moment.
Screenies : http://ima...CA40D/
It's very noticeable in game, even to other people 50 feet away. I swear, I went to a pub, top scored and every time the round reset and we were stuck in spawn. Everyone would look at me like it was a golden pan. Aussies are dead, unusual weapons are the future. Ps: Please don't offer energy orb unusuals, I highly dislike the effect.
Taking offers on my Spy set!
Set prices : Max * 30 keys or 36+ unusuals, if I like them that is.
The other stuff is not set in stone with guarenteed B/Os, if I like your offer, I take it, entertain me.
But I'll give you a general range for the unusual, about 40 keys and 45+ in unusuals or items that I enjoy/like, no less in pure please.

Here's some neato info you would need to know first
~The unusual is indeed duped !
~I am very unlikley to sell this, but I just wanted to leave this open for offers. Who knows, maybe you'll impress me.
~Please keep any cancerous Soldier unusuals out of my sight, I never play Soldier and I enjoy him less than Heavy.

but I'm open to offers.
Screenshots: http://ima...65F05/

If you wish to buy the whole set at once it'll be approximatley 52 keys. You don't get a significant discount on the Mullet despite it's dupage, sorry.
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This is filler on the items listed up. Looking to buy an Unusual Prehistoric Pullover
Edit: Don't know why it let me use the Mullet in 2 separate trades, huh, weird, but alright.
Taking offers, please keep unusual offers above 55 keys
Currently untradable, but they will be soon.
Taking offers on this Medic set, I can sell the medigun separately for a key, but none of the cosmetics...sorry
My trade link is on my profile in my custom info box
Or feel free to offer here
Looking to buy either some Australiums, Unusuals or Knives from Cs.
Keys in stock : 76+
But here are my general guidlines
1 : If I don't like your item for MY OWN use, I won't buy it.
2 : If you are under the level of 6 on Steam and do not post here first bfore adding me, You. Will.Be.Blocked.Immedietly
3 : Any ways, my trade link is on my profile if you must offer me there

Notes : I prefer Spy, Medic, Engie, Pyro and Sniper. There, you've got an idea of what to offer.

My keys currently aren't tradable just yet, but if you and me work something out, I'll reserve them for you.
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Taking offers on these, although please keep in mind 2 things here, I do not value paints and/or parts, and I don't count killstreaks.
My trade link is in my custom info box or just offer here.
Selling for pure or offers!
I'll list my prices below
(Includes all other festives in my bp!)
Killstreak Festive Minigun : 14 refined (Free killstreak! and Name Tag!)
Festive Medigun : 1 key pure
Grenade Launcher (With pumpkin bombs spell) : 7 refined
Festive Wrench : 1 key
Festive Sniper : 17 refined or a key it you want (I have change)
Killstreak Festive Eyelander : 17 refined
Festive Knife : 1 key + 1 refined
Scatty : 2 keys and 1 refined (Has Halloween Spell : Exorcism)
(Prices are pretty firm, but negotiation is allowed!)

(Ps: My trade link is in my custom info box, but if that's not there as well, add me!)
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Fruit Shoot for 1 key (Obvious paint)
Villain's for 8 refined, send me an offer or state it below!
(My trade link is in my custom info box on my Steam profile)
Adding me without a comment either on my profile or here will get you immedietly blocked and ignored
Selling some decent and some cheap gun mettle skins
Here are my prices
Revolver = 1 key
Hole Puncher = 0.66 refined
Local hero = 0.33 refined
My trade link is in my custom info box on my Steam profile
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Selling these TWO festives in my bp for the prices listed below, my others are.Not.For.Sale

Festive Rocket Launcher : 1 key + 5 refined

Festive Huntsman : Lower end price

I try to respond as fast as possible, so please, offer here or send me a direct trade offer (My trade link is in my Custom Info Box, so don't say "u dunt have one up bro".I do, use your brain for once please)
I also accept item overpay, but I DO NOT count paints, or parts, I take things at their lowest selling price. I also retain the right to decline your offer no matter how "good" you think it is, if I don't like the item(s), I don't take it(them), simple as that.
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Selling this nice little Pyro set, I'd be willing to sell the unusual for a Prof Kill streak Degreaser or something like that
(Number of imbeciles who never comment before adding: 7)
I prefer Festives over Unusuals really, preferably strange ones

Collector's Items, MUST,BE.OVERPAY. I don't care for them much, but I accept them, at their LOWEST buying/selling prce

If you must know a pure price to make an offer, the absolute LOWEST I will go is 13 keys and 14 for the set, no less

1/1 on outpost

So please don't go saying "C"mon bro, it's nuts, I'll give u 8 keys"
If you do that
Please, fuck off

Please don't offer, Sniper, Heavy, or Medic unusuals, I never really play them, and if you do offer them, please, let it be overpay

My trade link is on my Profile in the custom info box

Please offer below or comment here before adding me
(Private profiles will immediately be blocked, reported and ignored)

C/O:An enitre festive collection at about 13 keys (Accepted)
Previous offers: A Prof Killstreak Strange Festive Amby (Renamed with parts attached) and a Prof Killstreak Strange Yer (Tradable on Saturday) Retracted
12 keys pure or a nuts voodoo juju + 2 keys Both declined
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