I'm cashing out of TF2, it's time for me to move on to other things. I'm looking for offers for everything in my backpack! Pure please.
Here's a Kill-A-Watt Berliner's Brain Bowl! This is 1 of 3 being sold at the current moment.

B/O: 40k

Send me a trade offer if you're interested!
Selling a Cold Snap Coat for a key or item offers! Send me a trade offer if interested!
I am looking to sell this Strange Wrapped Reviver (Battle-Scarred) for 2 Supply Keys + 5 Refined, 2 Gun Mettle Keys, or a skin of equal value/Item overpay! Please use trade offers!
Hey all,

I'm looking to sell my Lime Parka for offers, or a Cold Snap Coat. Please use my trade offer link in order to offer, as I block most people that send friend requests due to phishing bot requests! Cheers!
For a Lime Parka, I would like just a normal craftable Parka, along with metal, item offers, etc for the paint on it. Just send me trade offers or bring your offers here, and I'll respond!

Please do not add me, I block anybody that adds me because of phishing bots.
I have this level 69 Samur-Eye up for trade, taking pure offers or item overpay!
Looking for Metal/Item Offers, Items must have overpay!!!
I would like offers on this Strange Killstreak Wrap Assassin.
8 Refined or Item offers, comment here before adding.
This for 2.66, the price of the Roule + Half of the paint. Comment here before adding, or send a trade offer.
2:1, comment here before adding.
1:1, comment here before adding or you'll be blocked, too many phishers.

Just offer away, pure or item overpay.
Just got this level 100 Scotch Saver, I would like some offers on it.
I'm buying craft hats for 1 refined each.

Don't add me until you comment here, too many phishers, I'll block you.
Buying Craft Hats for 1 Refined.

Comment here before adding.
I'm trading 1:1, send me a trade offer or add me!

Comment before you add me or you will be blocked!!!
Hey, I'm looking for 4-5 keys for this taunt. You'll have to overpay in items, trade me!
Selling this Hard Counter for 14 keys. Add me if interested!
Selling these.

Dark Falkirk Helm: 1.33 Refined
Dark Age Defender: 4.33 Refined
Sole Saviors: 2.33
Dirty Oblooterate: Offers

Add or send a trade offer!
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I'm buying these both for 1 scrap each. Be honest with yourselves: These are just unique weapons. They may have just come out, but they're still in the same boat as the other weapons.
I'm looking for offers on this Back Scatter.
I have quite a few normal weapons for 1 scrap each! Send me a trade offer if interested!
Selling the new scout milk and the demo shield for offers, post here!

CO: Silver Botkiller Wrench Mark II
Selling the new Demo Shield!
Selling this stuff for metal or medic stuff. Send me a request and post here if interested!
All of this stuff for offers, just post here then send me a friend request!
Hello people of Outpost.

I am selling a Megapixel Beard and a Bootleg Base Metal Billycock for 1.33. The Rogue is for 1.66. If you have offers, let it be in hats or miscs, preferably Spy ones. Comment here, then add so I know you want to trade.
Buying any botkiller in the game, only 1, for 1 reclaimed medal, add me if interested!
Looking for offers on my soldier set, I really like it so it'll be a pain to give up. Offer here then add me if I accept it.

Just offer, I will add you.
Looking for offers on everything here, but I want to trade my vaccinator for a loose cannon.

PLEASE comment here before adding me.
Looking for offers on the stuff, no lowballs please, preferring to get metal or key offers, but item offers will work too.

PLEASE, Comment here before adding me.

Hidden Post=Done trading with said person, or I didn't like their offer.
Selling everything on page 6 of my backpack, comment here for offers and add me, also 2 keys a nice key or something of equal or higher value for naughty key.
1 rec for the ten gallon, the aspect for 1.5 keys
Looking for 1 ref and 1 rec for the spartan, offers for the furious soldier hat, which is level 100, and 2 ref for the brown bomber, or craft hats for an equal price.

Offer here. Then I will add you.
Make offers on both of these.
Offer away. Comment here, and I'll consider your offer. I'll add you, please don't add me.
1.5 keys or medic offers. comment here then add me.
The s flamer has cloaked spies killed on it, and besides that, offers.
Offers for this crafty hair. I want to get around 2 keys for this.
Want a sniper or pyro soul for this engy soul.
Offer for any of these.
1.33 ref or any other craft hat for this.
looking to get a key out of this lone star, comment here then add me.
1 rec for strange Equalizer, 2 for Big Earner, 1 Ref for the Strange Sticky. 1.66 if you buy it in a set. Add me if interested.
I want 1.66 ref or any pyro hat for this genuine sniper shako right here, comment here, then add me after you comment.
A level 100 dirty Huo-Long Heater, offer in the comments below, collectors level, not selling this to non collectors.
1 scrap for the weapons, and 2 scrap for the token.