Im looking for all obtainable Halloween paper masks with Voices From Below.
I will pay a key to whoever can get me one I dont have.

I am still seeking a:

Scout Mask Obtained
Solider Mask
Pyro Mask
Demo Mask Obtained
Heavy Mask Obtained
Engineer Mask
Medic Mask Obtained
Sniper Mask
Spy Mask
Saxton Hale Mask Obtained
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Selling the items here for the amounts listed
Hey everyone,

I have finally decided to sell my collection of birdmans. All 43 in total.

This is the 4th biggest collection of single item low crafts in the game according to http://www...m-sets

I have 8 of the most interesting ones listed for display to show just how extensive the collection really is.

I want a measly 100 pure for it all, No more, no less.

C/O: 50 pure

I will not sell separately no matter how much you might try to beg and plea
If you harass me enough about it I will block you. So please dont do it
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Trading the following items for the amount listed in pure.
10 keys pure for the kit. Now tradable.
Selling these items for the amounts listed
It is the only one of its kind in its wear according to http://www...enfire

Taking unusual hat and unusual weapon offers, as well as pure (duh).

If you have any questions please direct them here. Thanks!
Selling for the number of keys listed
Offer accordingly. Only want full pure!

Comment on my profile if you need to ask any questions.

Thank you!
Items I do not use.

Be sure to offer keys for these. Thanks!
Strange MW Carpet Bomber Sticky Launcher w/ Pumpkin Bombs.

1 of 2 in the world according to tf2tools.net

Want 20 keys pure, no more, no less.
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Offer accordingly.

Comment on my profile if you need to ask any questions.

Thank you!
Offers are mostly welcome..

If you add me to offer refined however, I will remove and block you instantly.

Recently acquired a #100 Mann In Slacks which is for sale for offers
Taking offers.

BoA is on Marketplace for now
Just some random things I no longer need, Pure only please!
Looking for some bids.

Will be trade able on February 23

One of two according to tf2tools.com

The owner of the only other one said he will not ever sell his, so if you want a extremely rare spelled skin, now is your chance
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A Secret Saxton drop from a Secret Saxton.
I know for a fact some people collect these for whatever reason.
I could care less whether I keep this or not, so make me a offer.
If I hide your post, consider the offer denied.
Any trade that isn't a few refined will be considered.

You may add me to discuss if you have any questions that a simple comment below wouldn't easily be able to solve.

Also recently acquired a #100 Russian Rocketeer that I will take offers on
Taking serious offers on these items

Gaiter Guards sold for 9 keys pure
Compatriot moved to a separate trade
Just two spectrum and voices spell items I rarely use, per the usual there up for serious offers
(i.e offers that aren't a few ref)
Selling these items for the listed pure amount or serious offers (No refined offers please)!
Pure or other decent spell items accepted (Mostly spectrum allbeit)

Other similar trades

Pure or other decent spell items accepted (Mostly spectrum allbeit)

Other similar trades

Taking offers on all these items
Taking offers on this exceedingly rare spell item, a strange EOTL tagged chromatic boxcar bomber.

Im looking for spell offers ( Spectrum, Rotten Orange, Team Spirit, and Gangreen Footprints are the best to offer).

Or a sizeable pure offer.

C/O - Genuine That 70's Chapeau with Team Spirit Footprints

Thanks for stopping by my outpost trade and have a great day!
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Will be entertaining offers on these birds for awhile.
Straight from a tour I completed yesterday

Looking for pure or a Australium Tomislav with Exorcism
10 Keys pure or item offers (other lower low crafts are considered).

Information regarding this particular low craft:
There is two collectors of low craft Ham Shanks who in total have 23, making the already limited number of low craft marked Ham Shanks even smaller.
There is a #13 collector with 116 individual items, making your chances of getting any #13 in general significantly lower.
Out of the small number of weapons that can bare a craft mark, this is one of, if not the only one (unless im forgetting something) that is multi-class.

*If you have a low craft that is for Medic or Heavy, im more likely to accept as those are the two classes I play most.
*I collect Birdman of Australiacatraz's and Steel Songbirds. If you have a low craft of either of them add me and we can talk. DO NOT ADD ME OTHERWISE.


I am at this time accepting spell items for this particular item.
Spectrum for paint and rotten orange or team spirit for footprints is preferred
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Im looking for a universal specialized killstreak kit or fabricator with Deadly Daffodil

Im willing to pay $40 USD or 20 TF2 Keys for one when I get my paycheck the weekend as of 10/30/17 - 11/4/17.
I will pay with your preferred payment ASAP.

My Bp.tf trust link for those planning to sell for cash https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198148156067
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Three for the Planeswalker and five for the beak. Pure only, please do not add me
Three for the Planeswalker and five for the beak. Pure only, please do not add me
Offers. Do not add me
Looking for a Strange Rescue Ranger w exorcism (No killstreaks or strange parts preferably). Willing to pay 7 ref for it. Send me a trade and it will be accepted asap.

Hey there guys! Im looking for reputable paypal key sellers to buy keys from, around 5 or so from each individual seller for 3 or 4 sellers.

Looking to trade with people of 30 trust or higher preferably.

I can go first as requested if you would prefer.

Please comment here before adding me!

My steamrep: https://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198148156067

My trust: https://backpack.tf/trust/76561198148156067
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Now that you know how to count to a big number like 25 you can go ahead and send me a proper trade.
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Looking for a strange rescue ranger with exorcism (preferably no parts, or kits applied). I can pay 7 refined for it
Maybe someone wants these pairs even more then I do. They wont go cheap though, but feel free to take your best shot if you want to try and get them.
Taking offers.
Not in a rush to sell. Currently on Marketplace.tf

Can sell for lower # crafts of items I like* or for value equatable spell items**.

*I collect Birdman of Australiacatraz's and Steel Songbirds
**Spectrum is your best bet for spell paints, Rotten Orange or Team Spirit for footprints.

Craft #13 Ham Shank
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Taking offers, do not add me.
Putting this back on the market for a bit.

Selling at 7 keys pure or 9 in spell offers.

If you offer spell items it will be to my value not yours.
Taking 7 keys pure or item offers.

I can accept other spell items and low crafts, in lieu of pure if need be
P Fetti Batters Helm w/ Chromatic & Headless Horseshoes : 13 Pure or 15 unusual overpay

Orbiting Fire Hetmans Headpiece w/ Sinister Staining & Rotten Orange Footprints : 11 keys pure or 13 overpay

Send a trade offer. DO NOT ADD ME
Looking for quicksales (30%+) with 13 pure.

Send a trade offer, please do not add me
This item has been traded so many times yet has no suggested price.

I really want to see what people are selling it for, and possibly buy one if I can afford it.

Before you quote me a price please make sure you have proof for your proposed price. Im not paying more then I think its worth just cause it dosnt have a suggested price, I don't need it that bad. :)

Thanks ahead of time and happy trading!
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