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Hi trader,

This isn't just another 1 wep per scrap trade, of course, I have such trades and you can add me if your interested.

I am offering these weapons at a price of 1.5 scrap per wep and 2.0 for the ones that are at level 99 or 100. Send me a trade offer or add me.

Comment if you want to bargain etc.
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Just another standard trade.

Items shown are for sales at prices, this includes the prices of painted item. However, they are at a half discount.

Send me a trade offer if interested. Item overpay accepted.
A complete style customization set that sparkles!


Hi there,

Originally, this all-class set was a birthday gift for a friend who plays TF2 and taught me how to trade. Unfortunately, he does not play TF2 anymore.

I only play TF2 for the gameplay and not for the cosmetics/trading, hence this set is wasted on me. With this trade, I hope to be able to pass this set on to someone else (and refill my pockets since I overpaid for these items).

Here is a rundown of item costs (@ backpack tf price 9/13/2015):

Mann Co. Supply Crate Key: 16 - 16.11 ref
Total: 64 ref

Genuine Fortune Hunter: 2.66 ref
Aperture Labs Hard Hat: 5.33 ref
Virtual Viewfinder: 2.66 - 3 ref
Deadliest Duckling: 2 ref
Duck Journal (level 6): 8 ref
Taunt: Conga: 7.66 - 8 ref
Australium Gold: 7 - 8 ref
Backpack Expander: 7.33 ref (but i'm giving it for free!)
Total: 36.99 ref + 24 ref = 61 ref

Please try to understand that i am trying to regain lost cash and hence will not accept metal.

I'm only offering this set as a whole and will not sell them in parts. Think on the bright side, you can skip all the hassle of shopping for an all class set!

pss... buying this as a birthday gift for a friend? Tell me what game he/she plays and ill see what surprise I can pull up! =)

Add me on steam and have a great day fellow outposter!

New Image and bonus offer!

Don't want the Back Expander as a free gift? You can now choose to own the multi-class Festive Shotgun and Freelance Grade - Hickory Hole Pistol [FN] instead!
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Offering scrap metal + a random item from my bp for a ref.

This is a low ball trade if you suck but not a scam.

I repeat, this is a low ball trade if you suck but not a scam.

(Hint: There is a way to get the Australium gold and backpack expanders and actually make a profit if your patient.)

Dare not risk a trade but think you know the answer? Add me on steam and message me, Ill reward you if your correct. Just want to have some fun >=)

END: 9/11/2015
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