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B/O : 10 buds just offer
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1 bud no unusual offers, thanks
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i want to buy quicksell unusuals
6 bud unusuals that are first gen 7 second gen and 8 third gen
Looking for quicksell unusuals at a decent price. i also have a cloud 9 conq to add
the quicksells i want should be unusuals worth 6+ buds , 8 buds if third gen
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i want to sell my conq for 1 bud and i also want to buy 1 bud. offer below
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these 2 unusuals and i think 40 refined. offer
Buying keys for 7.66 each please send me a trade offer and ill accept it as soon as i can
got these 2 sexy unusuals and 15 keys, offer please

Modest B/O: 4 buds 5 in unusuals

Conq B/O: 1.5 buds 2 in unusuals
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Maybe a nice quicksell unusual thats worth 2+ buds for a bud and 6 keys ? offer below please
Modest B/O is 3 buds/4 in unusuals

Conq B/O is 1.5/2 in unusuals

Buds/keys/and tour of duty tickets are for upgrades
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For some reason i love cloud 9 :) i have 20 keys, lets see what you got
3.5 buds for the modest or overpay in unusuals

1.5 for the conq or 2 in unusuals

overpay extra in 3rd gen

Also i have 20 keys for an upgrade, might buy a bud though
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18:1 add me
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looking for 5 buds pure more in unusuals
This hat is 1 of 1 and i want some good offers on it


C/O: none first time i put on market

B/O: 32 keys
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quickselling this thing with BLEAK HALLUCINATION CHAMPION'S BLUE for 2 buds 16 keys
Champion's Blue and Bleak Hallucination..

C/O: None

B/O: 80 keys
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1 bud or 18 keys.. currently the hat is on the market for 33.78.
2 keys 3 ref for all .. add me
just gimme 7 keys for it
1:8 add me
Ill sell this thing to you for 20 dota or 20 tf2 keys.. add me
btw, i dont play tf2 so dont offer unusuals.. thanks
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Nice pudge set want offers.. dont offer low
some of my good stuff, offers below please thank you
Some of my good stuff, offer below, the wings are 60$ on market right now
Selling this pudge set only as a set.. im looking for some really nice items and this wont go cheap.. dont bother offering less than 100$ worth of stuff
Want offers on this stuff..

Terrorblade arcana is exalted and has Brusque Britches Beige

Legion Commander arcana is exalted has duels gem, victories gem, and kills gem.

Osky is chapions green and is clean

Dooming is signed by Caspeer

Just offers.. nothing in particular that i want
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either one of these arcanas for 14 keys 8 rares.. add me
full autographed set
The genuine staff is autographed by MUMU
The immortal helm is autographed by MIK
The cape is autographed by PC COLD
The shoulder is autographed by KORIE
The bracer is autographed by MIAO

The 5 hot chicks.. offer below ^.^
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2 autogrpahed doomling, 1 autographed mechjaw..
2 purge autographs (mechjaw and doomling)
1 casper autograph on doomling
one of my mechjaws came from the international.. it doesnt have international 2014 tag like the others, so it might turn unusual... just offer
Selling this genuine divine anchor set that i got at ti4, please no key offers unless they are the immortal crates or the new ones, thanks
Some of these items i would definatly add, if you want to see more items look in my backpack please and thank you
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offers on international set cant trade till 22nd and i dont know if i want to trade the set
offers on international set cant trade till 22nd and i dont know if i want to trade the set
genuine divine anchor kunnka set from the international.. offer below. offers... cant trade till 22nd and i dont know if i want to trade the set
Got a mechjaw signed by purge and a doomling signed by tobi.. offer below
offers on this
3 full legendary sets ( pudge not full unlock and is custom) if you are a really big fan you can also buy my butch ^.^
Best DK set.. offers
Offers on this really nice set
This is an amazing invoker set where its mostly customizable :P lots of variety just offer
Give me offers on these really nice couriers :D
Ill take some offers on this ^.^
Some of these items represent a full set, dont add me just offer below thanks, no crappy items :P looking for med-high tier items, thank you
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i want compendium points.. give me an offer
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add me
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Both for 2 keys add me
all the items represent full sets.. offers below