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Trading my knife for

Awp asiimov +5 keys

Ak-47 Vulcan +4 keys

Stattrak M4a1-s Hyper beast

Trade offers only
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1:1 trade offers only. Tradeable on the 17th
Selling Level 38 Conga taunt for 7 refined. Trade offers only
Looking to buy these skins:
Glock-18 Water Elemental (FT) - 1 key (BOUGHT)
AK-47 Redline (FT) - 2 keys
M4A4 龍王 (Dragon King) (MW) - 2 keys (BOUGHT)
ST USP-S Guardian (FT) - 1 key (BOUGHT)
Trade offers only, adds will be ignored
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Looking for one of the guns listed here for 8 keys. Keys will be tradeable on the 5th. Trade offers only
Trade offers only please
Selling a Level 94 Conga Taunt for 7.33 refined or 8 in item overpay. Trade offers only.
1:1 trade, I'll also give an extra scrap. Trade offers only. I also will take 3 ref
I would like to trade my Stattrak Nova Ranger WW for the Dual Berettas Cobalt Quartz MW. Only send trade requests please
Trading a Level 4 Rotation Sensation for 3.66 refined. No adds. Only trade offers
1:1 sniper rifle trade
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3 refined for 1 AWPer hand or 3.33 if you're feeling generous
1:1 trade send me trade offers no adds
Selling for 3.33 refined metal but if you're fast enough you can get it for 3.11
2.33 refined for the AWPer hand.
I am willing to trade for something of equal or more value to my sniper rifle, which at the time is about $0.50. I want either a killstreak Shortstop, a strange Family Business, or a Strange Killstreak Tribalman's Shiv. You can add me to trade.
2 refined metal for Deep Fried Desire, Price is FIRM
I'll trade for anthing plz
I want to trade my medical mystery for the taunt "Deep fried desire". My previous trade with it was much to high; I forgot to check other sites for a firm price
I want to trade the Taunt "Buy A Life" for the Spy for the taunt "Deep Fried Desire" + 1 refined metal. It will be tradeable on the 1st of October. You can make offers, but only if its the same price as the taunt. Thank you.
I don't know what the price should be on this should be so just make an offer.
I would like to trade my Medical Mystery for 1 Tf2 or CS:GO key, 8.55 Refined metal, or 1 taunt of any kind; preferably one of the ones that I posted. IT IS NOT TRADEABLE YET. It will be tradeable on Oct 01, 2015. I am putting it up now to get some offers. First come, first serve. If you think the prices are too high, I am new to trading; we can haggle.
I just want a crate