Silver Night (LV 19)
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1 of 1 in the world Team Spirit

looking for around 55 keys - dr dappers hats are liked more
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80 Keys pure

dr dappers are more likley to be accepted
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200 Keys Pure or Unusual Overpay [All Class Only]
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Pro Ks Australium Rocket Launcher

2 Spells

3 Parts

70 Keys Pure only
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Australium Rocket Launcher -- 75 Keys Pure --------------------- 100 keys Unusual

Australium Wrench & Frontier Justice -- 46 Keys

Australium Knife & Ambassador -- 37 Keys
Looking For offers

No Low Balling

has a haloween spell
Strange Unusual Bot Dogger

Effect: Terror-Watt

looking for about 30 keys pure or best offer
recently unboxed

looking for offers

(about 40 keys pure)
Currently looking for offers

will be able to trade by Wednesday

clean history, unboxed, new halloween spell effect
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Texas Ten Gallon 38 Keys

Hat Of Cards 30 Keys

Pure Only Or Australium Overpay

Trade Me Here:
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  • Completed
Selling For 75 Keys Pure Or 100 Keys Unusual Overpay

Damage Delt
Airborn Kills
Players Hit

Pumpkin Bombs
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Selling This Hat for 100 keys pure

Or Australium offers - i may apply a discount if so

If overpaying in Australiums, it must be one of these listed
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Add me or send me offer

Looking for offers

Factory New

Effect: Energy Orb

Will accept unusual in over pay
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  • Completed
Australium Rocket Launcher
Pro Ks
Sheen: Hot Rod
Killstreak: Cerebal Discharge

Price: 75 Keys or best offer
Overpay: Australium weapons or unusuals only
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Unusual Texas Ten Gallon - 18 Keys
Pro Ks Australium Wrench - 27 Keys
Pro Ks Kritz Medi Gun Kit - 8 keys

Or i can offer this and more for a Australium RL
Send Offers if intrested
Pure Only