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Looking to QB any unusuals! 25k pure stock!

Feel free to add me to discuss
Or shoot me an offer!

My offer is my offer, I can be flexible but I'm normally firm with my prices.
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Looking to quickbuy any and ALL unusuals/collectors/Australiums with a stock of 108 keys pure

Feel free to add me or send me a trade offer, link is on my profile!

Ranging from 20%-60% for Hats
5-10% on Australiums, Max's and other high priced items (excluding spells and craft numbers)
50%< for Taunts
Add me for Unusual Weapons
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Buying CSGO Knives with TF2 Keys! 105k Pure!

Add Me!

Interested in these knives! (Most to least)
Favourite Skins! (No order) (Top 3 listed)
Tiger Tooth (1)
Gamma Doppler (2)
Case Hardened (3)
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Looking to sell this GE Dappers!
B/O: 130k
Looking for offers! Clean First gen all-class!
Buying any and all unusuals Quicksell with a stock of 75k pure

Also looking for offers on the Minigun! C/O is 22k pure B/O is 40k pure or 50k Unusuals

Steam Trade Link

Higher Tier Unusuals preferred!

Buying Unusual weapons at a price given on add, Taunts at 50% minimum and hats at 25%<X off base pricing


Misc > All-class > Soldier > Scout > Heavy > Sniper > Medic > Spy > Engineer > Demo > Pyro

Add me if you're looking to sell your items but don't be scared to shoot me an offer either
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I'm on 24x7! I buy every single quicksell (For the right price)

Buying All Effects, For the right price, comment below and I will inform you what I will pay for it, this price is negotiable but this is my immediate offer.

Looking for atleast 20% off Lowest seller... (Not Quicksellers, Unless there are multiple Discounters/Quicksellers)

I am preferring to deal with these hats inparticular...
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Buying any and all unusual quicksells for the right price!

Hmu with your Unusual and I'll tell you what I'll pay!
Quickbuying ALL Unusuals with 55 Keys Pure!

Paying for (What the lowest seller is at)
8 Keys - 7 Keys
9 Keys - 7 Keys
10 Keys - 7 Keys
11 Keys - 7 keys
12 Keys - 8 Keys
13 Keys - 8 Keys and 5 Ref
14 Keys - 9 Keys
15 Keys - 9 Keys
16 Keys - 10 Keys
17 Keys - 11 Keys
18 Keys - 12 Keys
19 Keys - 12 Keys and 5 Ref
20 Keys - 13 Keys
21+ - 30%+ Upto Current Stock

I will buy ANY Unusual. Duped and Gifted... It doesn't matter (21 Keys+ Shoot me a good offer and if it is good, I will accept, Bad and I will Counter and that is my final offer)

Willing to Beat Backpack buyers for a good price of course
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Got a hat that just won't sell? Daddy Cobalt will help you out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(Buying all quicksells)

<[Buying Quicksells with a stock of 34 Keys!!]>


Buying Quicksells for All of these Hats!
Add me and I will tell you the prices I am willing to pay.

Looking for 25% as a Bare Minimum. (With the exception of lowtiers, I have a chart on another trade for that)
I do not consider the Backpack price when offering if the price is over 5 months, if the price is 110 and there are sellers at 90, it's not worth 110
Dupes I pay 0-20% less for depending on the Hat, Effect, Class and overall look.
I do not trade with scammers. Period.

I Trade in EVERY hat. however these are the ones I am preferring to deal with

Feel free to offer! the worst I can do is say No. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Looking for offers on both!

Steaming Headwear priced at 26.5

Spelled Stormy Haube priced at 16!

Send me a trade if you wish to offer on either, willing to discount for pure
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18 for the Stahlhelm, feel
Free to shoot me offers though daddy

Naked Stranges, Australiums and Taunts are considered pure
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Hello, looking for offers on these two unusuals! Very nice ones at that

Sulphurous @60k and Demonflame. 1 of 1 @40k send me offers

The Demonflame is the cheapest demonflame on the market out of all Demonflame unusuals, it's also 1/1
Looking for Offers! Looking for an End-game? This could be the one!

Rather Flexible with my trades so don't be afraid to offer :3

Very nice high tier scout unusual with one of my favourite effects

B/O is 120 pure
Is 150 Unusuals
Is 135 Mixed (Mixed is 30% not one key added.)
C/O is GBH Surgeon's Stahlhelm (93)
Burning W.Russian (95)+10K
Fountain Schadenfreude (130+3k)
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Looking for offers!

Looking for 77 CSGO keys or 92 TF2 Keys on the Karambit. (5-6 rate for TF2 keys) would have to be pretty good overpay in unusuals for me to consider.

(Took a Cloudy Moon Ballcap for the Karambit)

Looking for offers in pure or unusuals on the Helmet, I don't bite for this one :) feel free to offer
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Priced 1 day ago at 88-89 looking for
Offers near this price! cheapest Chiro all-class... cheaper than buying two Chiro hats, Period, cheapest Chiro is at 40k
Brokering the Noir (Looking for 20 pure or good unusual overpay)
(Buyers at >17)
Feel free to send offers though
B/O is 100 but wouldn't consider anything below 75, not Quickselling!
Looking for offers on this lovely Heavy Unusual!

Trade link:

1 of 1 and a Nice Halloween Effect! Perfect if you are looking for an Endgame heavy unusual and want no one else to have that hat and effect, making it unique!

I consider Naked Aussies/Pro Ks (To the highest buyer), Naked/Pro KS Stranges(To the highest buyer) and Collectors as Pure (As well as CSGO Knives at their SCM Market Value...)
I value dupes at 10% there Backpack Price when you offer with them. I far prefer offers with Energies and Flames effects!

Could Consider a CSGO Knife of similar value (Preferably Karambit or M9 Bayonet as well as Minimal Wear/Factory New, a Fade would be nice but.. No Gut knives or Flip Knives)

B/O is 100 keys pure
120 in Unusuals
110 in Mixed (Mixed is at least 20% pure... not 1 key)

90 in Scorching Unusuals
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16.2 pure or 24+ in unusuals. Firm on both prices

Shoot me Le offers
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Looking for offers! Don't be afraid to offer! The worst I can say is no...

Nice Engineer hat, combos well, lovely Halloween effect, double spelled with nice spells...

I consider Australiums and Stranges as pure

Preferring offers of around 90-100 in unusuals or good pure/mixed offers

Pure>Mixed>Gen 1's/High Tier Halloweens>Gen 2's/EOTL/Low tier Halloween>Gen 3's>Taunts>Unusual Weapons

If I had to give an unusual and pure B/O..
Unusuals: 110
Mixed: 100 (Mixed is at least 30% pure keys... Adding 2 keys doesn't make it mixed.)
Pure: 75

70 in Pure
70 in Pure
60 in Pure
100 in Unusuals
80 in Unusuals
71 in mixed
73 in Unusuals
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I fucking love Energies...

Looking to sell these two nice unusuals

Hound Dog (Clean) - Offers - Had an offer at 35
Carouser (Clean) - Offers - Buyers at 22

Looking for offers on both in pure or unusual overpay.
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Quickselling for Pure!
39% off! 37 Keys pure only! 60+ in Unusuals

Nice medic unusual, also accepting offers in unusual overpay
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51 Keys

Looking for a good price on a Knife to keep.

(No gut/flip Knives)
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Looking for a Nice skin of these!
No scorched/boreal forest/safari mesh/etc

Minimal wear, Fac new and Field-tested are preferred, I ain't paying more for thing like Blue Gem on case hardeneds or very low floats... I just want a knife, as well as a M4 Asiimov
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Willing to do the GE Hound Dog +20 for a Knifestorm Hound Dog at any time!

Also willing to sell the GE Hound dog for offers B/O is 47 keys
Selling These Two Unusuals!

Not Quickselling Either.

Open to offers!


Otolaryn-13 Pure, 18 Mixed, N/A Unusuals
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40 Pure or 65+ In nice unusuals.
Quickselling for 20 pure. El Firmo
Private Eye- 15k Pure (quicksell) 24k Unusual Overpay

Mo' Horn- 18k Pure (quicksell) 40k Unusual Overpay

Titanium Tyrolean- 40k Pure 60k Unusual Overpay

Blutsauger- 7k 6 ref pure 8k+ Unusual

Collector Tomislav- 5k Pure 8k+ Unusual
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Feel free to send offers

95k Pure B/O 110k Unusuals

Lightning Rod-Cool
50k Pure 75k Unusuals
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Lowest regular seller is at 7

Looking for 7 pure
9 in items (No skins)
8-9 in unusuals
8+ in australiums

Offers are welcome
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Looking for these effects! Possibly other good effects! Feel free to add me if you have a Hound Dog with a nice effect. Looking to pay in pure!

Knifestorm > Stormy 13th Hour > Green Energy > Anti-Freeze > DBD > Phosphorus > Terror-watt > Dead Pres
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El Jefe-20k

El Jefe-20 in unusuals and items
Brotherhood-90 in unusuals

Feel free to send me offers

No Dupes, Taunts (Unless a Rancho) and Unusual weapons
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Short History, All-Class misc, Nice effect, CLEAN

Quickselling Le Misc

Looking for offers around the are of 100 for pure or 150+ in unusuals

No, Dupes (Unless they're a really good Unusual or solid Overpay) or Weapons please
(Try to avoid offering taunts unless its good overpay)

C/O: [Haunted Ghosts Pyromancer]
[HG Counterfeit+Tesla Cotton Head+5 Keys]
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Clean, 1 of 1 on market, priced under all other good Halloween effects, Nice soldier hat.

B/O is 82k pure, Looking for good unusual overpay or offers. Remember kids, pure is king.

Stormy 13th Berliner for Honcho+5-10 keys (93-10)
GE Safe n' Sound+12 keys for Honcho (72)
Awaiting another offer (idk)
Possible buyer at 75-80. (75-80, duh)
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KE-60k (Priced at 102) (Sellers at 100) (Clean)
Texas-50k (Priced at 63) (sellers at 60 and 65) (Duped)

Prices are firm and for pure!
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B/O is 50 in pure! Double spelled 60+ in unusuals.

Feel free to add me and send me offers
Looking for good quicksells. Gen 1>Halloween>Gen 2>Gen 3>Taunts>New Halloween

I ask 5%-10% off dupes on anything above 50 Keys.

Send me offers and I will counter with what I am willing to pay

The Lowest seller is the items price, not the price on BP.TF (Unless they're quickselling)
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I am Quickselling the Tyrannus! 60 Pure! 2 keys above buyers! (Quicksell) <-- Word to get people to see this more ;)

Selling the two low tiers for 9
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Clean, Send me some offers
Looking for Offers!

Best Offers!
Pure:(He needs a few weeks to collect these so I am still collecting pure offers [120k])
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Looking for offers on both! Clean! Can discount there price if your paying in pure, might quicksell them if they don't get many offers.

Feel free to send offers, the worst I can do is say No.
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It's priced at 35.5, looking to quicksell it! Been offered 24 pure (30% off) looking for offers above this!

Clean, All-class, Nice Gen 2 Effect and nice Paint that makes you look like a KKK member/used condom
Buying Unusual Quicksells with Pure!

The Lowest Seller/Most recent Price suggestion, I will consider that the price... I ask 30% off MINIMUM, Unless there are multiple quickbuyers asking the same price... I will add a few ref above there price.


Dupes mean nothing on anything below 40 Keys, I ask 5% off for anything 40-60 Keys, I ask 10% off 60-100 and 20% off Anything above!

(My Current stock is 28 Keys!) I can and have full right to decline if I do not like the trade
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Quickselling! Been offered 61 pure, looking for 64 (30% off backpacks price)... pure is accepted instantly! Willing to downgrade to multiple hats as well as accepting Overpay (100k+ for Overpay)... send me a trade, lovely hat for Soldier/Demo/Engi/Snipee... trade me!
Hello! I have 49 keys in stock

Looking to buy quicksells at 30%+ off
I can deal in other hats but these are most preferred (I am buying any and all hats, add me and I will tell you what I will buy it for)

Add me if you wish to QS your Unusual for pure! I respond quickly
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Selling these for listed prices
Quickselling the Texas Ten Gallon!

[Bubbling]Nappers Respite-17 Keys pure-23 Key overpay (priced at 21, 4 days ago!)

[Circling Heart]Texas Ten Gallon-49 Keys Pure (30% off [quicksell!])-75 Key overpay

Send me trades, I am interested in all offers but sometimes I may ask for more
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Looking for these prices

1 of 1 on market, 1 of 4 in existance for ever! (EOTL crates don't drop anymore)
Looking for 50 pure or 55-60 in unusuals

Ye Old Baker Boy
Nice Clean Gen 2 Scout Unusual!
Looking for 13 pure or 16 in unusuals

I'm not quickselling either hat, however I can discount the conquistador if you have an item I really like... Australiums and Max's heads are considered pure...
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Looking to sell the Cross comm and Knife for 1 Key each! The dance for 20 ref!

Conquistador, 45 pure, 55-60 in items 60-70 in unusuals! Very nice hat and effect for an easy to sell class! Send me offers (willing to downgrade/1:1)
No lowballs or PayPal, I am not looking to quicksell this hat (I am not quickselling the items either) However i can discount it for pure
Looking for 13 on the Brain Bucket (17 in unusual Overpay)
19 on the Le Party Phantom (25 in unusual overpay)
35 on the Killer Solo (40 in unusual Overpay)

I'm not looking to quicksell these but I have discounted a few
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I'm quickselling this for 8 keys and 20 ref! Correct amounts will be accept instantly, if your offering unusuals, I'm requesting 12+ in price... pure is highly preferred... I want to get a nice all class and are looking for 8 keys pure and 20 ref to get it (plus my current pure). Trade me! (Remember, this is a quicksell)