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Selling all of these weapons and a Heavy's Hockey Hair for a Archimedes and Festive Ubersaw.
The things i am selling i have totaled up to 7.55 ref
The things i am buying is totaled to 7.21 ref.
You can add me or just send trade offer. If you don't like the deal as much we can make some changes.
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I am trading this NAMED Sir Hootsalot. It is for 4 refined metal. Add me or send trade offer.
I am trading these weapons for scrap. Add me to trade I am mostly online. Thanks!
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I am trading items for these 2 taunts. The High Five and Conga taunt. Add me and i will show you what i am offering. Thx
I am trading 7 Refined metal for a normal High Five taunt. Add me or send trade.
I am trading ONE weapon for one of the following weapons. Scrap is also trade able.
If you want all the weapons and the scrap trade me all the weapons i need. Or we can trade a weapon for a weapon. If you may be have some other things you want to trade that might interest me we can talk about it.
I am willing to trade for something else if you just message me and we can talk about other trading.
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