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Heya everyone!

Looking for offers on these beauty's!

I'll respond A.S.A.P. when online!
Feel free to offer!

Bronco - 25 keys
killer solo - 45 keys
Requiem - 13 keys
results - 15 keys
BS Merc stained - 30 keys
Min Wear bamboo - 55 keys

Have a good one lads!
Don't be afraid to add me to negotiate :)
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Looking for offers on these sexy unusuals!
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Heya everyone!

Taking offers on these beauties!
Taking offers on these amazing items!

Pro ks minigun: 26.5 keys
BlizzStorm shako: 17 keys
Smoke results are in: 20 keys
Miami tippler's : 14 keys
Cool spec ks Claidheamh Mor: open for offers but looking for around the course of 55 keys
Bubbling hetman: (unboxed by me) 9.5 keys

All unusual offers should be 25% overpay or 55% overpay in unu taunts
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Heya everyone!

Willing to sell these sweet unusuals!

Terror federal: 47.5 keys pure or 55 keys in unusuals
Hot merc stained degreaser: open for offers!
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Heya everyone!

I'm here to sell some nice unusuals again!

Cloudy moon JeepCap = 45 keys pure or 58 keys in unusuals!
Infernal smoke the results are in = 20 keys pure or 35 keys in unusuals!
Miami night Tippler's tricorne = 16 keys pure or 22 keys in unusuals!
Bubbling hetman's hatpiece = 10 keys pure or 14 keys in unusuals!
(hetman is Unboxed by me)

And last but not least:
A Cool Battle Scarred Bamboo brushed Claidheamh Mòr!
One of a kind and looks amazing in game!
Don't really have a B/O for it. Just offer away :)
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Looking for offers on these sweet unusuals.
Note before anyone asks something.
If you are paying in unusuals, I DO request overpay. Depending of the unusuals you are offering the required overpay varies.


STRANGE Green confetti infernal Impaler: 50 keys.
Stare from beyong Kabuto: 130 keys
orb planets salty dog: 24 keys

Offers so far:
Smoking legendary lid [133] for the buto
strange Pfetti law [180] for the buto and salty dog
secret to everybody brigade [195] for the buto if i added round 50 pure
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Hey guys!
Looking for offers on these amazing halloween unusuals!

All of them are nice and clean!
The kabuto is now tradeble!

Stare Kabuto: looking for around 150 pure or 180 in unusuals
Phantasm jr harmburg: 70 pure or 25% overpay (sold for 70 pure)
Infernal shred: 60 pure or 25% overpay
Ghastly jr bullet buzz: just hit me up with an offer if you want. May not sell this anyway
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Hey everyone! I'm back again with some rare stuff!

Currently looking for:
Texas tin gallon: 43 pure or 55 in unusual offers!

STRANGE Factory New Coffin Nail Rocket Launcher: not.sure yet. Just taking offers on it for now.
(I do know that these have sold for around 15 before)

The RL has been crafted by me and will be tradeble in about 5 days. The only way to have a more clean and fresh one is if you craft it yourself :3

Have a good one lads!!
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As far as I know the only one up for sale!
Looking for 120 keys for it.
Can always accept mixed or unu overpay after we discussed the offer.

That's why for now. Just offer away lads! :D
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Taking offers on these fine unusuals! :D

Current prices:
Darkblaze texas: 60 keys or unusual overpay!
Stormy cosa nostra: 22 keys or overpay!
STRANGE killa watt napoleon: 18 keys or overpay. (this is the cheapest strange one available.)

You are always allowed to add me as long as you tell me why :)
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Hmu with your offers :3

Roboactive capo's capper: 1 out of 3
Haunted phantasms jr handymans handle: 1 out of 2
Darkblaze Texas Tin-gallon: 1 out of 2 (only one that will probs be available for trade).
Strange Orbiting Planets Field-Practice: 1 out of 2 (the other one has been set to a private backpack)
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Taking offers on these beautifull collectables!
Take note. I'm not in a rush to sell so if I really like your offer i will add you to discuss. Or you can always add me to discuss the price! :)

On the texas.
1: 70 keys in unusuals + 3 keys in sweets (retracted last second)
2: starstorm slumber galvanized gibus (taxed 70 keys) woke up after he bought another unu with it.
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Hey everyone!!! :D

Selling these nice clean items!
Tricorn has a 4 person history
Jeepcap has a 8 person history
Festivizer has a 6 person history
The Nostromo is double spelled!!!!!! Also has a 3 person history! (Sold for 4 keys pure)

Tricorne = 18 keys 5 KEYS DISCOUNT!!! NEED PURE FAST!
Festivizer = 24 keys 8 KEY DISCOUNT!!! NEED PURE FAST!
Jeepcap = 42 keys
Pistol = 18 keys
Nostromo = 3 keys

If paying in items = 15% overpay.
If paying in unusuals = Open for discussion!
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Hello everyone!!!!

I'm taking offeres on these amazing unusuals.

GE Pickel = 42 keys (Sold for a D@D jeepcap)
Tesla Festivizer = 32 keys
Eerie rag = 16 keys (Sold for 17 pure)
Planets Djustice = 15 keys (Sold for 15 pure)
Red Rock Pistol = 20 keys

Accepting offers as well but I do request overpay. The overpay price is open for discussion. Just offer away :)
All of them are 100% clean
The Djustice is unboxed by me :D
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Hello everyone!
I can't make it any easier.
I'm quickselling this amazing PE Berlin Brain Bowl.

My QS price is 45 keys pure. just send me an offer it you want :)
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Heya there everyone!!!!!
I'm trying to get myself some of these nice nudes....... I mean, unusuals.

Take a note before you make a request for a price!!!!
These items are guidelines to my idea. I'm trying to get a purple effect unu for every class.
BUT!!!!!! the unu has to be 1/1 :P

Corrently own:
Sniper: Eerie orb fire dread hiding hood (payed total of 81 keys for it)
Heavy: Amarantine Capo's Capper (payed my arcana Larrkin Robin for it wich is priced at 50 keys)

If you have a expencive purple 1/1 unusual. I am willing to buy it depending on your price.
If your unusual IS a 1/1 and costs more than 50 keys pure. I will take me a bit more time to get the pure or offer for it.

Currently only willing to buy 1 each month.

P.S. The medic unusuals HAVE to be Tesla. And I'm willing to buy 2 tesla medics.
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Selling my freshly unboxed planets Djustice!!!

Looking for around 20 keys in overpay but that is negotiable.
instant B/O: 14 keys pure!
Looking for offers on this amazing heavy set!

Pure B/O: 60 keys pure
Offer B/O: (hit me up)
P.S. Items can be sold appart from each other

- A 1/1 Amarantine capo's capper! Yes! The only one that exists!
- Looks amazing if you love purple :3
- Even a strange snaddy :D
- Flames goes really good with the unu effect!

Trade link:
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Selling this 1/1 dread hiding!
I'm not gonna let it go easy. It is part of my endgame set after all.

Since it is now priced i'll give a guideline for the price I would accept: 100 keys

You can offer on here or send me a trade. If i decline your trade it is probably because i think it is way too low or i don't like the items/pure offer

I really don't mind keeping it :)

Trade link:
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Selling this amazing clean arcana Larrkin Robin!
Pure price: 55 keys
Item overpay price: 60 keys

1- One of the best effects.
2- Amazing cheap high tier effect.
3- 100% clean.
4- Don't tell me you don't want it :P
5- cheapest one on the market!
6- 1/4 Arcana

Trade offers:
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Hello everyone! :D

Selling these nice skins.
Price list:
Shotgun - 8 keys

Trade link over here:

For any item offers I request 25% overpay.
Offers on the items, you can comment down here :)
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Selling my 1/1 purple sniper set.
Look at it :D :http://img.../ULuI1

B/O: 150 keys pure
(or 200 keys in offers)
C/O: massed flies head prize (unpriced. QB at 75 keys. WAY too low)

The dread is 1/1 eerie, the chrono has horse shoes spell, both snipers are violet, the razorback has a violet spec kit, strange triggerman and a prof shahansha.

This entire set is my endgame. I'm not willing to let it go just as a sale. NOTE!!!! none of the items will be sold separately.
Trade link:
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Selling this nice n dandy voices from below stormy pickelhaube!

It's 100% clean:
B/O: 18 keys pure
B/O in item or unu: 25 keys
C/O: -----
Have a good day everyone!! :D

Oh almost forgot..... trade link is around here somewhere....

trade link:
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Selling this amazing cheap prof ks soldier.
Look at it :D :http://img.../RYyHe

B/O for this set is 9 keys pure.

You may always add me to negotiate. Just let me know why you add me.
Trade link:
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Selling this amazing virgin DBD dread hiding hood!

B/O: 73 keys pure
Unusual offers must be atleast 90 keys (aka ~25% overpay)
C/O: -

-1/6 in existence
-unboxed last week!!!!!!
-2 person history
-goes amazing with hot-rod/violet prof killstreakers
-High tier Sniper unusual
-Shortest history for DBD dread in game
-100% guaranteed clean history (I won the unboxer his auction)


Have a good day everyone! :D
Trade link
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Selling this nice clean all-class unusual. price is 33-40 keys pure. I'm selling this for.....
Hold on to your horses......


If you are willing to pay in unusuals or overpay in general. It'll have to be 38 keys total.
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Probably the cheapest for sale at the moment.
If you are willing to pay in unusuals it has to be 20% overpay (a.k.a. 20 keys)
B/O: 14 keys
Amazing 1/2 Engi unusual!

B/O: 45 keys pure or 25% unusual overpay
C/O: --

- Clean
- 1/1 on the market (probably for a long time)
- 1/2 in game
- pretty cheap amazing looking unusual
- Amazing ETOL effect


Trade offer link:
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Selling this amazing Isotope king of the jungle!.
Yes it has been used in multiple ways ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
Also..... IT"'s THEEEEEMED!!!!!! (over used joke alert)
Unusual offer have to be 25% overpay.
Good day everyone!! :D

B/O: 32 keys pure
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It's clean!
It spreads the love!
You're still an engi.....

Just shoot me up with offers. I'll respond a.s.a.p.
B/O: 26 keys
offers need to be 25% overpay
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Taking offers on my full sniper set.

No problem in keeping it unless the offers are incredible.
Mainly looking for what i can get for everything.

AWP (Fire horns, Team Shine) has been sold for 5.15 keys pure.

Added a Horseshoes chronomancer (10 keys) to the set
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Taking offers on my engineer set!
If you are paying with items it needs to be atleast 25% overpay.

The items are for sale separately for these prices:
Frontier: 3.5 keys
Southern: 2.5 keys
Inventor: 6 ref
Barnstormer: 1.33 ref
Cuban: 7 ref

B/O: 5.5 keys pure.
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Taking offers on my full sniper set.

No problem in keeping it unless the offers are incredible.
Mainly looking for what i can get for everything.

The AWP is for sale on it's own. the rest only as a set.

AWP has been sold for 5.15 keys pure.

Added a Horseshoes chronomancer (10 keys) to the set
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Selling this nice clean new Brain-Warming Wear!
B/O:25 keys pure or 25% overpay in unusuals or aussies.
(This item is currently on

-Short history (duh)
-Looks adorable
-You can spread the love with C9 :D

You can always add me if you want to negotiate.
Just make sure you comment why you added me :)

Have a nice day! :D
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Selling a nice clean infernal flames Fubar!
B/O: 37 keys pure.
Of course if you pay with unu 25% overpay.

-Short history (duh)
-New halloween effect (no shit sherlock)
-Cheapest on the market!!!! (WHOOOOO)
-PURPLE!!!!! (Welp.... too bad the shell shocker is green)
-FIRE!!!!!!! (Why doesn't it explode?)

So yea, if you want a nice unu taunt that is not too expensive you're at the right place!! :D

Don't be afraid to add me. Just make sure you give me a note why you did.
Have a good day everyone!! :D
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Selling this amazing cheap god-tier Halloween unusual!

- It's 1/3
- Only one on the market!
- It's clean
- Short history (6 people)
- Low price medic unu

Selling for 50 keys or 25% unu overpay.
Don't be afraid to add me. Just comment first why you added me.

Have a good day everyone! :D
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Quickselling for 25% off!!!!!!!

- Clean
- 6 person history
- Pretty cheap ninja

Looking for 35 keys pure! (Original price= 47 keys.)
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Looking for offers on my purple sniper set!
Mainly looking for pure to cash out.

7 keys pure

C/O: flies ninja hood + 15 keys pure. (valued 50 keys)

Bazaar has been sold to my brother since he wanted to put it on lockdown for me for when i return to TF2 high-end items.

HWNN has been sold for: massed flies Ninja Hood (47k) + 7 keys pure + strange snack attack (3k).
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Selling this amazing green spy set for 10 keys pure!

Ambi - emerald incinerator.
Dresser - emerald tornado.

Have a good day everyone!! :D
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2 keys and 6 ref for this amazing heavy set
3 keys pure for this amazing pyro set
2 keys for this amazing solly set
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Looking for offers on this golden beauty.

B/O: 16 keys pure
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Hello everyone!! :D
Looking for offers on these amazing unusuals. All of them are clean and cheapest on the market probably.

Tipped Lid = 46keys
Killers solo = 40keys
Mongolian = 11 keys
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Willing to buy this amazing piece of heavy weapons dude arsenal.
I won't lowball but I'm looking for someone selling it.
It doesn't need to have a killstreaker or something since i will probs equip my own. (KS: singularity, Sheen: emarald)
Selling this amazing taunt.
Cheapest one available yet!
100% clean!
12th owner.

I'll be happy to take overpay offers. Not specifically looking for pure.

Don't be afraid to add me! :D
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Offer away guys! :D
I don't know what i should ask since its 1/2 in game.
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If one get unboxed. willing to buy it for a negotiable price.
I WON'T LOWBALL. I'm willing to pay enough for to be a fair price :)