The elephant in the room
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25 Ref pure
Team Shine
Its on the market so contact me or add me if interested
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Selling Wepon Skins for 0.66 EACH.
Send me a trade offer or add me if interested.
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7 keys for unusuals but i can be flexible, give me an offer!
12.5 keys for the slug! big disscount! add me or offer
on market, i will take it down if i receav a good offer
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7 keys for any unusual
11 keys stock!
selling this CLEAN stormy storm gym rat for 10 keys
Add me, trade me, send me an offer or anything else u want to do to give me an offer!
Send me an offer, not a quicksell but i can do a bit of underpay
free crates, better some1 else has them than i del them :P i have 13, tell me if interested!
Selling CLEAN Steaming capo's capper

11 keys and its a deal!
not lower but go higher if u like :3

Add me or send trade offer!
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