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Looking to sell Everything in my backpack, along with these items!!! Prices are non- negotiable! I'll take Pure, or Item Overpay*!

* For Item Overpay I do not count Killstreaks, Paints, Parts, Strangifiers!!!

Professional Kill-streak Big Kill
11 Keys Pure, 13 keys Item Overpay
Effects: Fire Horns and Mandarin Shine

Specialized Killstreak Collectors Loch 'N Load
7 Keys, 6 Refined Pure, 9 keys Pure
Effects: Mandarin

Strange Festive Holy Mackerel
2 keys Pure, 3 keys Item Overpay

Strange Specialized Killstreak Shotgun
17.33 Refined Pure, 19 refined Item Overpay
Effect: Mean Green

Send me a Trade Offer, Don't add, it's quicker!
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Looking to sell a Professional Killstreak Big Kill for 10 keys pure or 12-14 item overpay!

Gifted by White Rice who is a famous competitive spy player.

Has the Killstreaker 'Fire Horns' and a 'Team Sheen'.

I am looking for pure but I will take item overpay, for overpay I do not consider Killstreaks, Strange Parts, Paints, etc.

Feel free to send me a trade offer, that's the best way to reach me :)
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Selling a Strange C.A.P.P.E.R, with a clever Name Tag and Description Tag.

Looking for 8 keys pure, or Item Overpay. Not counting Paints, Parts, Spells, Killstreaks, etc.

Feel free to send me trade offers, I will respons as soon as I could.

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Selling My Unusual Soldiers hat the 'Furious Fookoshima' effect Smoking for 20 keys or an Unusual Overpay!

Also accepting buds, and bill's as whole/partial payment. Feel free to Add or send me a trade offer, anyone commenting anything besides offers will be deleted and reported.
Selling these two fabulous items!!!

Do not add me, send trade offers here~ https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=184829621&token=B0DWigKe

Collector's Red-Tape Recorder Chemistry Set~ 2.6 keys or item overpay

Specialized Killstreak Festive Scattergun~ 2.1 Keys or item overpay

Feel free to Offer!!!
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BUYING ALL AWPers/Sharp Dressers/Craft Hats!!!

Non-Negotiable Prices, paid in Pure!!!

Craft Hats~ 1.00ref

Sharp Dresser~ 1.66ref

AWPer Hand~ 1.66ref

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Selling!!! Feel free to offer up, and send me a trade request at https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=184829621&token=B0DWigKe

Bill's Hat Painted Pink as Hell~ 2.8 Keys or Item Over Pay!

GENUINE Killer's Exclusive Painted Pink as Hell~ 1.3 Keys or Item Over Pay!
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Selling an U. Strange Air-Strike for 4.33 refined or item offers!!! Free to offers, feel free to add me on Steam or send me a Trade Offer!