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Please just offer!
My unusual price: 240 keys
My pure price (QUICKSELL!!!): 180 keys
Send tradoffer here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=253783581&token=XlYp-Mu8
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-Sunbeams Pencil Pusher: 208 keys pure (20% discount on a high tier engi misc!!!, other seller ask for 275+ keys)
30% DISCOUNT NOW, 182 keys only!!! (price is firm)
-Purple Energy Combustible Kabuto: 105 keys pure (40% discount!!!

Please offer below/add me/ Send tradeoffers here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=253783581&token=XlYp-Mu8
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Quickselling strange gibusses.
Selling my pyro/all class set!!!
-Green Energy Executioner (clean, professional killstreak!!!): 190 keys (Quicksell, ~21% discount, although prof killstreak (adding this killstreak costs 100 keys), clean , all class.)
-Strange Apparations Aspect: 2 keys
-CLean Max Head (footprint spell!!!): 23 keys

Whole set together: 203 keys (another 13 keys dicount!!!)
(Check my set here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767908005 )

Hellfire Dread Knot (clean): 32 keys (20% DISCOUNT!!!)

Add me, comment below or (best) send me a tradeoffer here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=253783581&token=XlYp-Mu8
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Quickselling circling tf2 logo your worst night mare for 32 keys (33 % discount!!, scrap.tf bot pays around 31!!!)


Spellbound Executioner (all class, clean, rare collector effect, 1 on the market, 1 of 2 existing, recently updated) : 260 pure / 300 unusual/ offers

Stormy Storm Das Gutenkutteharen QUICKSELL: 17 pure28% discount

Green Black Hole Hound Dog QUICKSELL 25 pure 25% discount

Circling TF Logo Your Worst NightmareQUICKSELL 33 pure 30% discount (scrap.tf bot pays ~ 31 keys)

[s]Electric Hat Protector A Head Full of Hot Air QUICKSELL 15 pure 20% discount
14 pure 27 % discount!!

Strange Gibus: 13 pure 15 ref (quicksell)
Rest offers.
Please offer below/add me/ Send tradeoffers here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=253783581&token=XlYp-Mu8
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Open to offers, reasonable discount if offering with pure.
QUICKSELLING FOR PURE!!! ALL UNUSUALS CLEAN; dapper duped, but there isnt a clean version of it existing!
And:Selling 2 CSGOKNIVES as well, somehow I cant list them!

★ Shadow Daggers | Stained (Well-Worn): 16 keys on steam analyst, my price 14 csgo keys (13% discount on a desireable knfe)

★ Flip Knife | Case Hardened (Battle-Scarred): 25 csgo keys on steam analyst, my price: 22 (12% discount)

Spellbound Hount Dog: backpack.tf price 60 keys, my price 45 keys (25 % discount although underpriced and the only other for sale is being sold for 80)

Haunted Ghosts Mining Light: 58 keys backpack.tf price, my price: 42 keys (30% discount on an engie misc) Sold for 41 keys pure

Flaming Lantern Gentlemans Gatsby: backpack.tf price 47 keys, my price 32 keys (>30% discount!!!)

Burning Flames Airdog: backpack.tf price 168 keys, my price 125 keys (>25% discount)

Stare From Beyond Dappers Dopper: Not updated yet, same effect in blue worth 125 keys, my price: 80 keys (duped, but all three existing ones are duped, so it doesnt matter)
Some possible bulk sells:
-All four unusuals together: 261 keys (17 keys extra discount!)
-Two knives together: 35 csgo keys (1 keys extra discount)
Both unusuals together: 149 keys (7 keys extra discount)

Some prices are negotiable, but there wont be a higher discount than 30%.

Send tradeoffers here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=253783581&token=XlYp-Mu8
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Open to offers.
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I am looking for keys/offers/Counterstrike Gifts/csgo keys/csgo knives.

Roboactive Noble Amassment of Hats: 160 keys pure/110 csgo keys (pretty good discount)/135 keys Csgo skins (best are knives)/165 keys+ in unusual offers
110 tf2 keys (30% DISCOUNT), 105 csgo keys!!! Need pure right now, so my quicksell wont be valid for a long time.
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Collectors Roule: 200 keys pure (No collector items for sale below 210 keys at backpack.tf, has 20 keys in spells on it, only 2 known instances on backpack.tf!!!) Cashing out now! Quickselling everything I have! Roule only 110 keys pure!!!
I have been offered 110 keys before: -http://forums.backpack.tf/index.php?/topic/53883-selling-collector-cosmeticsweapons/ (This guy is buying any collector cosmetic for 110 keys pure. I tried to negotiate with him. Apparently I annoyed him and he ignores me, )
Everything sold in out of the collector cosmetic. Quickselling this one now for 110 keys pure!!! ~30 % discount!!! Cheapest other collector cosmetic selller asks for 200 keys pure for a collector cosmetic worth 100 keys.
Hey! Im selling my collector spy set/ other collector weapons.

My B/Os:

Collector's Rogue's Col Roule: It is a clean collector spy misc, a pretty similar one is worth 1200 keys! It has 20 keys spells on it (a foot print spell and it is changning is color. I bought it for around 190 keys mixed. The
previous owner bought it for 205 keys in unusuals.
So my item was sold 2 times @ 200 keys. I am looking for 180 keys pure / 200 in unusual. (This is reasonable since collector cosmetics are currently going for up to 2 times their
price, mine is the cheapest collector cosmetic at the market, although it is a MISC ( https://backpack.tf/classifieds?tradable=1&craftable=1&australium=-1&slot=misc&quality=14 )) My price is
negotiable as always) [last offers: 110 keys pure]

Collector's Professional Killstreak Conscientious Objector: Professional Killstreak all class collector weapon. There is a quickbuyer who pays 66 keys pure for this weapon without killstreak
My B/O; 88 keys pure (backpack.tf price, you get the prof killstreak for free

[s]Collector's Festive Sapper: Only seller at 24 keys, quickbuyer at 18 keys, my B/O: 20 keys

Collector's Professional Killstreak Ambassador: Quickbuyer at 9 keys, only one other with prof killstreak for sale, seller is looking for 15 keys. My B/O: 12.5 keys

Collector's Professional Killstreak Your Eternal Reward: Goes at the community market for 9-10 keys, 2 on backpack.tf for sale, other seller wants 13 keys My B/O: 9 keys

Collector's Professional Killstreak Big Earner: Quickbuyer at 5 keys, 6 other sellers are looking for 10 keys, my B/O: 7 keys

Collector's Professional Killstreak Tribalman's Shiv: Other seller at 5 keys, being quickbought without killstreak: 2.5 keys, B/O: 3.4 keys

Collector's Cloak and Dagger: Backpack.tf price 7 keys, quickbuyer at 5 keys, seller at 6.15 keys, B/O 5.5 keys

Collector's Professional Killstreak Warrior's Spirit: Only mine for sale, goes at the market for 5 keys, My B/O: 4 keys

Collector's Dalokohs Bar: Quickbuyer at 2.5 keys, Seller at 3.5 keys, B/O: 3 keys

Remember: Collectors are in! My prices are Negotiable!

Please offer below! / send me a tradeoffer ( https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=253783581&token=XlYp-Mu8 )/ add me!!

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Selling for pure / offers (all items are clean):
160 keys: Scorching Flames Bombing Run
110 keys: Disco Beat Down Team Captain
24 keys: Midnight Wirlwind Oblooterated
4 keys: Botkiller Scattergun
1 key: Night Owl Sniper Rifle (Basic Killstreak)
17 ref: Boxtrott

All my prices are at least about 10% negotiable!!!
Just offer below, add me or send me a tradeoffer (https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=253783581&token=XlYp-Mu8)
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Just offer :). Pure is always discount.
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All clean in out of the War Pig
Backpack.tf prices (pure always 10%+ discount)
Warpig is a quicksell!!!
~40% DISCOUNT!!! 205 keys backpack.tf price, my price : 130keys
[scrap.tf bot pays 110]
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I am selling those clean high/god-tier unusuals for pure:
27 keys: Green Energy Carouser's Capotain
150 keys: Strange Scorching Flames Specialized Killstreak Sole Mate
50 keys: Sunbeams Shooter's Sola Topi
I am selling those hats for pure:
-Clean Green Energy Softcap: 43 keys pure
-Duped Mimami Nights Cotton hat: 40% discounted allclass unusual 82 keys backpack.tf price 50 keys my price!!!
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Hey! I really need some pure so I am quickselling that item:

-Community sparkling vintage luggermorph: 225 keys pure (All the other sellers want 350+), unusual price is 280+

Please just offer below!, add me or send me a tradeoffer!!

( https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=253783581&token=XlYp-Mu8 )
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50 pure: Isotope Minimal Wear Spec Killstreak Lightning Rod Shotgun (Unusualweapon for 4 classes! Priced on backpack.tf at 56 keys!))
2.5 pure: Prof Killstreak Shotgun
3.5 pure: Prof Killstreak Sharpdresser
14 pure: Spec Killstreak Australium Sticky bomb launcher
Im open to offers!
..................................................................................................Please offer below or add me!!!...........................................................................................................................
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-28 keys pure Kill Kill a Watt Bombers Bucket Hat sold for 14 pure + 15 keys in australium
-25 keys pure Green Energy Headmans Hairpiece sold for 20 pure
-38 keys pure Sunbeams Bombing Run
-17 keys pure Terror Watt Shako
-5,5 keys pure Horcace

All Unusuals are clean.
Just offer below or add me, but comment below my profile.
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-39 keys pure on the Bombing Run
-25 keys pure on the hetmans headpiece
-29 keys pure on the bucket bomber
-24 keys pure on the bandana

Offers are welcome!
Just offer below or add me :).
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-Clean Sunbeams Bombing Run: 40 keys pure/50 in offers*
-Clean Kill a Watt Bucket Bomber: 30 keys pure pure/36 in offers*
-Clean C9 Pirates Bandana: 27 keys pure/30 in offers*

*I am always selling my unusual at least one key lower then other seller on outpost.tf.

Please just offer below!
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I am selling my unusuals for pure or offers:
-Unusual Cloud 9 Pirate Bandana: 28 pure/32 in offers
-Unusual Terror Watt Bombers Bucket: 29 pure/36 in offers
-Unusual Frostbite Sultans Ceremonial: 36 keys pure/offers
-Unusual Prof Killstreak SMG: 18 keys pure/19 in offers
All my prices are negotiable!

---------------------------------------Add me or send me a tradeoffer, but the best way is to offer below!!!----------------------------
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My Buy Order:
36 pure/ 40 in offers

Just comment below or add me.
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Just offer, Ill do a fair discount if you pay with pure.
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-30 pure on the metall
-offers on the medi gun Sold for 25.3 pure
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I am buying the listed unusuals for pure:
-ninja unusual (any effect): 23 keys pure
-tipped lid 35 keys pure
-rotation sensation (any effect): 21 keys pure
-unusual blighted beak (any effect): 25 keys pure
-unusual well spent spirits (any effect) : 15-16 keys pure
-unusual hat with no name (any effect) 20 keys pure
-unusual defiant spartan (any effect) : 11 keys pure
-unusual bonk atom helmet terror watt: 13 keys pure
-unusual hong cong cone (any effect): 40 keys pure
-unusual team captaion (any effect): 40 keys pure
I am also buying australiums for backpack.tf price - 1 key
And unusuals for 66% backpack.tf price or 8-10 keys (looking for low price unusuals, paying backpack.tf price if below 13 keys and I am intrested).
I dont care for duped, gifted means 60% backpack.tf price.
I am also buying collector items, but with a bigger discount.

--------------------------Just write a comment below and offer me.----------------------------------------
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I am buying those items for pure

(My trust: http://backpack.tf/u/76561198214049309 ;
My backpack: http://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198214049309 ).

Random unusual hats: Basically 8 keys for any unusual/ I pay backpack.tf price -30%-
I am buying those unusuals for more:

- Steaming/smoking blighted beak 27 keys (no matter if duped)
- Nut´s and Bolt`s/ bubbling blighted beak 23 keys pure (no matter if duped)

- Smoking Team Captain: 37 keys pure
- Steaming Team Captain: 41 keys pure
- Bubbling Team Captain: 35 keys pure

- Unusual Anger: 20 keys any effect

Prof. Killstreaks:
- Just offer me

Australium weapons:
- Backpack.tf price - 2 keys.

I am selling keys for real world money (via paypal).
- 1.8 $ for one key
- 1.95$ for a gargoyle key

Buying whole backpacks for gargoyle keys, real world money and "normal keys".
Just offer me and I will see how much I can do.

------------------------------------Please offer me below or add me on steam-----------------------------------
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Just offer
Pistol sold for 21 pure.
I am selling my scout set for pure:
-Whole set: 91 keys pure
-Unusual NIGHT TERROR scattergun, effect cool, field tested: Looking for offers
-Unusual Steaming Bonk Boy: 27 keys pure 25 pure
-Unusual Terror Watt Bonk helm: 15 keys pure Sold for 15 + 0.1 sweets
-Prof. Killstreak australium Force a Nature: 14 keys pure Sold for ~15 on the market.
-Prof Killstreak Guilltine/sandman 2.7 keys pure each
-Arkham Cowl Only as a set.
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Buyorder: 24 keys
Price is negotiable.
I am selling my scout set for pure/offers:
-Bonk Helm: 16 keys
-Bonk Boy: 28 keys
-Prof kill. Force a natur australium: 15 keys
-Other killstreaks 3 keys each.

Whole set together: 61
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I am selling my scout set:
Pure prices:
-Clean Demonflame Bombing Run with 45 keys halloween spell on it: 35 keys SOLD FOR 28 keys smoking
bonk boy + 8 keys in items
-Clean Bonk Helm Terror Watt: 16 keys
-Prof. Killstreak Sandman: 3 keys (Incinerator )
-Prof.Killstreak Guillotine: 3 keys (Singularity with suitable Shine)
-Prof Killstreak Australium Force a Nature: 15 keys *
-Genuine Arkham Cowl / the Pride Scarf are only awayable if you buy a bigger part of the set.

*I will change my aussie with another prof killstreak one with a better Killstreak (Singularity, !Firehorns!, ...) I will add about 1 key in sweets.

Whole set: 51 keys
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I am selling all the listed items for pure/offers. The pure prices are firm!
-Aces high blighted beak: backpack.tf price: 55 keys, my price: 36 keys pure ( 40% discount!!! !!!)/50 in unusual
-Terror watt bonk helm: 16 pure/ 20+ in unusual
-Aussie force a nature prof killstreak: 15-16 pure/ 20+ in unusual
- Medigun: 1 key 8 ref

I accept:
-Max head as lowest seller price on backpack.tf as pure
-Same for buds
-Keys are prefered
-I am intrested in prof killstreak scout items like sandman or guilltine
-Australiums are counted as high as the lowest seller price on bp.tf
-Real worldmoney: beak: 70$ | bonk helm: 30$ (you go first or we take a middleman)
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I am selling my medic and my soldier set for pure or unusualoffer:

-Soldier set: 70 keys pure (worth: 89 keys~20%discount). Unusualoffer: 85 keys

-medic set:: 41 keys pure (worth: 60 keys ~30% discount), Unusualoffer: 60 keys
You can also offer on the unusuals only!

Other items are only awayable in a set
(tradeoffers here: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=253783581&token=XlYp-Mu8)

If we trade realworld money:
Soldier set: 120$
Medic set: 78$
You go first or we will choose a middleman.

------------------------------------------Just offer below and remember: Prices are always negotiable!---------------
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Selling that unusual medic misc for pure:
-55 keys backpack.tf price - 45 keys are my price (20% off)
I am selling my unusuals for pure / unusual:
-Unusual knife: 30 pure / 36 unusual offer *
-Arcana Bonk Helm: 65 pure/ 71 unusual **
*Quickbuyer pay 26 keys for the knife with the grade battlescarred. Mine is field tested (1 grade higher) . Dont lowball with offers below 26 keys.
**It is a high tier, clean unusual. There is only one at the market. I will do some less then my B/O if you pay with keys. Just offer.

I also sell for real world money, but only if you go first or we choose a middleman.
-Arcana Bonk Helm: 100$
-Unusual knife: 52 $

Max Head ~ B/O of the lowest seller on backpack.tf price in pure.

I am selling csgo keys for tf2 keys. Exchange rate: 1 csgo keys for 1 tf2 key + 1.66 ref
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Selling those items for pure or overpay:
-Unusual: Warpig: 45 tf2 keys/40 csgo keys 50+ in unusual
-Big chief: 12 keys pure (~20% discount) 15-17 in unusual
-Rest: backpack.tf price
Prices are slightly negotiable if you pay in pure;)
Just offer below or add me. All unusual are clean!
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Selling for pure or offer:
-Aussie rocket launcher spez killstreak: 54,3 keys pure (cheapest awayable)
-Amassment of hats searing plasm: 45 keys pure (cheapest awayable) or 50 in unusual/45 in other all class unusual

Optional Aussie rocket+Amassement for:
-Steaming antlers
-95 pure together
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I dont have exact B/O since both unusuals are duped!
Just offer me below.
The Tc requires overpay if offered in unusuals.
Sombrero only slightly overpay/no overpay.
Backpack.tf prices:
-TC: 46 keys, updated price, 20 keys halloween spell on it sold (plus 14 keys) for an aussie rocket launcher
-Sombrero: 65 keys backpack.tf price, old price, but most seller demand more then the backpack.tf prices.
(There are only two existing and duped means two versions of an unusual exit. That means there is no clean unusual existing, since there
are only two existing of that sombrero?)
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I am Quickselling those three clean unusual:
- Buccanneers Bicorn: 10.5 keys pure (backpack.tf price: 11.5 keys) sold for 8 normal keys + 1csgo key + 3 keys in
-Raggaelator: 76 keys pure (backpack.tf price: 91 keys, updated)
-Trophy Belt: 23 keys pure (backpack.tf price: 27 keys)

Reasonable offers:
on the Bicorn:
10 keys + 1 ref
on the Reggaelator:
65 keys
On the trophy belt:
21 keys

All the price are updated.

-------------------------------------------------------------------Just offer below-----------------------------------------------------------------------
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-Clean Nuts and bolt Bicorn for 10 Keys (bp.tf price = 11.5 keys) pure or 13 in unusual
-Clean First gen purple confetti engi misc pencil pusher 80 Keys (bp.tf price 88 keys) or 100 in unusual offer
-ks-kit just offerme
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Selling those items for pure or mixed:
-QS: Clean Unusual Smoking Fed Fendora: 17 keys pure, backpack.tf price 19 keys
- Sticky bomb launcher 2 ref pure
- Any robo part 0.33 ref
- store package 2.44 ref pure
- gargoyle case: 0.33 ref pure
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I accept collectors as backpack.tf price -1 keys as pure.
**Real world money only if you go first or we will take a middleman ( trust: http://backpack.tf/trust/76561198214049309 )
Tradeoffer here:
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Clean all class unusual.
B/O: 70 pure
B/O unusual: 98 unusual

Max counts as lowest quickseller price backpack.tf in pure.
Australium= pure
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Selling: BO:
-Minimal Wear Spez. Killstreak Flower Scattergun Unusual effect: Cold -65 pure (lowest other seller demands 50 for wellworn)
-Nuts and Bolts Bucaneers Bicorne -10.4 keys pure (lowest other seller demands 11)
Notes: Bicorne has quickbuyers, who pay 10 in pure. If not in may backpack, then on the market. Unusual overpay is welcome (14 keys).
If mixed, 10 keys + 0.5 in items. Bicorne pure price is fixed.

There are quickbuyer, who pay 38 keys for an unusual scattergun, that is wellworn. Minimal Wear is second highest. If unusualoffer,
55 keys are fine.
Other items:
I am buying keys for 18.33 ref
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Looking for offer. Quickselling if pure.
-cold killer backpack.tf price 57 keys, my price 54 in pure.
-Isotope knife has no backpack price, but there are quickbuyer who pay 26 pure. It has last been sold for ~34-35 keys on the market (including the steam tax) SOLD FOR 32 PURE
Highest offer:
42 pure on the cold killler
green confetti spy phantome 33 key on the knife
; 29 keys
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Quickselling those two unusual for pure:
-c9 mullet: 19 keys backpack.tf price, my price: 17 keys