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- 3-4 keys AWP - Man o' war
- 2-3 keys M4A1 - S - Hyper Beast
- 1-2 keys Mac-10 - Neon Rider
- 1-2 keys Desert Eagle - Kumicho Dragon
- 1-2 keys AK-47 - Cartel
- 1 key or lower for any others
- Looking for Tf2 unusual for all skins worth overpay
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Buying CS GO items for TF2 items

Just add me on steam to trade!
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-Selling for 24 refined or 25% item overpay
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Selling Specialised Killstreak and Profesional Killstreaks

-Vintage Specialised Killstreak TeamShine Gunslinger

-Strange Professional Killstreak Deadly Daffodil, Singularity Claidheamh Mòr

-Specialised Killstreak Mean GreenCandy Cane

Specialised Killstreak Gunslinger 17 refined or 25% Item Overpay
Proffesional Killstreak Claidheamh Mòr 2 Keys 16 refined or 20% Item overpay
Specialised Killstreak Candy Cane Kit 21 refined or 15% Item Overpay
Vita-Saw Fabricator 1 refined

Friend me or comment to trade all prices negotiable
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Demoman Samurai Set
- 10 refined for them all
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Buying Robot Parts!

Battle-Worn Robot Taunt Processor x13 0.22
Battle-Worn Robot KB-808 x3 0.33
Pristine Robot Currency Digester 0.33
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Killstreak Market!

Today I am selling a killstreak Persian Persuader and a killstreak Solemn Vow

I will be selling these both for 4 refined!

To trade with me send me a Trade Offer or Add me on steam or Comment

Trade conditions:
-If you escrow and a trade hold occurs price will be risen by 25%
-I don't trade with people who have a bad rep
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Buying Keys
Selling Best And Most Expensive Crates For Unboxing!

-The Concealed Killer Weapon Case
-The Power House Weapon Case
-Red Summer Cooler 2013
-Gun Mettle Cosmetic Case
-Mann Co. Supply Crate

Best Crate for unboxing!

-Mann Co. Supply Crate no.44

All together there is more then 6 ref worth of crates all prices are negotiable. Must not be escrow.
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Selling Shell Shocker (Worth 22 refined)

I will be selling this for 20 refined!

Trade Conditions:
If trade hold price will increase by 25%
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Paying refined for steam Items/Cards/Backrounds and emoticons
Stock: 24.33 refined

I am also interested in paladins trading cards.

I don't trade with people who are escrow or have a bad rep.
If you sell in bulk I will offer overpay.
Friend me or Comment to trade.
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I'm fed up of unboxing I've spent so much keys only to get no strange parts one hat i don't need and two strange market gardeners, Don't Unbox it isn't worth it. Well anyway I'm selling the strange Market Gardener x2 one is available now and another one will be In a bit. Cost is 2.66 ref each. Please be Escrow free, offers will be considered and add me/offer/comment to trade.

Also please check out my other Trades,
Thanks for reading.
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Proffessional killstreak Three Rune Blade: 2-5 keys
Specilized Killstreak Fire axe: 1-3 keys

This is my first time using outpost.tf so all offers are can be discounted by an offer
Add me or offer to trade.
Thx for reading,
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Up for trade:


VS1 (PlanetSide 2 emoticon) x1
Jarate (TF2 emoticon) x1
Sentry (TF2 emoticon) x1
Spycon (TF2 emoticon) x1
Access (Escapists emoticon) x4
Contraband (Escapists emoticon) x1
Sock (Escapists emoticon) x1
mmmdonut (Post apocalytic mayhem emoticon) x1
Angry Titan (Revenge of titans Emoticon) x1
Sharp Shuriken (Shadow Warrior Classic Redux emoticon) x1
Happy Meat (Super Meat boy Emoticon) x1
Space Invader (Titan Attacks emoticon) x1
2015 holly ( Holliday sale 2015 Emoticon)
Sword (DLC Quest emoticon) x1
Wasted (Anomaly Warzone Earth Emoticon) x1
med (Anomaly Warzone Earth Emoticon) x1
bolt (Anomaly Warzone Earth Emoticon) x1
airstrike (Anomaly Warzone Earth Emoticon) x1
double axe (AfterFall InSanity Extended Editon Emoticon) x1


Rollcall (Escapists Backround) x2
You Gonna eat that (Uncommon Escapists Backround) x1
The escapists (Rare Escapists Backround) x1
Workout (Escapists backround) x1
Lockdown (Escapists backround) x1
Demoman (TF2 backround) x1
Engineer (TF2 backround) x1
Soldier (TF2 backround) x1
Terran Republic (Planetside 2 backround) x1
Santa Baby (Holiday sale 2015 backround)


Demoman (Tf2 Trading Card) x1
Engineer (Tf2 Trading Card) x1
Pyro (Tf2 Trading Card) x1
Sniper (Tf2 Trading Card) x1
Melon racer (Gary's Mod Trading Card) x1
Thrusters (Gary's Mod Trading Card) x2
Physgun (Gary's Mod Trading Card) x1
The Guide (Terraria Trading card) x2
The hallow (Terraria Trading card) x1
Nights edge (Terraria Trading card) x2

Misc Steam Items:

Steam Gems

Must be steam escrow free and to trade add me, offer or comment. Offers/Negation of price accepted.
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I would want 10-13 ref or 2 cosmetics offer to see if i like or a random taunt/paint/key if i already have the taunt it will not be accepted