Selling unusual Aviator Assassin
-> Disco Beat Down
-> Selling for pure 30 keys
-> Add me if you want to negotiate, WONT ALLOW ANYTHING LOWER THAN 25 MUST BE PURE ONLY
-> Will reply as fast as possible :))
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15 keys or 18 keys overpay. Negotiable, just add me/leave a message here or on my profile.. (Profile preferred)
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Selling this beautiful spy unusual!

Green Stormy Nanobalaclava (Renamed) - 15 keys

Pure only! No item offers, do not add me, just send me an offer :) if you can't send an offer, add me :P

Negotiable but I will not sell this cheaper than 12 keys :/
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Selling my white painted Bruisers Bandanna for 2 keys pure only! It is negotiable but i would like a comment on my profile before adding as friend. If im offline or away, just send me an offer with a message :)
Selling my strange festive butcher bird grenade launcher minimal wear for 2.66 keys, which is 2 keys and 10 ref. If overpay, 3 keys.

I would like a specialised killstreak kits or weapons for sniper or spy please for overpay but any other items will be fine. No painted items unless I like it XD No paints, no strange parts unless it's headshot kills. Any cosmetics except for soldier, demo or soldier is accepted :) Preferred spy coz I main him.

Just send me an offer of if you want to discuss, please comment on my profile then send me a friend request. I will not sell this item any cheaper than 2 keys.

Thanks for reading this post, happy stabbing! :D
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Selling this white painted terror-watt buckaroos hat for 13 keys pure, or 14 keys overpay :)

For overpay I would LOVE:

Taunts!!!!! Especially killer solo, box trot and other partner taunts :D

Special KS sniper rifle/knife!!!

Strange part: headshot kills :)

Just add me to trade, and then leave a message or two whether I'm online or not. I'll be online most of the time :)

This unusual is negotiable, and I'm quickselling it so be quick! :3
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Selling This For 6 Ref. Aged Moustache Grey Painted For Engineer. Pure Only! <3