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Unusual Eliminator :SOLD

Unusual Wide-Brimmed Bandito :Effect Starstorm Slumbe 40 50 dollars USD on the market Tradable on the 1st
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Freshly unboxed Eliminators safeguard

Only taking unusual or pure offers
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selling for 13 tf2 keys send me a trade offer if interested
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26 keys pure tradable on the 8th
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Australium ScatterGun: 37 keys pure
professional killsktreak Australium RocketLauncher: Sheen: hot rod :Killstreaker singularity SOLD for 69 pure

PURE ONLY!!! or a REALLY good unusual overpay 75+ on rocket: 43+ on scatter

Declined offers via trade offer
Haunted ghost Tyrantium Helmet (Out dated price none selling) for aussie rocket
smoking towering titanium pillar of hats + 2 pure (Hard sell and not enough overpay) on the aussie scatter
Green energy Reggaelator + 4 keys (Just plain not interested) for aussie rocket
purple enerygy defiant spartan + Blizzardy storm capotain + Blizzardy storm swagmans (To much resell and to hard) For aussie rocket
Respectless- robo glove overclocked+circling heart tree(doesn't read)

Interested in
:Solly unusuals 1st Gen only
:Good and easy resell overpay unusuals

Will never take
Bad 2nd gens not worth my time
3rd gen effects
Robo hats

PS: Do not be this guy>>>>http://pas...x3vcTw
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15 keys pure or i will 1 for 1 with Exalted Arcana Manifold Paradox from dota
70 keys pure has robots destroyed, killstreaker: singularity :sheen hot rod

Pure only trade offer for a faster trade feel free to negotiate with pure offers only
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14 keys pure send me a trade offer do not add me i get way to many phishing bots doing that, besides trade offers are faster and smoother
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1 key for the black slick

2 key for the white spectral spectrum spell snow scoper

9 ref for the purple snow sleeves

DO NOT ADD ME,use trade offer
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Offer on the shotgun

Also selling The Gun Mettle and Tough Break Festivizer: 5 Ref each send trade offer

Stock 17
Selling these paints for 1 key and 10 ref each or all 6 for 8 keys trade me if interested

1 sold
  • Completed
Offer here in PURE

C/O 10 keys pure on the sticky

DO NOT add me offer here on the trade or offer in a trade offer only

I am also interested in australiums so offer those too,

Aussies i have:
force a nature

Aussies i am interested in
black box
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3 keys each or PURE offer

Quickfix sold
Use trade offer for quicker trading
Selling white paint 2 keys each send me a trade offer

If you are buying all 7 for Pure i will sell it to you for 12 keys pure that is 1 free paint
20 keys Pure send me a trade offer or offer me in pure

Do not add me trade offer only
Factory New Strange Purple Range Sniper Rifle: Spec killstreak Villainous Violet: 52 Keys Pure or Pure offer
Strange Factory New Specialized Killstreak Flash Fryer Flame Thrower: 30 Keys Pure or Pure offer

I am willing to trade both of these amazing items for an Australium Scattergun and an Australium Sniper Rifle in any or no killstreak effect

I will 1 for 1 my sniper for a pro or spec killstreak Australium sniper rifle that is not mean green, prefer deadly daffodil
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7 Keys Pure for the pro quickfix kit sent trade offer

or offer
selling this purple range factory new sniper rifle with spec killstreak kit Villainous Violet for 62 key PURE



Comment here if you have any questions, I am interested in an australium sniper rifle but you will need to add keys for me to accept
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