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Selling my beautiful, clean GE bolted birdcage

Semi-God tier effect for pyro
Leave offers on this trade please
Buying a morning glory bolted birdcage for 20 keys pure!

Add me to trade please!
Buying a phosphorous glengarry bonnet for 17 keys pure!

Add me to trade please!
Buying a Cloud 9 noble amassment of hats for 23 keys pure!

Add me to trade please!
Looking to buy a purple energy respectless rubber glove for 23-24 keys!

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Steaming Lucky Shot
‌•14 keys
‌•Soldier unusual
‌•Squeaky clean

Smoking Whoopee Cap
‌•12 keys
‌•Scout unusual
‌•Squeaky clean
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I'm selling my kill a watt noble for just 24 keys!
Pure preferred, but offers are great too (offers have to be some overpay though)


Add me or shoot me an offer! Good luck trading
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Selling my beautiful company man! Only 26 keys for a "one size fits all" hat!

You can add me or send a trade offer
*I'm not gonna quicksell it, so please no lowballs
If history matters to you, please check before offering
Hello there!
I'm quickbuying unusuals with 25%-35% discount!

Add me or leave an offer here:
Hello there! I'm quickselling my blizzardy storm milkman for
12 keys! ----- It's worth 16

Add me or send me an offer here:[url] https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=223691003&token=hgqa91Dl[/url]
Hello! Quick-selling my GE Toque for 19 keys
Worth 23!
Great price for a great 1st gen effect

Add me or offer here
You'd be nuts to pass this up!
quick-selling my Clean nuts executioner for:
•22 keys
•Unusual overpay
Great clean all-class hat!
Selling this lovely hat for offers
Looking for 36-ish
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Hello! I'm looking for:
29-ish keys or offers
Add me or toss an offer my way!
Pure: 30 Keys
Offers: 35+

You can add me or send an offer (ᵔᴥᵔ)
Awesome 1st gen effect that looks great

Looking for 24 keys pure (prefered)
Unusual Offers of 28-ish keys

"A true Gentleman wouldn't pass this offer up!"
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You might say this is a genuine awpertunity to buy an awp!

Looking 10 ref pure
I would prefer pure, but might accept item offers depending on the offer.
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15 ref pure (preferred) or item overpay
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I would appreciate pure, key or refined, but I will consider item offers, especially with overpay.