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Hey There!
Are you looking for a cheap unusual all class that looks fabulous? Than this is the hat for you
I am really only accepting TF2 and CSGO keys because this game is getting a tad boring
I think 40 keys pure is a good starting point, the cheapest on the various markets
As I said before I am not too keen on overpay and don't bother offering anything too low
But I love to meet new people and talk so feel free to add me, send me a trade offer here or put down a comment here
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Hey There!
Today I am selling these two lovely unusuals
Executioner: 31 keys pure or 38 overpay in unusuals/ 42 in australiums
Milkman: 15 keys pure or 20 in unusuals/ 22 in australiums
WAIT! Don't be discouraged by my overpay prices! Feel free to put them down there anyways! I would to see your offer, and if you really think you got something special, add me so we can make a deal.
With that, farewell and happy trading
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Hey there, I'm selling this neat little Unusual Specialized Killstreak
Please feel free to add me to discuss, I don't bite
Modest pile of Hat as well as some on my milkman
If you would like to be the proud owner of this modest you might need some good offers
I am accepting pure and unusual overpay

I am taking at a minimal 38 keys pure and 45+ overpay for the modest however feel free to put your offers down below just in case i like what you got
I am taking 14 pure or 17 overpay for the milkman however the same overpay rules apply
On a rare chance I may be accepting csgo knives however they will need overpay 15-20 keys overpay for I hate trading them
I will not accept collectors for the same reasons but even harder to sell
With that, farewell and happy trading
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Hello! Today I am selling 2 lovely unusual hats!
I am accepting both unusual and australium overpay for both of the hats!
I am also accepting csgo knives however they will have to be significantly more than the value of the hat for I hate trading with them
1 of 5 Gatsby 50 pure or unusual/knife/australium overpay
Milkman 14 pure or unusual/knife/australium overpay
All class unusuals will have much more priority over anything else and if they are close to the value and I like the hat/effect I will most likely accept!
Sorry but I am not accepting aces high, nuts n bolts or massed flies unusuals of any kind (just because they're ugly!)
Happy trading!
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The Gatsby has 100% clean history, just unboxed it, it is tradable after 3/25/16 so feel free to add me if you would like to negotiate
I'm taking 52 keys pure for the Gatsby
Taking 14 for the milkman, yea lower then bp price I'm an idiot ik
I am also taking large overpay in unusuals and csgo knives, , I am in search for most unusual all classes so those will get priority over other unusuals/knives. Be aware that you must have A LOT of overpay with knives for I hate selling them
I hope you have a lovely day.
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[b]Unusual Sober Stuntsman Searing Plasma normally 17 keys but I'll let this one go for 15 keys.
15 Keys
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