Looking for 16 csgo keys or 17 tf2 keys.
Trading tf2 key + 2 ref for csgo key.

send me an offer!
Trading my 32 ref and 1 reclaimed for your key
Want 1 key for all of those combined. Not selling separately, trade me if interested.
Looking to sell this Emerald Pinstripe with 4 stickers on it for 1 csgo key or 1 key and 4 refined for a tf2 key. Can also take overpay.
send me an offer.
Pure or unusual overpay (no taunts or weapons).

Send an offer only
Looking to sell a Dead Presidents Killer Exclusive for ~29 keys or unusual offers/downgrades. I am not looking to quicksell this unusual but I can discount for pure.
This hat is
All Class.
1/31 in existence.
1/3 on market. I can go lower than both.
This hat is CLEAN and not duped and has a good low tier effect.

Send me a trade offer if offering in pure or add me if offering in unusuals.
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Looking for 18 keys pure or unusual offers
Selling this good looking unusual for 23 keys pure or downgrades.

Can negotiate if good downgrades or pure. Have 6 keys to upgrade with.

Don't mind sitting on this unusual for a while as it is 1/3 in existence and 1/1 on market AND a first gen effect
Good looking unusual. Selling it 25% off for 20 keys and 23 refined. Can negotiate the ref but thats about it.
Also got 6 keys to upgrade with.

Add me for unusual offers.
Send an offer for pure (I will say this again, I can drop a bit of ref but I won't go even a key down.)
If offering in unusaul must overpay unless its a really good deal or a really good upgrade
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Looking to sell both of these firm price.
Bloke's Bucket 9 keys. SOLD
Liquidator's Lid 16 keys.
Both lowest on market.
Looking for pure or unusual overpay or upgrade.
Add me for unusual offers and send an offer for pure (no negotiation for pure)
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Quickselling for 27 keys pure or unusual overpay (massive overpay in taunts that are recently priced, not interested in unpriced or inflated taunts).

*Demo Unusual
*Kill-A-Watt is a good effect
*1/8 in existence, 1/2 on market
*Goes well with a lot of cosmetics
*25% off.

Add me for unusual offers or send a offer for pure. Can not go lower.
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Quickselling this for 16 keys or unusual overpay
Quickselling this Jumping Jack Taunt (Holy Grail) for 15 keys (sellers at 28).
send me an offer or add me.
If paying in unusuals, the unusual must be worth 20 and not inflated.
god tier taunt for engineer and looks good
Quickselling/Discounting those items

Strange Citizen Pain Minigun (Factory New) - 20 ref
Airwolf Knife (Factory New) 30 ref.

Metal only, if paying in items must overpay.
Add me or send me a trade offer.
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Selling this unusual for 16 TF2 keys or 15 CSGO Keys.
* Good looking all class/
* Nice and cheap effect and an affordable hat.
* 1/3 on market as of now (1 is a bot and one wants 1 key more than I do).
*1/31 in existence.
If offering in unusuals, must overpay, if taunts then you must overpay by a lot as taunt market is crashing right now.
I can consider knifes pure as well.
Not quickselling but can go lower than others.
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15 keys or unusual overpay. Can negotiate

not quickselling but can discount for pure
Quickselling for 14 keys firm or unusual overpay
Looking to sell this 1/1 in existence unusual hat for 35 keys pure or unusual offers.

* Soldier Hat. Good looking. Tesla Coil is a Nice effect.
*Robo Hat, clean, the non robo version goes for 90 keys.

Add me or send a trade offer if interested.
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Looking for 10 keys or overpay in items
1/1 on market ( the other guy wants 60+ dollars)

add me or send a trade offer
Hey There!
Im looking to quicksell this unusual for 16 keys or offers.
A good looking scout hat with a good effect
Clean and not duped.
If paying in unusuals, I would only accept taunts if massive overpay as the taunt market is crashing right now.

Send me an offer or add me.
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Looking for 23 keys pure or unusual offers.
No taunts.
Can negotiate.
Hey There!
Selling Taunt : Fresh Brewed Victory Midnight Whirlwind. Currently the cheapest B/O on market.
B/O 20 Keys
C/O = None
Can take unusual offers as well. Negotiable.
Looking for 13 keys or unusual offers on this. Can negotiate

Trade Offer:
Hello, I'm SELLING this unusual for 12 keys pure or unusual offers.
* Price is negotiable
*This is a medic hat with a good looking steaming effect.
*If paying in unusuals, must overpay by a lot.

Trade Offer:
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This is a CLEAN unusual with the bubbling effect.
I'm selling it for 9 keys and 17 ref, currently the cheapest on backpack.tf.
Price is FIRM, If paying in unusuals, must overpay by a LOT.

Trade offer :
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Selling this for 1 scrap lower than bp price or offers.
Mobile Authenticator enabled.
For 4 ref
Free spell!
Quickselling for 2.3 keys!
Send me an offer!
Selling this for 18 ref or overpay in items.
Steam mobile authenticator is enabled.
Trade offers only please.

Selling this Team Shine Festivized Liquid Asset Field-Tested
B/O = 4 keys
C/O = None
I am taking offers on this for pure or item overpay.
Mobile Authenticator Enabled.
Have a good day ;)
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Hey, I'm selling those items for Backpack.tf price or offers.
Mobile Authenticator enabled.
Thanks =)
Send offer
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Buying reinforced parts for .2ref
Buying Battle-Worn parts for .2 ref
I'm Buying in BULK
Add me or send an offer.
Mobile Authenticator enabled.
Thanks =)
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Buying Specialized Killstreak Kit Fabricators
Buying Specialized Killstreak Kits
Buying Normal Killstreak Kits
For discounted prices
Add me or send an offer.
Mobile Authenticator enabled.
I'll accept as fast as I can.
Thanks =)
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Offers on these skins
Accepting overpay of tf2 items or pure
Add me or send me an offer.
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5.66 for those
Send me an offer or add me.
Price is firm.
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Hello and welcoming to my $ell $hop.
- Selling my Snow scoper painted orange for 5.66 refined
or 30% overpay (not counting paints , ks , etc).
- Selling my weapons for a 2 weapon ; 1 scrap ratio.
Send me an offer or add me.
I have mobile authenticator enabled.
Thanks =)
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Crit-a-cola - 1.66 ref
Dead Ringer - 1.44 ref
Chargin' Targe - 0.66 ref
Ambassador - 0.66 ref

If trade hold for 3 days I will pay less.
Mobile auth enabled.
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Offers for these items
Selling for tf2 key + 2 ref
So 10 csgo keys : 11 tf2 keys ratio
Send me an offer or add me
I have mobile authenticator enabled
--------------------------------------Trading 1:1-----------------------------------------------------

Trading my 10 TF2 Keys for your 8 CSGO keys.
Send me an offer or add me.
Thanks =)
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Pure or unusual/aussie offers.
Send me an offer or add me.
No scamming.
Thanks =)
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Selling this Australium Frontier Justice for 10 keys pure.
Or Unusual offers.
Price is firm.
Send me an offer or add me / No trade hold.
Hey there , I am buying Quicksells for 20-30% off!

Stock : 10 keys
Send me an offer or add me / I will be paying pure for unusuals. I will pay slightly less for robo hats and will require huge discounts on duped unusuals.
Thanks =)

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Quickselling this orbiting planets pyro's boron beanie for 10 keys.
It's the only one on market , currently.
I will require unusual overpay if paying in unusuals.Or if i like the unusual you're offering and it's worth 11-12 keys i'll do the trade.
I will require about 10 ref overpay with aussie's (not counting killstreak or parts)
I will instantly accept 10 keys pure and not going below it.
Send me an offer or add me .
Thanks =)
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Hey there , I am selling this Bubbling Bombing Run for 9 keys
Free paint as well :)

It's not duped
Send me an offer or add me / I will consider unusual offers if only overpaid.
Thanks =)
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