I have no idea what these are. Offer away!
These are clean Portal 2 items. Which are usually rare.

No price is set, you're free to offer whatever you like (Just don't lowball, please!)

If you don't care whether the item is clean nor dirty, then you might be more interested in buying my dirty Portal 2 stuff @ http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/12351042 & http://www.tf2outpost.com/trade/12350936

Thanks! :)
Hey, selling all gestures in my BP http://www.tf2outpost.com/backpack/11627/620 for a ref each.
I'm also selling flags for 0.33 ref each.
level 69 ward for offers
Hey, selling all flags in my BP http://www.tf2outpost.com/backpack/11627/620 for just 0.33 ref each.
I'm also selling gestures for a ref each.
B/o is 2 buds each
Open to offers
Solly lvl 99
hunts lvl 100
ambass does NOT have headshot part
marxman #51
(Buds are just a place holder)
Dat history
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Who doesn't love KFC?
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Keys@ $1.9 each
Refs@ $0.2 each
Only 3 keys and 3 refs.
Fees on you. PayPal.
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I want to buy games I don't already have. http://steamcommunity.com/id/J3ez/games/
Offer here.
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I like trading cards, or metal (0.33).
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Looking for offers... or just 1.22
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Buying 7 keys for $14 and fees on you.
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Looking for games quicksales.
I want to buy games CHEAPER than what people are selling on the outpost. Offer away!
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Just wanna get rid of this. 2 keys + 2 refs.
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2 buds - Clean
58 keys (2 buds) for a hat that you can wear on 9 classes, that's like paying 6 keys for each class and ofc, nobody would sell his unusual for 9 keys (rarely)

Please post here what you're buying and the price before adding me or else I wont accept the friend request
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Paypal and fees on you. Offer away!
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2 earbuds + minor sweets.
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Has 3 parts.
No unusuals please.
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This is a craft 103 sneaky spats.
Looking for offers.