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Hey there, everyone! Having trouble quickselling your unusuals? I have about 50 keys to spend, looking to quickbuy some low to mid-tier unusuals. I'll be purchasing them at about 80% (Or More) of their Backpack.tf price and will purchase ANYTHING as long as it intrigues me and it's a good deal. Feel free to pitch your offers to me in the comments down below. Will be purchasing one great unusual or several low-tier ones, again, so long as they intrigue me. Happy trading!
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Easy as pie! Add me or offer me.
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Want 100 bucks? Buying a HUGE treasure cove of keys for 1.50 cents each. I have about 400 dollars to blow, prices are firm and do not talk to me unless you agree with the price and have at LEAST 50 keys in stock. Add me if interested in discussing, at which point I will link my paypal, my rep and all that jazz.

Selling all of these goodies for MIDDLE-END Backpack prices. Pure Refined and metal is preferable but will accept 25% overpay.

Bolt Boy: 7 Refined.
Cremator's Conscience (Painted Gray): 5.66 Refined.
Dirty Teufort Toothkickers (Painted Gold): 5.66 Refined.
Strange Conniver's Kunai: 4.66 Refined.
Strange Silver Botkiller Minigun: 4.66 Refined.
Strange Escape Plan: 4.66 Refined.
Dirty Anger: 4.33 Refined
Genuine Pip-Boy: 5.66 Refined.

Happy trading!

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Charmer's Chapaeu - 5.33 Refined
Cut-Throat Concierge - 3.66 Refined.

Easy as pie! Add me preferably.

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Selling these items for MIDDLE-END backpack prices. Found some direct upgrades. Pure metal and Keys preferably, if not 25% overpay in items and cosmetics. Paint is definitely a factor.

Dirty Hound Dog (Painted White): 1.2 Keys.
Dirty Physician's Procedure Mask (Painted Team Spirit): 13.66 Refined.
Bigg Mann on Campus (Painted Lime): 13.33 Refined.
Co-Pilot (Painted Lime): 14.33 Refined.
Strange Reserve Shooter: 8 Refined.
Strange Soda Popper: 7.66 Refined.
Spook Specs (Painted Australium Gold): 6.66 Refined.
Strange Powerjack: 6 Refined.

Prices are NON-NEGOTIABLE. Add me or send offers. Happy trading.

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Hey everybody. Tired of trying to sell your Unusual hats for a decent price only to find no response or decent trades? How about your stranges? Well, look no further.

Quickbuying ANY and ALL Unusuals, Vintages, Genuines, Stranges, Australiums, Uniques and even BACKPACKS for a firm 85% of their backpack price with REAL WORLD money via Paypal! I have about 10,000 dollars I'm willing to spend. That means you, Strange Kritzkrieg, Gunslinger, Loose Cannon, Machina and others. That means you Genuine Horace, Archimedes and Robo-Sandvich. That means you, Max's Severed Head, HOUWARS, Golden Frying pans. As long as what you have sounds valuable and attractive to me, I WILL BUY it.

Prices can jump up to a firm 90% if what you have is REALLY valuable. Add me if interested in talking, which will then get you my reputation, more information about me and all that jazz. As long as what you have sounds attractive to me, I will buy it with cash, USD. Give me some good deals and I'll give you some good cash. Happy trading everybody!
Looking for a War Pig for 4 Refined. Easy as pie.
Interested in trading some items you have laying around that are hard to trade? I have two keys for sale but NOTHING to do with them and I'm interested in getting some great deals. I am ONLY interested if I profit. Add me to discuss but don't even bother if you feel like ripping me off. I value keys at 19.11 Refined and I'm mostly interested in a massive overpay.
Trading my Strange Degreaser for A Key and 2 Refined (Backpack Price). Feel free to add and or send offers! Easy as pie.
10.66 Ref for a standard Ebenezer. Easy as pie.
5.33 for a CLEAN Charmer's Chap. Add me if interested. Easy as Pie!
Looking for ALL of these, clean preferably but will pay slightly less for dirty. Will pay in Ref, will pay in Minimum backpack price. Please do not try to lowball or convince me overpay.

Hornblower: 5.33/4.66 for Dirty
Compatriot: 3.66/3.00 for Dirty
Team Captain: 6.66/5.00 for Dirty
Chieftain's Challenge: 2.00/1.66 for Dirty
Tyrantium Helm: 2.00/1.66 for Dirty
Tyrant's Helm: 2.00/1.66 for Dirty
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CLEAN Schadenfreude for 12 Refined. Easy as pie!
Selling all of these for MINIMUM backpack price. I am NOT looking to make a profit, just fair trades. Looking for Metal and Keys only, no items.

Point & Shoot: 14 Refined
Strange Rainblowers: 3 Refined each
Strange Loch-n-Load: 4 Refined
Blighted Beak: 5.33 Refined
Villain's Veil: 6.66 Refined
Cremator's Conscience: 2 Refined
Surgeon's Side Satchel: 2 Refined (Team Spirit)
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Selling a clean Point & Shoot for 14 Refined Metal. This is the CHEAPEST you'll get it so promptly jump at the opportunity to buy it!
Clean P&S for 4 Ref.
Selling this clean track terrorizer for 1.5 Keys. A key and 1.33 or 1.22, I don't give a shit. Plus, it's level 97. 1997 is the year the Florida Marlins won the World Series so if you're from Florida I expect you to pay an extra key. No just kidding but seriously, 1.5 Keys.
Clean Laughing Taunt for a Key and a Ref.
Looking to buy tickets for metal. I'm buying three of these bad boys and I'm looking for the cheapest offer. Leave comments below
Clean Front Runner for 3 Keys. If you're going to try to lowball me you might as well turn around and hightail it out of here.
Selling a whole bunch of shit here for good old fashioned offers. I got all this stuff in this awesome deal and stuff. Note, I also have another Pink as hell and 2 craft hats for sale. I'll get the ball rolling here by saying I won't take offers less than the following prices:

High-Five: 4 Ref
Pink as Hell: 2.33
Champ Stamp: 2 Keys
Whiskered Gentleman: 1.66
Marxman: 3.33
G. Cross Comm Express: 3 Keys
Triad Trinket: 2 Keys
Shortstop: .66

Oh, and I'd LOVE Overpay in items. Let the post belowing begin!
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Alright, here's the deal. I just crafted an awesome Dr. Whoa. The only problem is... it collides with my awesome golden Rouge's Col Roule. :C That being said, I'm only selling ONE of these since Spy is awesome. Will you take the Golden Rogue's Col Roule for 4.33? Or the Clean Dr. Whoa for 6 Ref? [2 Keys, 1 Ref] The choice is yours!
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Oh, Gee! Look what I found here! Offer below. :)
Selling this bad boy for 3 keys. I just found it in a drop. Brand spankin' new, added in the mann vs machine update.
Looking for a S. Medi gun for 2.66. No I'm not gonna add like 3 keys. This is it.
Alright, looking for these specific items. All of these HAVE to be dirty.

Your Worst Nightmare: 1.33
Builder's Blueprints: 1.33
Big Country: .66
After Eight Paint: 2 Ref
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Selling this Genuine Cross-Comm express for the stone cold fair spreadsheet price of 2.5 Keys. Add me if paying in Metal or Keys or offer below if overpaying in items.
Selling this SUPER DIRTY although Team Spirit 2010 Voodoo Juju for offers. Yes, I know you guys hate dirty things but this hat is fucking awesome. That being said not taking anything less than 4 keys. GO!
Spreadsheet for this clean Itsy
Disregard the money. I'll buy a Dirty Champ Stamp for 2 keys
Selling this bad boy for 7 keys. NO Exceptions. I'm not selling it for 6, 5 but 7. Might take overpay in items.
Selling this clean bubble pipe I got via drop for 3.33 not too long ago. If you're a lowballer, best get your ass out of here. Will take overpay in items. :3
1:1 or 2:2 for these paints. No, I don't want them for .66 nor will I pay more.
Selling my Clean Made man for a Dirty Made man + 1 Ref. Basic Downgrade
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Looking for a Dirty Fancy Dress Uniform. Will pay for 2 Refined and this is non-negotiable.
You guys looking for a Clean High-Five taunt? 7 Ref, Non-negotiable and it's yours. Will accept overpay in Items, hats, whatever.
selling these wepons for 1 key each haha

theyre rlly expeensive in the store i cheked so 1 key each 1 key unbox 1 weapon so fair deal

:) thnx

no scammers please they are really cheaters -.-
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Selling my CLEAN, team spirit Voodoo Juju 22 Strange Festive Buds and also selling each one of my weapons for 1.66 Ref. Trade me if you're interested!!
Merc's Pride Scarf for 3 Keys. It's not Rocket Science, dude!
Alrighty, looking for offers on these items. Keep in mind, I know damn well how much my stuff is worth. I'm looking for metals/keys/offers around THIS mark:

Consc + Decal + Decal + Flair = 4 Ref
Laughing Taunt Clean = 4.3 Ref
Dirty but black painted Rogue's Col Roule for 3 Ref
Dirty Spats for 1 Key.
Dirty Team Captain for 3 Ref
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Selling this dirty Voodoo Juju for 4 Keys and or offers. It's gifted for the sake of it being tradable
OFFERS. Selling for a LITTLE under Spreadsheet price.
Just found this item. I don't really want it so 3 Ref for it. No strings attached
Selling a clean Rather Festive Tree for 1.66. It's a cute little all class hat!!

Update: I restored it, lol. So it doesn't have my name crafted on it
Festive Scattergun for 1.5 [1 Key, 1 Ref, 1 Rec] or Offers.
Selling this dirty Boston Boom Bringer for 4 Refined. It's normally 2 keys but meh
Selling this dirty Sniper Headband for 1 Refined. It's actually 1.33 but of course, no one would buy it if I were selling it for 1.33. ;]
Selling a DIRTY Boston Boom Bringer for 2 keys. Since it's dirty, it decreases it's value by a key, but regardless it's still an amazing item. I'd keep it except I freakin' hate Scout. Enjoy!!