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Hi! here is the best item for people who use Heavy!
I don't want to make too much profit! so!
I selling this Awesome Fantastic Invincible thing for just
38keys ya! just 38keys.
If u don't have key? that's ok. :)
u can trade with offer. But, If u offer the UNUSUAL hat. And If that is for ALL CLASS. I can lay down the cost for u!
here is my trade offer link!
Or u can add me also.
So. thx for seeing my thing! but! It can be Ur thing. so let's got some nice items!
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↑ Go here and give me trade offers.

Hey! U there! Just stop and what about trade with me? I am P.R.P (Piggy Really Pretty)
I am selling that unusual. -------------------13Keys or only tf2 items offer!
A Blizzardy storm Effect is really nice and pretty!
This is really nice unusual for Spy!
If u want to trade with pyro's items for offers, Maybe I can lay down the cost!
'cause Pyro is CUTE. Everyone r agree with that.

But anyway thx for seeing my trade. And Have a nice day! :)
U can
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Hi everybody! I am P.R.P!
I'm selling this unusual hat.
Unusual Scotch Bonnet --------- 10keys/ unusual offers or just offers

pls ADD me or offer me for trade.

If u want to cut the cost of this, maybe I can cut this 1key

Offers can be just same cost.
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Hi! I am the Piggy!

I have two items that r on trade.

Strange spec.ks. pumkin bomb 3p liberty launcher - 3keys or offers
Pro.ks panic attack - 1key or offers

offer is must over.
add me or sen a trade offer.


P.S. If u want to taunt deal, maybe I can lay down the cost.! :))))))))))))))
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Hi everyone!

I'm selling my S killstreak Aust stickybomb!

i want to selling my Aust stickybomb to 15key

Welcome for unusual offers to and just offers with some keys

[]when u can't give offers with keys, well first, add me and show me ur offers. than I will choise

Thx for trade with me and have a nice day :)
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