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Selling this clean Orbiting Fire Cold Killer at a B/O of 36 pure or mixed. Feel free to add me for the trade. :D
Looking to purchase a *CLEAN* Stormy Storm Le Party Phantom for 20-25 pure. It's pretty straightforward, really.

Looking to sidegrade from Blizzardy Storm to Stormy Storm, and not have to lose any keys in order to do so.

Quickbuying a clean Le Party Phantom for one of the effects above. I have 38 pure to work with, and I'm hoping to keep a few keys for myself after the trade. Expect negotiations.

Stormy Storm: willing to quickbuy at 17.5-18 pure, though negotiable.
Orbiting Fire: willing to quickbuy at 21 pure, though negotiable.
Green Confetti: Willing to quickbuy at 23.1-23.5 pure, and definitely negotiable.

Please feel free to add me or post down below. Also, as of 7:49pm EST, I now have Mobile Auth.
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Taunt is 200 keys on backpack.tf, however, I'm fine with a 30% quicksell (140 keys) or 10-15% overpay (220-230 keys) in unusual hats. No dupes, please.

Personally, my dream unusuals are a Cloudy Moon or Stormy Storm Cosa Nostra Cap, a Green Confetti Le Party Phantom, a Haunted Ghosts Grimm Hatte, a Burning Flames Blighted Beak, or some other interesting unusuals. I haven't looked through all the hats in existence yet, but I love a few particular effects.

I wouldn't mind having a few more taunt crates to go along with my keys, either. Nor would I mind a pro ks phlog kit, strange pro ks spy-cicle, strange cloak and dagger, or a pro ks aussie amby. It all depends on what I'm offered.

Also, please be willing to accept a trade hold as I do not have enough actual money to support a mobile phone +data that I'd pretty much only use for mobile auth. :D

Trade URL: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=195780894&token=D2hHV--W
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