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Clean Death at Dusk Bolted Birdcage, one of three unusual. Great high-tier effect, paintable unusual for pyro. Mainly looking for some offers. I can add some sweets if the offer is right.

Buyout at 21 keys pure.

Please send me a trade offer or add me on steam.
Looking for some item offers. I would pay especially close attention to offers with discounts. Feel free to offer, the most I'll do is politely turn it down, unless you act like a snobby immature kid.

Trade offer and comment below is the best way to reach me.

If you have an unusual that you want to sell, you might be interested in this:
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Looking for offers on this sexy, clean Death at Dusk Bolted Birdcage. This is currently the only one on the market. See effect in action: https://www...7AiNaA. It have an 'Early EOTL Support" tag if that matters to you.

B/O: 34 keys pure
I may accept offers of a lower value, depending on the offer itself. CSGO offers welcome as well!
Buying unusuals, australiums, collectors and high-value items for discounted prices. I may also accept CSGO offers as well.

Current stock is 31 keys.

Either send me a trade offer (the best way to reach me) or comment below. Try not to add me unless it's strictly necessary.
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Looking for some offers. Feel free to comment below or send me a trade offer!
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Hey, currently just looking for all sorts of offers for the strange australium wrench. If you have something (reasonable) to offer, either comment below or send me a trade offer! I'll politely respond and hide if I am not interested, thanks!
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Unusual Isotope Festive Killstreak Turbine Torcher (Well-Wron)
B/O: 25 keys pure


Looking for offers. Please either comment below or shoot me a trade offer. G'day all.
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Hey, if you need some metal quickly, I'm buying every type of strange parts for 6 refined each. I will only, however, pay 4 refined for those with trade-holds. Buying as long as I still have metal. Please send me a trade offer instead of adding, since I'm not guaranteed to accept friend requests.

I have mobile authentication enabled so no trade hold. I check steam quite often, even when I appear to be offline so if your offer is correct and I have the metal, its bound to be accepted.

Have a nice day everyone!
I have mobile authentication on. Please don't lowball, because I will not accept them. Also, I would appreciate it if you used the trade offer only so that I know you're not a phisher/scammer. Thanks!

My Prices
Strange Prof Killstreak Pistol with airborne part attached -
B/O: 4 keys (or 20 refined for each key)
You can also offer in items but they must have some sort of overpay.

CS:GO offers are also welcome for all of the above! (Decent AWP skin would be nice!)

Happy Trading everyone! :D
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Selling some items

Specialized Killstreak Australium Stickybomb Launcher: 15.5 keys
Genuine Point n' Shoot (Muselk's Wizard Hat): 2.6 keys
Genuine Doublecross-Comm: 3.8 keys

I have mobile auth enabled. Offers welcome (CSGO too) but if you do, I'll expect overpay thank you.
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Hi, I'm looking for some low tier unusual and collector's chemistry set offers for pure.
For unusuals, I am particularly interested in pyro and medic although any other unusual offers are also welcome. I'll pay less for duped items though.

I have mobile authenticator activated and regularly check this site. Please don't add me on Steam. Instead, you are welcome to either comment below or use the trade offer here:

Key Stock: 15 keys

I'll try to be nice to everyone and reply as much as I can but please do not be rude or spam comments ty. All that does is degrade yourself and prove that you are incapable of trading like a normal person.

Have a great day and may there be many unusuals in your future :D
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Hi, I'm selling a Collector's Hitman Heatmaker Chemistry kit (ONLY ONE ON MARKET) and a hood of sorrows. Do not add me because I'll likely ignore it; send me a trade offer instead [url=]here[/url]!
Instant Trade - No Escrow!

Looking for at least 7 keys for the chemistry kit and around 2.5 keys for the hood of sorrows (also willing to trade it for a 1:1 with a Teufort Knight). Most item offers require overpay, paints and parts do not count or count for very little.

Very low tier unusual offers for both are also welcome!
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