Fisher of Men
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Trading Double Cross Comm (untradeable) for 18 ref/ 1 key
if gift wrap is provided for the trade
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Buying strange Jag for 3 ref
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Selling: Strange Part Snipers Killed - 3 keys + 5 ref/a decent hat
(3 left)

Audition Reel Crate - 7 ref
(4 left)

send in trade offers and they will be accepted within 2-3 hours of their input
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selling all duplicate weapons for 1 scrap each
check out my backpack to see if theres any weapon you might want
10 for one refined
  • Completed
QuickSelling my Deep Cover Operator for 8 ref
Send me offers
Fancy Dress Uniform- 4 ref
The Buzz killer- 2 ref
The Deep Cover Operator- 9 ref
The Cut Throat Concierge- 3.33 ref
The Nanobalaclava- 4 ref

accepting pure or item overpay
If theres gift wrap included in the trade then there will be a decent discount
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I just started trading and am trying build up starting capital from crafted hats
I have steam mobile authentification
I am willing to trade for item over pay or go whole sale for 1 key and 10 ref
Individual prices as listed below;
Name Tag-5.33 ref
The Deep Cover Operator- 7 ref
The Buzz Killer- 1 ref
The All-Father- 10 ref
The Fruit Shoot-3 ref
The Whirly Warrior-2 ref
The Bird-Man of Aberdeen-2.66 ref

Again I am also willing to trade in item overpay if not in metal
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