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I'm selling an Aces High Patriot's Peak. This is an all-class hat, and I'm looking for 45 keys.
I bought this hat off the unboxer, so it's as clean as you can get.
I'm very happy with downgrades, upgrades and 1/1s if I like the items, and would like to use them.
Pure is very good also.
Currently cheapest on the market, and I don't bite, so just send me an offer.
Thanks! :)
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I'm selling this very nice All-class Phononaut with a rare effect (Magnetic Hat Protector) for 32 keys, currently lowest on the market.
I am very happy keeping this hat if no-one buys it, as it is a great end-game hat.
Clean and Short History
I am looking to upgrade with the strange All Father, but I'm also happy with downgrades, mixed offers or pure.
I can negotiate
Thanks! :)
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Selling this Bubbling Your Worst Nightmare for 14 keys, the bp price.
I am mainly looking to trade this for discounted unusual taunts, but I might consider hats, weapons and pure.
Clean history.
Nice effect.
Good sniper hat.
Send me a trade or add me.
I can negotiate :)
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Very nice Medic Unusual.
Selling for 13 Keys Pure, or Unusual Overpay
Currently the Lowest on the Market, and I might be willing to negotiate.
Send me a trade or add me!
Have a nice day! :)
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Cheapest on the Market for this high level unusual SMG!
Very High-Quality Weapon that looks very good in-game for only 14.41 keys or unusual overpay.
Professional Killstreak: Fire Horns
Very short history
Cool unusual effect
Only field tested
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  • Completed
Selling my beloved Indubitably Green Painted Potassium Bonnett for 12 keys pure or some unusual overpay (not interested in other non-unusual or pure trades). Prices can be negotiated.