Wolfgang Bogdanow
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Selling sunbeams private eye, preferably for money but willing to take keys and buds as well, not looking for other unusuals. Looking for something near the bp price.
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craft numbers and such, make me some offers.

as for the cozy camper and shanasha, id prefer selling those as a set, considering they are part of my sniper set, if you have the #29 trinket, or know anyone that does, id like to know :) thanks
Cashing out, want pure. Willing to go cheaper with dota keys.
4 buds + sweets for private eye
2 buds + sweets for ballcap
add me or leave offers.
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Private eye : 4 buds
Ballcap: 2.5 buds
Offers are appreciated, also looking for the items on the right.
Spreadsheet price, please
FF: 1 key
Festive medigun: 2 keys
S. Widowmaker: 2 keys
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looking for offers, mainly TA items if possible,
Spreadsheet prices, just add me.
New slark rare, offers
Stranges : 1 key each

First Blood Modifier : 2 keys
So i have some shit, and i want some shit. offers?
Spreadsheet prices please, add me.
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1:1 add me
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1:1 add me
Some invoker stuff, give me some offers.
Spreadhseet prices, just add me.
Looking for quicksell unusuals with decent effects, specifically pyro but im open to anything, leave your offers here.
just seeing how much i can get for this.
paying 2 keys per ess :D
9 keys, firm, add me
9 keys, simple enough, add me.
6 keys, firm, add me.
I need quite a few of these, paying 2 ref each, add me if you agree.
Alright im getting lime killer exclusives for my highlander team, only need 6 atm.


1 and 1 ref for Lime killer exclusive

1 key for Lime paint

1.66 for Clean killer exclusive

Add me or leave your offer
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Quickselling for a bud and a bills, add me or leave an offer
B/O: 1.6
Leave your offers below
I collect Dranks!

If you have any extras or unwanted ones id love to have them, ill give ya a random weapon for it or something :D
Looking for a pyro hat 1:1 or i may add.
B/O: 1.7 buds
Looking for an unusual for any of the above classes, im willing to trade for my sf rifle, i can add a strange huntsman or up to 10 keys.
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1 Bud or 26 Keys, easy trade, add me.
-Headshots Part
-Dominations Part
-Airborne Kills Part

*perfect for you if you are one of those uber skilled snipers, im personally not

any other offers please leave below
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10 keys, add me
Just spreadsheet prices on these please, add me
Cheap Cheap Cheap, 10 keys or a black bills, preferably the bills, add me
G quad: 3 keys
G cape: 1 key
Ornament Armament: 1 key

I am also looking for the above items, leave your offer here.
G Quad Wrangler: 3 keys
Rogue: 1 key
Ornament: 1 key
Foppish Phycisian: 1.33
Taking offers, or looking to upgrade to a towering with a better effect or to a modest.

B/O: 5 buds
C/O: 4 Buds pure, Steaming modest + 4 keys
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I want sunbeams. but ill take any other Private Eye offers :P offer ahead
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Looking for a high tier private eye, willing to do my pilar and rifle + sweets.
Ive had offers for the towering for up to 4 buds pure, check my trades.
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just... yea i dont want this
scrap or 2 weapons each, add me
spreadsheet prices, add me
scrap, or 2 weapons each
i was collecting these a while back, got tired of it, i only have 12, no repeats in levels, just yea buy them off of me or something.

B/O: 4 ref for the 12
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1:3 add me
shitty uncrates, spreadsheet price, add me
1:4, add me
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1:2 add me
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I'll add sweets, add me
Looking for quicksells, only paying 30 dollars at max, leave your offers.