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I'm asking for around 2-4 unusual war paints for my unusual, worth 37-45 keys. Depending on the unusual war paint you could either trade for my unusual with 2, 3 or 4 unusual war paints.

Add me on steam if you want to trade.
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Selling Unusual Circling Peace Sign Brain-Warming Wear

15 keys pure or 18+ keys in unusuals/ items.
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Hello There!

Selling this Loch n' Load for 16 ref pure or 17 ref overpay. It has a strange part and is spec ks teamshine.

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Hello :D

I am selling the following

Vintage Professional Killstreak Natascha: 2 keys and 7 ref

Strange Black Box: 12.22 ref
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Hello, I am selling this Strange quick-fix , it has the strange part <Allied Healing Done> worth 13 ref.
Instead of selling it for 28 ref. I will sell the Strange quick-fix at 19.66 ref which is 8.34 ref LESS thane the total value.

<backpackTF> doesn't count strange parts on weapons btw

Send me a trade offer and post a comment below saying "Strange Quick-Fix". Don't add me as a friend please. I should respond quickly.

19.66 ref is 19 refined metal and 2 reclaimed metal. Give the correct input or your offer will be declined
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The Tosslecap with bonuses (paint) is 13 refined.

I am asking for 6.33 refined. 6.66 ref less.
Please send me a trade offer, I'll respond quickly.